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It finally dawns upon blacks that racist Jews and Judeo-"Christian" Zionists--not whites--were the enemy all along

We Thought They Were White -- An African-American apologizes for missatributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews 
I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race's ills on the white man. It was not until I began looking into the actual history of blacks, whites, and other races in America, that I came to realize that many if not most of the resentment that African-Americans harbor regarding our long history of abuse and exploitation has been intentionally misdirected by those who are most responsible for it, to shift the blame away from themselves as a people onto the white race who they regard as their enemies.

In repeat of history, Jewry demand billions in "compensation" from impoverished Arab nations they destroyed in "War on Terror" -- much like WW2 "Holocaust reparations" racket:
Israel wants $150bn compensation for Jews who left other countries
According to media reports, the compensation claimed will include assets from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. In January, Israel was reportedly planning to seek an estimated $250 billion from Arab countries after the government in Tel Aviv quietly conducted some research on the value of property and assets that the Jews left behind.

Zionist/Neocon predictive programming for 2020 election pushes totalitarianism, more war-profiteering, and crackdown on Americans:
Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

As a consequence of this climate of fear, it should be hardly surprising that the corporate media lauded the recent 2020 election simulation that ended in an abysmal failure for U.S. officials, the cancellation of the U.S. election and the imposition of martial law. Yet, none of those reports on the exercise noted that the company that hosted the simulation, called Cybereason, is led by ex-members of Israel’s military intelligence unit 8200, advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. In addition, it is funded by and partnered with top U.S. weapons manufacturer and government contractor Lockheed Martin and financial institutions with clear and direct ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and White House adviser and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Also left unmentioned in media reports on Cybereason’s election simulations is the fact that Cybereason’s CEO, Lior Div, has openly admitted that he views his work at Cybereason as a “continuation” of his service to Israel’s intelligence apparatus.

(((Roberts clan)))-controlled Comcast and their talking head propagandist Rachel Maddow taken to court:
Maddow Meltdown: In Defense To OAN Lawsuit, Host Argues Her Words Are Not Facts
Back in September, we reported that TV network OAN had filed a lawsuit against Rachel Maddow for the time the host said that OAN “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda.” Now, Maddow finds herself having to come up with a defense for her statement in court. And she has also apparently hired Lionel Hutz as her legal adviser...OAN's lawsuit claims that Maddow's comments were retaliation after OAN President Charles Herring accused Comcast of censorship. The suit said that Comcast refuses to carry its channel because “counters the liberal politics of Comcast’s own news channel, MSNBC.”

NY Times Zionist propagandist Brett Stephens brags that Jews are a superior race:
Palestinians can have human rights when they start winning Nobel Prizes — Bret Stephens
There is a big controversy unfolding over Bret Stephens’s latest column, in which he says that the secret of Jewish genius is that Jews are more imaginative moral thinkers than anyone else. Even Fox News is saying that it is racist, and quoting Sen. Brian Shatz saying that the column crossed a line... When Stephens says that Jews are better thinkers, and uses explicitly moral terms (highmindedness) he invites a full-on scrutiny of Israel’s immoral record and the U.S. Jewish community’s overwhelming complicity in those crimes. 

Fake-"liberal" Jews can't hide what they are, paint themselves into corner with adherence to Israel:
Jews are safe ‘walking around the West Village’ only because Israel exists — Bari Weiss of ‘NYT’
Using religious justifications for social rights is anathema in American liberal political discussions; and yet liberal Jews have now been painted into that religious corner by Zionism itself.

NY Times' propaganda on Jewish choseness fails empirical smell test:

Jewish Brilliance: Synthetic Like Zirconia, by Eric Striker 

The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by its gun-grabbingopen borders in-house “conservative” columnist Bret Stephens asserting that Ashkenazi Jews are an elite race by nature of their superior hereditary, culture and soul.

Corrupt, Jewish controlled left maintains warmongering ZOG status quo:
Burg, Soros and the ‘Jew-niversal’, by Gilad Atzmon 
Within the ‘Jew-niversal’ dream the world is broken into an amalgam of cosmopolitan identities set to fight each other instead of fighting Wall Street and the City. In the ‘Jew-niversal’ reality, the Left is maintained by an arch capitalist ‘philanthropist.’

ZOG bankers plundered the remnants of Russia that ZOG Marxists destroyed:
An American Oligarch's Dirty Tale Of Corruption 
For anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries using Harvard University’s “shock therapy” messiah, and Soros associate, Jeffrey Sachs, to convince the post-Soviet governments to privatize and open to a “free market” at once, rather than gradually.

The Zionist basis for disastrous American lib-con Mideast policy, from Bush through Obama:
It is cited as an early example of characterizing political projects in the Middle East in terms of a logic of sectarian divisions.[11] It has played a role in both conflict resolution analysis by scholars who regard it as having influenced the formulation of policies adopted by the American administration under George W. Bush,[12] and also in conspiracy theories according to which the article either predicted or planned major political events in the Middle East since the 1980s, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein, the Syrian Civil War and the rise of the Islamic State.

Jewish lobby brags that it has triangulated both parties in the US:

AIPAC Gloats About Owning American Politicians

A Jew reflects upon the immemorial brainwashing of his racist nation, culminating in Zionism:

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know where I was born
I was born in an aggressive place, where people spoke the language of force, yet projected that very trait upon the ‘Arabs’. And the hate for ‘Arabs’ has really been immense, if you listened to the private conversations where Jews thought other Jews agree. And we were awfully good at hiding that, because there is an understanding that we shouldn’t appear racist. I once confronted a ‘peace activist’ with the fact that she had personally told me she ‘hates Arabs’, and she denied it vehemently. The denial is another part of that societal psyche, it’s extremely heavy.

Lying, fake-"liberal" Jews scapegoat American Christians for Trump's corrupt, pro-Zionist policies:
Trump doesn’t think Israel policy will help him win PA and MI

The more Trump does for Israel, the more we hear from some analysts that he is doing this for Christian evangelical voters. Abe Silberstein writes this week that Trump bends over backwards for the Jewish state so as to win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin... here are some experts, mostly liberal Zionists, who say Trump is doing it for the evangelicals. Yossi Alpher at Peace Now. Ori Nir of Peace Now. David Rothkopf. Aaron David Miller and Dan Kurtzer in the Washington Post.

Marxist-Zionist racists at New York Times continue their Jewish racial and ideological defamation of America's white founders:
“New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein addressed each concern from the professors but stood firmly behind the reporting and declined to correct it,” the Post reports.

Evil Zoglodyte Soros gathers wealthy cabal to continue censorship drive against the American people:
Memo Reveals Soros-Funded Social Media Censorship Plan 

The 49 page document outlines plans by the Soros-funded organization to exert their influence on Big Tech to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news.” It was presented in January 2017 by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors.

Zionists play the anti-Semitism card to conceal their murderous "elite" conspiracy against the people, from America to the Mideast:
Is It “anti-Semitic” to Say There Is War on Christmas?, by Kevin MacDonald
Dan Rosenberg, writing in the Canadian Jewish News, claims that it’s “anti-Semitic” to say that there’s a war on Christmas. He also says that “terms such as ‘New York lawyers (and bankers),’ and ‘Hollywood culture’ refer to Jews. When people speak of the ‘secularists’ and ‘internationalists’ who are behind conspiracies like the War on Christmas, they are also referring to Jews.” And I suppose any mentions of globalists, George Soros’s influence, or the Israel Lobby are similarly off limits. In fact, for the likes of Rosenberg (and pretty much every Jew with a high position in the media), any mention that Jews are an elite or have any influence at all (or at least not any influence that is not utterly benign and good for everyone) is horrifying and utterly irrational.

The Jewish plot against America:
America on the Ropes, by Paul Craig Roberts
Jews such as Schiff and Nadler have created the impression for the average gentile American that Jews do not accept that “Trump Deplorables” are qualified to elect their own President, and that Schiff and Nadler intend to overturn the election outcome as it was the result of people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Jennifer Rubin adds to this impression with her article, “American Jewish Voters Still Despise Trump,” in The Washington Post.

Neocon Ben Shapiro preaches one set of values for whites and another for his Jewish brethren in Israel:
The Problem With Ben Shapiro 
True conservatism is not about low taxes or the GDP; it’s not even about “individual liberty” or the free market, as Ben Shapiro argues. Conservatism is first and foremost about order, and currently we’re living in a very disordered and chaotic America.

Jewish operative Epstein worked for Zionists, Brits, Saudis against US nation:

Jeffrey Epstein 'Admitted To Me' He Was A Spy For The Mossad, Says Ex-Biz Partner Steven Hoffenberg
He was needed by the CIA or the FBI for intelligence, because he was manipulating the American intelligence for the overseas organizations: MI6, the Israeli’s, and the Saudi’s. That’s what he was doing. They were afraid of the exposure that he brought to the table for what he did with Prince Andrew, MI6, the Israeli’s, and the Saudi’s. That’s why (Alex) Acosta said to the media, “This is an intelligence criminal case, this is not a standalone criminal case.” Acosta said that.

Jewish-English homosexual mafia comes out of the closet as the infiltrated Church of England agrees with Zionists that Christianity is wrong:
Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England
The publication of God’s Unfailing Word is reflective of the Church of England’s already-established position as the compliant lapdog of a GloboHomo master. The Church of England is one of the most homosexual-friendly denominations on Earth, going so far as to allow “gay clergy” to live with their partners in secular “civil partnerships.” In February 2018, the Church of England’s Education Office even published a policy supporting degenerate sex education among children which includes the statement that “Pupils should be taught that humans express their sexuality differently and that there is diversity in sexual desire.” 

Zionist propagandist says corrupt Jews are really persecuted natives:
Israeli Jews are ‘equivalent of Seminoles deciding to take over Florida’ and Palestinians are the cowboys — Jeffrey Goldberg reemerges

Corrupt lib-neocon forever "War on Terror" started decades ago with corrupt Jewish forever war on Palestinians:
Israel has suspended core Palestinian rights for a half-century

Israel has denied Palestinians living under military occupation their fundamental civil rights for more than five decades, according to a report published by Human Rights Watch today. Sweeping military orders imposed immediately after Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 remain in place today, except for East Jerusalem, which Israel annexed in violation of international law. “The Israeli army has deprived generations of Palestinians in the West Bank of their basic civil rights, including the rights to free assembly, association and expression, regularly drawing on military orders issued in the first days of the occupation,” the report states.

Report: FBI Looking Hard at (((Ghislaine Maxwell))) in (((Epstein))) Case

(((Robert Kraft))) could face felony charges in Florida prostitution case

Report: (((Barry Krischer))) Offered (((Jeffrey Epstein))) 'Secret Plea Deal' to 'Sweep Case Under The Rug'

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Keeping Trump tied to Zionism with a gun at his head

“The Impeachment Parade of Jews”
Amidst the on-going saga of the impeachment of Donald Trump, we are incidentally treated to a rare spectacle—a strikingly transparent display of Jewish reach, influence, and power. Individual bits and pieces of this picture are known, but a comprehensive assessment has yet to be made. A close look at this situation makes clear, once again, both the dominance and the thorough-going corruption of American Jews and their global network of coreligionists. It’s worth taking a moment to document this story, “for the record”—and then to draw a few conclusions.

ZOG operatives Schiff, Nadler lead the Deep State harassment of Trump:
David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings
To be sure, foolish politicians like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the Clintonista apparatus at the center of the Dem party are so overcome with inconsolable grief and anger about losing the 2016 election to Trump that their sole purpose in life is to drive the Donald from office. But that just makes them "useful idiots" or compliant handmaids of the Deep State, which has a far more encompassing and consequential motivation.

ZOG/Deep State operative Horowitz:
Don’t Expect Any Truth from Washington, by Paul Craig Roberts
Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is part of the problem, has proven me correct with his whitewash of the politically orchestrated “investigation” of President Trump for collusion with Russia to steal the US presidential election. No one in his right mind could believe such a ridiculous accusation was worthy of investigation, especially when there was not a nano-gram of evidence, as the Mueller report confirmed. Horowitz even ruled that there was no FBI political bias despite the total proof of it in FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok’s emails with DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, showing the plot against Trump.

Racist Jewish fanatic Schiff a progressive hero, says fake news:
‘You spelled human Ambien wrong.’ The Hill calls Adam Schiff a ‘progressive rock star’ and WHOA NELLY that’s a lotta backfire
"But it is precisely Shiff’s sober demeanor and steady hand guiding the two-month impeachment investigation — including two weeks of televised public hearings — that have made him a national political figure, a household name and unlikely progressive rock star."

Shifty Schiff’s Story Collapses: The Hill’s Solomon: Ukraine Reopened Burisma/Biden Investigation Five Months Before Trump-Zelensky Phone Call
According to a Fox News report on Solomon’s discovery, “a newly unearthed document shows that Ukrainian officials had opened a new probe into the firm linked to Hunter Biden months before President Trump’s phone call with that country’s leader.”

An untouchable Zionist asset for decades:
Epstein Was a Mossad Agent Used to Blackmail American Politicians, Says Former Israeli Spy
Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy and alleged “handler” of Robert Maxwell, told the authors of a new book, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, that Epstein ran a “complex intelligence operation” at the behest of Mossad. Believing that Epstein planned to marry his daughter, Maxwell introduced him and Ghislaine Maxwell to Ben-Menashe’s Mossad circle.

First Look At Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell And Very Young Girls On 'Pedo Island'
Davies also revealed how Epstein bragged about his friendship with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and how Epstein used his relationship with the Duke of York to lure young girls into his orbit - at one point, allegedly having an orgy with Andrew and several young girls.

Prince Andrew Most Hilarious Lies in BBC Jeffrey Epstein interview. The Royal Family is Scared.

Zionist Money Already Corrupting the 2020 Elections, by Eric Striker
The parasites in the shadows making a mockery out of representative democracy have good reason to be confident: they are already starting to corrupt the 2020 elections. Open Secrets analyzed the most recent donor data for the top 10 political donors going into next year’s first quarter. Unsurprisingly, 8 out of 10 of these fat cats are Jews.

Scumbag Jewish bankster Singer and his war on middle America:
Tucker Carlson bit on Paul Singer
The influence of Wall Street hedge funds is slowly creeping into rural America.

All of them Zionists:
Billionaires, Russian oligarchs, Ukrainian ambassadors, international financiers, the Rothschilds, and glitterati of all sorts gathered at the 2019 gala for the World Jewish Congress ~ The gathering represented unparalleled power and wealth martialled on behalf of Israel | Alison Weir

Collectively affirming their racist Chosenite Zionism:
Jewish Children Gather to Sing “I’m not White, I’m Jewish” (

Pompeo Gives Away the Palestinian West Bank ~ The Trump Administration again demonstrates its subservience to Israel | Philip Giraldi
Pompeo’s latest statement, consistent with many of his earlier ones, is completely contrary to the Fourth Geneva Convention framework of international law governing behavior by occupying military powers that was established after the Second World War. It ignores the fact that the status quo of expanding settlements has only taken place because of Washington’s refusal to do anything about it. The State Department’s new interpretation completely embraces arguments being made by hard-line politicians in Israel and opens the door to endorsement by the White House of a total de facto or even de jure annexation of the West Bank by the Jewish state.

Fake news New York Times attempts more propaganda:
‘NY Times’ makes up news about ‘a new group of Arab thinkers’ who want to end the Israel boycott
The problem is that genuine Mideast experts barely recognize any of their names. Gregg Carlstrom, who is a correspondent for The Economist based in Cairo, tweeted, “Not to spoil the party here, but aside from Sadat [Anwar Sadat, a nephew of the late Egyptian president of the same name] I’ve never actually heard of these people, nor has anyone I’ve asked.”

David Sirota: Michael Bloomberg could singlehandedly eliminate half of all medical debt in America and still remain a billionaire — and instead he’s spending money on ads glorifying himself and his campaign to prevent billionaires from having to pay slightly higher taxes. Think about that.

Hypocrite Democrat Bloomberg was once a Republican, but his Jewish Zionist loyalties have always remained the same:
Watch As Bloomberg Ticks Off Most Of America In Ridiculous Video
It’s hard to believe that, at one time, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Bloomberg media empire, was ever a Republican, but he was. Then, when he thought it would suit him politically, he became an Independent. Now, the transformation is complete: He’s running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. But it’s appropriate given what his political stances and positions are. He’s a gun control guy. He believes in higher taxes. He thinks government is the solver of problems, not the creator of them. And he’s a gigantic hypocrite.

"War on Terror" pimping Jewish fanatic Thomas Friedman regrets nothing:
‘I would do it again’ — Tom Friedman stands by support for Iraq War in ‘personal crusade’ to change Arab world
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman says the Iraq war worked out for the best and he stands by his decision to support it in his “personal crusade” to bring pluralism to the Arab world. On stage at Temple Emanu-El in New York in September (video of which was posted this month), Friedman said that Arab pluralism is good for Israel, and assured the audience that “Israel had me at hello” — at 9 years old in 1962 — and he will never abandon the Jewish state. Though he worries that the next generation of Times columnists won’t be so committed.

ZOG's Marxist wing:

Bernie Sanders: Fossil Fuel Industry 'Probably Criminally Liable' for Climate Change
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) claimed during Wednesday evening’s Democrat presidential primary debate the fossil fuel industry is “probably criminally liable” for climate change and signaled he is open to “prosecuting them.”

Anti-Zionism bad, says Marxist guru:
Slavoj Žižek’s “Pervert’s Guide” to Anti-Semitism, by Andrew Joyce
What does any of this have to do with anti-Semitism? If you’re the superstar Marxist intellectual Slavoj Žižek, it has everything to do with anti-Semitism, since as we will find out, infidelity and anti-Semitism are irrefutably linked. I say “irrefutably” quite deliberately, because his arguments are irrefutable — and they are irrefutable because they are nonsensical.

Corrupt-liberal MSM fear Jewish oligarchy trading Dem puppets for Republican ones:
Apocalypse Now: Media Has Meltdown Over Zuckerberg, Thiel Dinner With Trump
But apparently this “secret” meeting that Facebook didn’t hide when asked was cause for those in liberal media to meltdown. Because obviously the fact that Zuckerberg and Thiel dared to eat with Trump, like many other people, is a sign of the end times and some evil plot.

Jewish press, always doing its worst to start global wars:
Germany Did Not Start World War II, by Paul Craig Roberts
World War II was a war started by private agendas. Jews understood these agendas and encouraged them. Roosevelt’s lust for world hegemony and Churchill’s lust to rival his famous ancestor’s defeat of the Sun King of France with his defeat of Germany traveled roads paved for them by Jewish anti-German propaganda. All Hitler contributed was to force countries given German territory by the Versailles Treaty to release the lands and the Germans, who were heavily persecuted in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Hitler’s restoration of Germany’s national boundaries was misrepresented in the British and US press as “German aggression.”

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Judeofascist Vindman tied to Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Information on the so-called Ukrainegate "whistleblowers" Eric Ciamarella and Alexander Vindman and the REAL reasons why Ukrainegate is happening
Vindman was born in Ukraine. He left the USSR when he was 4 in 1979 when his family moved to the States as Jewish refugees. He has obviously been brought up with a visceral hatred of all things Russian. Vindman is an extreme Neocon warmonger and he virulently supports the Nazis from Western Ukraine. He should never have been given any positions of influence within the US government as he has far too much of a conflict of Interest and cannot think rationally. Vindman strongly pushed to give more weapons to the Nazis in Ukraine, so they could massacre even more civilians than they already have.

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) quickly interjected when Nunes began to drill down to find out which agency this second anonymous person worked for. Schiff said he wanted to “protect the whistleblower” and wouldn’t let Vindman answer. Nunes then pointed out that Vindman previously testified in a closed-door deposition that he DID NOT know the identity of the whistleblower and if that were true then how would he know to keep the second person’s name private?

BOOM! Senator Johnson Sends Letter to Congress – Accuses Lt. Col. Vindman of Illegally Leaking Contents of Trump Call, Holding a Duplicitous Motive
Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine. So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department. Vindman, during his closed-door testimony also flatly denied he knew the identity of the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella), however, it is believed he was the primary source for Eric Ciaramella.

Chutzpah! Traitor Vindman demands the respect of the uniform:
Impeachment witness scolds Nunes for calling him mister: 'Lt. Col. Vindman, please'

After ZOG ruined Ukraine using Marxism, it went back in to plunder it under Imperialism:
The Ukrainian Influence Peddling Rings – A Microcosm of How Imperial Washington Rolls
That’s because Ukraine is a no count, strategically irrelevant patch of earth that was long ago ruined by the old Soviet Union, and thereafter turned into an economic trainwreck by its own corrupt oligarchs – along with plenty of help from Washington interventionists. The latter spent the post-Soviet years fomenting "color revolutions" and attempting to steer its politics toward the west and NATO membership. But when the Ukrainian people elected a pro-Russian president in 2010 and all efforts to bribe and bully him westward failed, Washington instigated, funded and instantaneously recognized an illegal putsch on the streets of Kiev in February 2014.

(((Adam Schiff))) continues his ZOG kangaroo court impeachment show trial
Once again, Adam Schiff flat out REFUSES to let duly elected Members of Congress ask questions to the witness, simply because we are Republicans. His behavior is unacceptable and he continues to abuse his Chairmanship.

Gaetz: 'All of the Dirty Tricks from Adam Schiff' Will Not Change Facts
“It’s obvious to the American people that Democrats can’t win a fair fight because the president did not engage in any impeachable offense,” he said. “And so, you see Democrats do everything they can to limit our ability to call witnesses, limit our ability to yield time to members who’ve been in the depositions. But all of the dirty tricks from Adam Schiff’s bag of tricks will not change a few fundamental facts.”

What a Schiff Show! Congressional clowns unleash staged “impeachment theater” that only makes themselves look like moronic fools and cheats
Does that mean Adam Schiff is holding a public trial over Joe Biden’s admitted corruption and extortion? Of course not. The Democrats pretend that never happened. Instead, they are fabricating the hoax that claims Trump did what Joe Biden actually did. Like always, the Democrats are projecting their own criminal fraud, extortion, blackmail and other crimes onto Trump. Everything the Democrats claim Trump did was actually carried out by the Democrats themselves.

ZOG shill Schiff still trying to rig the game:
Schiff REFUSES to allow witness to answer Devin Nunes question to protect the ‘whistleblower’

Elise Stefanik Batters Schiff with His Own Words on the ‘Whistleblower’

ZOG propagandist fears justice: - Bill Maher Vows To Tone Down Anti-Trump Wisecracks Because He Fears New Civil War

Trump continues to side with Zionists at war with his administration:
US and Israel Cast Lone UN Votes Against Historic Peace Measures 

ZOG cockroach Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

Republican Zionist hates white people:
Mossad Agent Jacob Wohl Agrees: “Jew Hatred Is Inherent in European DNA”
Wohl’s shrewd hebraic grift is to suck up to American Christians to keep them on the Israel-worship plantation of fake conservatism. If you’re a Christian, you must support and donate money to rich, privileged jews in Israel because it’s the “duty” of Christians to serve the jews as slaves.

Donald Trump Talks About Getting America Out Of “Endless Wars” But What He Does Is Just The Opposite | Chuck Baldwin
Donald Trump is not an outsider. He is not anti-establishment. He is not anti-globalist. He is the globalists’ perfect con on the American people. He tells them what they want to hear but in reality changes nothing of importance to the establishment elite. But Trump makes everybody think he’s changing things.

Trump’s Latest Gift To Israeli War Criminals, Ethnic Cleansers, Land Thieves, and Human Rights Abusers

Twitter, Israel and House of Saud, partners in totalitarian crime:
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Twitter join forces to spy on users and crush dissent
Abdulaziz wrote in The Post this week that more than 30 Saudi citizens influential on the social media site told him they were blackmailed with material gained from hacking their phones - just as Abdulaziz's own phone was breached using spyware sold by the Israeli company NSO Group. These efforts were payback not only for speaking out against the regime generally but also for speaking out against the regime on Twitter in particular. Of the three most influential Saudis on Twitter, Abdulaziz wrote, one has been arrested, a second has disappeared, and he is in exile.

Disney-owned ABC a criminal corporation engaged in child exploitation:
ABC News still hasn't explained why it protected Jeffrey Epstein or why it retaliated against the alleged whistleblower
This entire episode is about much, much more than a report failing to meet the network’s “editorial standards.” The way things look, ABC is involved in a far-ranging conspiracy to protect child abusers. If ABC News were a Catholic priest, it would surely be indicted.

ABC News may be criminally liable for concealing Epstein's child trafficking:
Kevin McCarthy: ABC could have done something to stop Epstein

Feds squeeze the conspirators:
[National] - Jeffrey Epstein prison guards charged with falsifying records
Two prison guards who were on duty during the night Jeffrey Epstein killed himself have been taken into custody Tuesday on federal charges linked to their alleged failure to check on his wellbeing.

Victim claims she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Les Wexner's house, and Maxwell threatened to kill her if she spoke about it. 

Jeremy’s Jackboots: Even More Jewish Hysteria About Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party, by Tobias Langdon 
But Blair’s crimes and immorality don’t matter to Daisley because he’s applying only one criterion: “Is it good for the Jews?” And Daisley used exactly that phrase in an article he wrote for the Jewish Chronicle in 2017: “If we apply the Bubbe Barometer — ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ — difficult to conclude that the outcome of the general election passes muster.” It’s easy to get the impression from the article that Daisley himself is Jewish – few goyim know that bubbe is Yiddish for “grandmother,” for example – but I can’t find any clear statement to that effect. One thing is sure: he behaves as though he’s Jewish, with an unfailing self-righteousness and insistence that Jewish interests must be at the centre of British politics.

Outdated Jewish bigot Bernie Sanders is exposed by his position on Israel and Zionism:
Bernie Sanders’ progressive take on ‘how to fight antisemitism’ reveals an outdated understanding of Israel
He asserts that “My pride and admiration for Israel lives alongside my support for Palestinian freedom and independence. I reject the notion that there is any contradiction there,” and yet he seems unaware that the same discrimination he decries in the West Bank after 1967 was, and remains, the daily experience of Palestinians within the Green Line. He does not acknowledge that Israel has denied Palestinians the Right of Return to their towns and cities beginning in 1948, not just since 1967, and that Israel was already shooting Palestinians attempting to reclaim their properties in 1948, 1949, and ever since, not just since The Great March of Return.

Jewish bigot Bernie Sanders settles it: You can be both fascist and progressive as long as you launder your racism through Zionism. 

Surprise! Billionaire (((Bloomberg))) sees himself as a member of the Jewish nation first:
Michael Bloomberg funded occupation infrastructure
Asked in 2014 about the Israeli military’s killing of Palestinian children in a school in Gaza, Bloomberg had not a word critical of Israel to say about their deaths. And then he appeared to speak of Israel as “we,” arguing, contrary to the facts, “Nobody’s attacking schools or hospitals, we’re attacking Hamas.”

Zionist-lackey Dems:
Nearly every Democratic candidate rushed to defend Israel’s attack on Gaza, Warren only one to acknowledge Palestinian deaths
Many of the Democratic candidates have tweeted about the events, defending Israel’s actions while condemning rocket fire from Palestine.

Even as they instigate murderous endless war for gang supremacy, control and profit, racist ZOG propagandists still pitching the mythical "Holocaust" as crucible of tolerance:
UN Paper Admits Holocaust Propaganda Used to Promote Multiculturalism and Destroy Nationalism
"While study about the Holocaust is important in and of itself, it is even more important to learn from the Holocaust in terms of promoting global citizenship, human rights, religious tolerance and multiculturalism to ensure that such evil does not occur again."

Jewish nation milks their their "Holocaust" dogma to the max:
Holocaust Training for American Police ~ Law enforcement copies Israeli brutality | Philip Giraldi
For those who deny that claims of the uniqueness of Jewish suffering are exploited and even promoted in order to be able to influence public opinion while also obtaining special favors from government, one might cite specific instances where that has most definitely been the case. Jewish organizations receive over 90% of discretionary grants from the Department of Homeland Security, for example, and Israel benefits from $3.8 billion in aid annually plus another $10 billion through bogus charities, trade concessions and U.S. government funded projects approved by Congress that the American public knows little or nothing about.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Manipulative Jewish funny man Bill Maher built a personal fortune using comedy to hoodwink the left into supporting racist ZOG candidates

Bill Maher Urges Dems To Ignore Progressives

Nest of vipers -- Sick and corrupt Clintons, decrepit British Royals, and a Zionist extortionist:
Project Veritas: ABC News Anchor Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself, '100 Percent' 
Project Veritas’s Tuesday video also shows Robach alleging that ABC News killed a bombshell report regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

International "socialist" (((Soros))) wants to expand the welfare state just enough to bodyguard the moneychangers:
George Soros admits he’s impeded by Trump to turn U.S. socialist 

Hypocrite Wasserman Schultz protects the oligarchy with usual Zionist accusations of "white supremacy":

Wasserman Schultz: Cuccinelli 'Public Charge' Rule Immigration Policy 'Advances a White Supremacist Ideology'
Trump, the Generals and the Pentagon tell treasonous Israel-firster Adam Schiff to shove his endless wars for Israel:
The Tide is Turning in America ~ Three tied changing events recently occurred in America

Schiff’s Secret Sanhedrin

Democrat/Deep State kangaroo court:

Adam Schiff Coached Alexander Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony: Nunes
"I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today, during the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman," Nunes told Fox News' "Hannity." "It was unprecedented," Nunes continued. "I mean, they’ve been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide… what we’re going to be able to ask the witness."

Jewish totalitarian Adam Schiff sets up ZOG Star Chamber to dictate Trump impeachment narrative:

McConnell Decries 'Bizarre' Impeachment Process; Calls Schiff 'De Facto Special Prosecutor'
The resolution, set for a Thursday vote, gives Schiff's committee more power than it has ever had in the past - as prior impeachments have been conducted through the House Judiciary Committee... The resolution also allows Republicans to subpoena witnesses and documents subject to Democrats' approval. It will also allow Schiff to control the release of transcripts, including ones that have been edited.

(((Senator Scott Wiener))) authors bill to decriminalize pedophilia. Same senator who decriminalized knowingly infecting another person with HIV. 

Corrupt Palestinians collaborate with fake "progressive" Jews to marginalize the long-persecuted Palestinian people:
Palestinian conference participants validated J Street’s regressive agenda

The Church of England Apologises for Talk on Palestine, by Ian Fantom

So how can the Church of England be held to ransome by a violent thug posing as a gatekeeper and holding an Israeli flag? This case illustrates the techniques of gaslighting, gatekeeping and mob rule, in taking control of organisations.

Protesting Israel is a “Hate Crime” in U.S. Universities

Unfortunately, many colleges and universities are all too ready to compromise their principles, such as they are, whenever a representative of Israel or of Jewish groups comes calling. A popular line that has proven to be particularly effective is that Jews on campus feel threatened whenever anyone advocates for the Palestinians or Iranians, intended to convey that their civil rights are being violated.

Big Tech Oligarchs’ Best Tool for Censoring the Internet: The Jewish ADL

The so-called “Anti-Defamation League,” like every Jewish interest group, doesn’t practice what it preaches. In fact, the ADL under CEO Johnathan Greenblatt is one of the main organizations working to defame its political enemies and to censor free speech online. Their cause? As usual, securing Jewish ethnic interests.

A Public Relations Scam: J Street Conference Attracts War Criminals and Zionist Liberals Alike

Zionists caught again:

Poll Finds Germans Are Still Too “Anti-Semitic” After 74 Years of Indoctrination
You can probably guess which of these numbers really pissed the jews off the most. I’m not sure why it’s not included in the graphic, but more than 20% of respondents said Jewish people have “too much power” over the economy, international financial markets and the media.

An Obituary of the Western World, by Paul Craig Roberts
Objective truth is no longer acceptable in the Western Woke World, because it is contrary to the woke ideologies, such as there is no difference between men and women, that there are many genders and that men and women can be born into the wrong bodies, that hurt feelings are more important than empirical facts, that many subjects are not subject to examination or debate, because they offend emotive beliefs of feminists, people of color, Jews, the new transgendered species, and whoever else can make a claim of victimhood.