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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Blacks wise up to Hebrew fascist political treachery in America

Aspects of Black anti-Semitism
Speaking to the Black historian Horace Mann Bond in 1965, Jeremiah X, then leader of the Atlanta Mosque of the Nation of Islam, argued that “the Jews are the Negro’s worst enemy among whites.” The reason Jews were particularly dangerous, explained Jeremiah, was the fact they “make it a practice to study Negroes; thus they are able to get next to him better than the other whites. He uses the knowledge thus obtained to get close to the Negro, thereby being in a position to stab him with a knife.” This metaphorical knife was both economic and socio-cultural. As well as acting as slumlord, pawnbroker, and merchant, the Jew of the Black world was also a manipulative political actor.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Hebrew fascist working for (((Roberts clan's))) propaganda outlet MSNBC declares Trump to be Mussolini's heir, brags he almost took him down:
Andrew Weissmann Makes a Stunning Admission About the Mueller Probe While Ranting on MSNBC 
Weissmann, perhaps not realizing what he was doing, starts by likening Trump to an Italian leader that they were trying to “get rid of.” He then goes into a tough guy routine lamenting the fact that Trump wouldn’t sit down for an interview with him, thereby robbing Weissmann of the chance to catch him in a perjury trap. Past that, even his descriptions of Trump in this clip show his biases front and center.

Racist Comcast/(((Roberts clan))) propagandist Rachel Maddow always has a white scapegoat at the ready:
Rachel Maddow Blames 4Chan For Shambles in Iowa
Ross accused Maddow of engaging in “pure disinformation” in front of an audience of millions. The MSNBC host made the bizarre claims despite her own colleagues at the network debunking 4chan’s involvement earlier in the day. Just be glad that Maddow didn’t blame “Russian bots” for the shambles as many on Twitter did earlier this week.

Hebrew fascists don't really oppose totalitarian government so long as they're pulling its strings:
The Hollow Cult: Sins of Omission in the Rhetoric of the Holocaust
The central Jewish role in censorship, identity politics and “cancel culture” is a can of worms that Barbara Kay and Quillette want to leave strictly alone. In other words, they don’t actually want to fight effectively against those pernicious things. Not if that means challenging what is truly important to them: Jewish power and Jewish victimhood.

Racist Zionist mouthpiece New York Times:
‘NY Times’ covers up annexation plan scheme to ‘denationalize’ 350,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel
The U.S. mainstream media, with the New York Times in the lead, is covering up a shocking feature of the Netanyahu/Trump annexation plan that would strip 350,000 to 400,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel of their citizenship. The “denationalization” proposal is a crime against humanity, but the American press is ignoring it.

How Hebrew fascist Soros keeps Big Tech CEO's in line, and plays the American people for rubes:
Peak Facebook, Peak Soros or Just Peak Globalism?
Pressuring Facebook publicly, putting it a no-win situation with the public is just part of Soros’ strategy to regain control over information flow of the internet. It has been a decade-long, multi-step process. First, create a solution in search of a problem. Net Neutrality was a means to create bandwidth subsidization with the government enforcing access. This appeals to the leftards in the audience, worried about corporate control when it would never happen. To Donald Trump’s credit he ended that. Second, create another problem by enticing social media platforms to use their power to curtail speech in an unbalanced way, breaching the firewall of Section 230 protection. This fires up the Q-tards, libertarians and conservatives. All the while they were undermining the public’s trust in how their data is handled, and personifying the corruption — Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg — forcing them to publicly deal with the issues, well beyond their comfort zone. That turns public frustration and anger over the unfairness into a call to action. Well, that call to action finally arrived. Soros penned another of his outrageous opinion pieces in the New York Times on Friday (of course, not behind the paywall) to attack Mark Zuckerberg demanding his removal as CEO of Facebook. That’s the headline.

In the end, telling the truth about 911 inside job pays off:
Oberlin College has recently settled a discrimination lawsuit brought against it by a former professor who was fired for sharing well-documented ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Rothschild banking dynasty and the jewish involvement in many false flag terror attacks, including 9-11.

Warren says she'll skip Zionist lobby conference, immediately sinks in rigged polls:
[WATCH] User Clip: Warren on AIPAC, Israel

Treasonous Hebrew fascist cell fired and ejected from White House:
Ambassador Sondland Gets The Axe Hours After Vindman Twins Escorted Out Of White House

Sondland testified in Trump's impeachment inquiry that there was no quid pro quo when President Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky to investigate the Bidens while withholding US military aid (unbeknownst to Zelensky at the time). Sondland later flipped his story, claiming that he told a top Ukrainian official that a meeting with President Trump may be contingent upon its new administration committing to investigations Trump wanted, according to the New York Times. Anti-Trump impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother have [also] been fired and escorted out of the White House by security, according to his Alexander Vindman's attorney.


(((Michael Bloomberg)))+Jeff Bezos+the Washington Post=Corruption:
It only takes 30 seconds of googling to see this country is run by and for the ruling class

Trump ejects Bloomberg News spy and propagandist as media company admits its functionary role in owner Michael Bloomberg's campaign:
Donald Trump Campaign Ejects Bloomberg Reporter from Iowa Campaign Event
Bloomberg News is owned by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced his decision to run for president in November. The editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News announced afterward they would not investigate their owner or any of his Democrat rivals for president but would continue to investigate Trump.

(((Hollywood))) takes out its warped sickness and rage on kids. It's also a means of fascist Hebrew indoctrination, but doesn't always work:
Corey Feldman: The Biggest Problem In Hollywood Is Pedophilia
“The biggest problem in Hollywood,” he repeats, mantra-like, “is paedophilia.” His fellow former child actor Alison Arngrim has said, “I literally heard that [the Two Coreys] were ‘passed around’. The word was they were given drugs and being used for sex.”

Mayor Pete the Spook: A Favorite of the Kakistocracy and Parasite Guild
One of Mayor Pete’s backers is Jennifer Pritzker. She’s one of 11 billionaire heirs in the Chicago-based Jewish Pritzker clan and is the world’s only known transgender billionaire. Mayor Cheat as a homosexual can be counted on, even as Veep, to lard up the power structure with members of the Gayplex.

Hebrew fascists keep up their bitter, civilization-destroying tricks:
Russia Says Israel Used Civilian Plane as Shield During Syria Strikes
“The recourse to civilian aircraft as cover or to block a riposte by Syrian forces during military air operations has become characteristic of the Israeli air force,” the ministry spokesperson said in a statement published by Russian media on Friday. Israeli radars have “a clear view of the situation in the skies around Damascus airport”, Konashenkov said, accusing Israel of “making a total mockery of the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians”.

The last stand of civilization vs. the globalist nest of vipers:
Radical Parallels
In the fullness of time, this age will most likely be viewed as the end point of a cycle that began in the last century. Perhaps the end of several cycles. The end of the Jewish century in America will be a cabal of paranoid Jewish radicals failing to remove the last white male president. Impeachment will be the last gasp of the old order, ushering in an age of reform. Maybe it will be the end point of order itself, setting off the final battle between the radicals and the defenders of civilization.

Why does Trump maintain ties with Israel and the two-faced Hebrew fascists persecuting him and America First?

The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites?
Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? It’s a dangerous question even to ask. The Christian news outlet TruNews was labeled an anti-Semitic conspiracy-theory website and banned by a Jewish-dominated company—YouTube—for saying so... In effect, impeachment is a project of the numerically-dominant Jewish Democrat-voting Left, with the Jewish counsels for the Democrats questioning Jewish witnesses in House committees headed by Jewish representatives, and covered with breathless enthusiasm by Jewish-owned media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, and The New York Times.

Duped by corrupt Jews:
Trump takes credit for quitting Iran deal as ‘most important’ thing he did for Israel
US President Donald Trump admits he quit the Iran nuclear deal for the sake of Israel, asserting that the move was “perhaps the most important” thing he has done for the Zionist regime. In a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, Trump enumerated his pro-Israeli moves, branding withdrawal from the internationally backed deal as the most significant thing he has done for the regime.

White House infiltrator Kushner insults the Palestinians so they'll reject Trump's "Deal of the Century" and he and his Zionist cohort can go right on killing:
Kushner: Palestinians Have Never Done Anything Right in Their Sad, Pathetic Lives
The first son-in-law has warned Palestinians not to “screw up this opportunity” at peace that he’s so graciously given to them.

Bush and Obama were also sold a Mideast war bill of goods by the same Zionist-liberal-neocon cabal. At some point, this presidential "naivety" becomes unbelievable:
Stumbling into Catastrophe

President Trump was sold a bill of goods on the assassination of Iran’s revered military leader, Qassim Soleimani, likely by a cabal around Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the long-discredited neocon David Wurmser. A former Netanyahu advisor and Iraq war propagandist, Wurmser reportedly sent memos to his mentor, John Bolton, while Bolton was Trump’s National Security Advisor (now, of course, he’s the hero of the #resistance for having turned on his former boss) promising that killing Soleimani would be a cost-free operation that would catalyze the Iranian people against their government and bring about the long-awaited regime change in that country.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Despite the lies of "liberal" Hebrew shills, the Jewish-American establishment is fully behind racist Israeli Zionism and apartheid, and has always been

The Trump peace plan was brought to you by the Jewish community. Over the last 20 years any real and vigorous opposition to the Jewish right– AIPAC–inside the Jewish community has been fitful and meaningless. Liberal Zionists have enforced that line by refusing to organize as equals with the community Israel is oppressing: Palestinians.

ZOG's grand pose as honest broker is a threadbare farce:
Trump's 'Deal of the Century' Won't Bring Peace – That Was the Plan 
The White House has discarded the traditional US pose as an “honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian leaders were not invited to the ceremony, and would not have come had they been. This was a deal designed in Tel Aviv more than in Washington – and its point was to ensure there would be no Palestinian partner.

Christian discloses Zionist infiltration and subversion of America from LBJ and the USS Liberty cover-up forward. Hebrew propagandist gnashes his teeth:

Lying Hebrew grifter Schiff has no respect for Western rule of law and honest testimony, only "truth" according to latest Zionist narrative:
Everyone in Washington knows who he is, if not where he is. Schiff knows. The senators wondered about his past work with Joe Biden and sought details. Schiff, however, kept up his charade. He responded to the question in the well of the Senate (video below): “I don’t know who the whistleblower is. I haven’t met them [sic] or communicated with them [sic] in any way.”

Marxist-Zionist anarchists are taking the Samson option: 
The plan was promoted last week at a meeting of communist groups, soccer hooligans and anarchists hosted by a Rabbi identified only by his first name “Joseph” at Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom, a Synagogue in Brooklyn that enjoys tax-exempt status. The event was billed as an “antifa” fundraiser for David Campbell, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the vicious and unprovoked beating of a man in his 50s.

A naive young Christian with ambitions of stardom and rebelling from her conservative background was the perfect victim for deformed, Hebrew predator Harvey Weinstein:
Weinstein Accuser Says He Has No Testicles 
“It made sense, this guru of Hollywood telling me the history I needed to know to become a better actress. When I met Harvey I’d given up a lot” to succeed, she testified, citing a “big fight” with her father. She said she thought God was responding to her “having committed to myself and committing to my dream.”... “When I first saw him naked, I was filled with compassion, absolute compassion,” Mann told the jurors in New York state court in lower Manhattan. “It seemed like his anger came from a place of pain.” But Mann said Weinstein soon turned on her.

The warped Hebrew's physique says a lot about his misogynistic drive for revenge. His Zionist brainwashing directs his rage away from the tribe that warped him, and against the "goyim":
Weinstein has 'no testicles and appears to have a vagina' says sex accuser 
The 34-year-old former actress tearfully opened up to Manhattan Supreme Court jurors at Weinstein’s rape and sex assault trial: “The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex... He does not have testicles and it appears like he has a vagina."

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

The Zionists and Deep State have each other's backs, and are trying to keep Trump on a leash, or replace him altogether:
The People’s Avenger
The guy running The Atlantic is a fanatical Zionist and anti-Trump crusader. He’s happy to promote this project as a favor to his community... This is fundamentally the problem with Washington. It is an incestuous community cut off from the rest of us. That’s why no one ever gets punished for screwing up or breaking the law. Bill Barr is not going to prosecute the crooked FBI agents, because their friends are his friends. That would put him in bad odor with the rest of the community and we can’t have that. It’s not a conspiracy, but a community coming together to support their own.

Murderous Marxists are fighting it out with murderous crony liberals/neocons over control of the Zionist "Holocaust" narrative. The Hebrew syndicate is laughing all the way to the bank:

Rewriting History of World War II Is Ominous Warning
Germany’s most-read magazine Der Spiegel, American-European journal Politico, a U.S. embassy announcement, as well as American Vice President Mike Pence, are among recent sources who have either falsified or downplayed the heroic role of the Soviet Union in liberating Auschwitz. This is part of a disconcerting trend of rewriting the history of World War Two, by which, preposterously, the Soviet Union is being equated with Nazi Germany. Such pernicious fiction must be resisted and repudiated by all conscientious historians and citizens.

Lying Hebrew grifters constructed the myth of Mengele and the Holocaust:

The Last Days of the "Holocaust"
The latest example is a new book by former Museum of Jewish Heritage director David G. Marwell, “Unmasking the ‘Angel of Death’,” which grants many revisionist challenges to the legend of Joseph Mengele. Marwell’s work is considered the most well-researched mainstream biography of Mengele to date. In it, he cross references witness testimony from “survivors” with hard evidence and primary sources, only to conclude that their “memories” were “unreliable.” In other words, they are lying.

Delusional, entitled One Percenter Barbara Streisand sides with brethren Adam Schiff and the racist Hebrew rackets, claims to speak for 75% of Americans:
Barbra Streisand: Adam Schiff Would Make a Great President
Streisand’s math is a bit off, but her outrage is clear, “51% of Republicans overrule 75% of Americans who wanted witnesses to appear at the trial. This is not how democracy should work. I hope the senate pays a price for this sham.”

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg could appear onstage at the February 19 presidential debate — thanks to a last-minute change in the rules from the Democratic National Committee. Until recently, the billionaire former New York City Mayor was almost guaranteed to be barred from the next presidential primary debate. But the DNC announced Friday that it was dropping an eligibility condition: Candidates no longer need to meet a minimum number of donations, previously in the hundreds of thousands, to win a spot at the DNC-sponsored debate.

Racist Zionist made-man Bloomberg plays the "moderate": 
Michael Bloomberg Touts His Pro-Israel Credentials
According to Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump is forcing Jewish voters to choose between their foreign policy and domestic policy views while Bernie Sanders wants to transform America into a kibbutz. Trump threatens Jewish values. Sanders threatens Jewish money.

Object-lesson in ruling class privilege? Democrats ditch donor threshold for primary debates so Bloomberg can participate
The same DNC that has held fast to its rules while one candidate after another complained about the seemingly arbitrary means of deciding which polls would count toward a qualifying threshold has opted to discard its individual donor requirement starting with the February debate. The rule had prevented former New York Mayor and billionaire media mogul Bloomberg from joining the previous forums.

Biden digs into deep pockets of Obama's billionaire backers the (((Pritzker) clan, reports (((Bloomberg))):
Biden Digs Deep Into Wall Street Rolodex to Brace for Fight
Joe Biden’s campaign has added big-name Democratic fundraisers to the candidate’s national finance committee, including billionaire Penny Pritzker and Avenue Capital Croup’s Marc Lasry, as it braces for a protracted fight for the Democratic nomination.

All four of the court’s liberal [Jewish] justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — noted their disagreement.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Bret Stephens longs for the pre-Internet days when lib-con ZOG could set the narrative via MSM and get away with concealing its murderous, warmongering Zionist treachery:
The Sorrows of 'Jewish Genius': Bret Stephens Has Nostalgia For A GOP That Actually Thought Neocons Were Smart, Loyal And Superior
Bret Stephens' much-derided NYT column on "The Secrets of Jewish Genius," was a celebration of ethnic chauvinism and narcissism---personal and communal---that would have never seen light if it were written to support the superiority of whites, blacks, latinos asians or any other group in our wonderful multicultural America.

Racist Zionist billionaire Bloomberg, projecting again:
Bloomberg Compares America to Nazi Germany on Holocaust Remembrance Day Address
Michael Bloomberg warned of “history’s dark echoes” — referring to Nazism — emanating from contemporary border security measures in a Monday statement regarding Holocaust Remembrance Day. He additionally characterized President Donald Trump as aligned with “white supremacy.”

Following (((Michael Bloomberg))) and (((Bernie Sanders'))) globalist vanguard lead, ZOG outfit Goldman Sachs tries to repackage itself as social justice warriors:
You know social justice has become a corporate joke when Goldman Sachs are enforcing boardroom gender & race quotas
This ultimatum was delivered with a straight face by the bank’s CEO David Solomon to an audience of head-nodding social justice warriors masquerading as the billionaire and millionaire capitalists of this world on their annual, self-congratulatory festival of money-bathing in Davos, where they plot and scheme to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives.

Quick-buck, racist Zoglodytes bankers, in their schizo dual identity, lecture the world on racism and tolerance (in order to fatten their own globalist bank accounts):
Goldman to refuse IPOs if all directors are white, straight men. 
The mandate is the latest in a series of signals that non-diverse boards and management are unacceptable. BlackRock Inc. and State Street Global Advisors are voting against directors at companies without a female director. Public companies with all-male boards based in California now face a $100,000 fine under a new state law.

ZOG outfit Goldman Sachs will milk America to the last debt slave:
New Report Reveals Goldman Sachs’ Crime Wave Under Last Three CEOs (Who Got Obscenely Rich in the Process)

Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly stated that the business model of Wall Street is fraud. We’ve refined that to the business model of Wall Street is monetizing fraud. And based on this latest report, Goldman Sachs takes the top prize for its panoply of innovations in monetizing fraud.

Bernie Sanders, Wall Street and the central bankers' secret weapon:
Some of the most shocking comments made to the undercover journalists include the prospect of "guillotines for the rich," armed revolution, especially if Sanders loses, sending Republicans to gulags (just like the Iowa Field Organizer), dissolving the Senate, the House of Representatives and the judicial branch, so Bernie and his cabinet can unilaterally create a dictatorship and do anything they want, and he admits that radicals in the Sanders' campaign are "on the rise." 

The snake eating its own tale?
Bernie's Campaign Calls the Police After Reporters Question Them Over a Staffer's Wish to Murder All Rich People (Including Bernie?)
It seems to me that, if they didn’t want to answer questions about Martin’s remarks, they wouldn’t have also expressed solidarity with him.

Just another crazed, lying Hebrew Zionist: 
GOP Including Potential Swing Moderates 'Incensed' at Schiff for Untrue Claim Trump Threatened Them, 'Head on a Pike'
Schiff claimed on the floor of the Senate that the President Donald Trump threatened GOP senators their “head on a pike” if they voted against him.

ZOG and its minions are always delusional because delusion works (until facts and reality intrude): 
Trey Gowdy - "Adam’s ordinarily not that stupid but when you tell the jury, the Senate, on one day that they’re corrupt and then you tell the American people they cannot be trusted to pick the commander in chief, that’s just a wildly stupid trial strategy" 

Marxist-Zionist Jews flex their racist muscles in America:
Brooklyn Synagogue to Host "Antifa" Rock Concert and Fundraiser, by Eric Striker
The Jewish community in Brooklyn has been in the national headlines lately, claiming that their houses of worship are unsafe. Massive marches, escalating NYPD surveillance and large federal grants to Jewish institutions have been dispatched in response. The decision of a Synagogue to invite soccer hooligans to host an “antifa” punk rock concert featuring bands with lyrics calling for terrorism and murder to raise money for a violent criminal makes their claims of feeling unsafe suspect, to say the least. None of the organizations involved are hiding what they’re about.

Fake-liberals and neocons hate that warped ZOG was forced out of the closet under Trump. They thought the censorship and wars for ZOG could go on forever, blaming whites the entire time:
The Israelization of US foreign policy 
The foreign policy of the US during the three years of the Donald Trump administration has undergone a slow change. It has gradually departed from international norms and carried out clear violations of the legal and ethical standards the country had previously championed. While some of these changes can be clearly identified as pro-Israel in the Middle East conflict, other policies that have no direct relation with Israel appear to have adopted both the style and the justifications that Tel Aviv has often used to defend its actions that are contrary to international laws and norms.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Germans were merely the warm-up. Now all Western whites are on the Zionist menu.

Top Jewish Scholar Admits Hitler Launched WWII To Stop 'World Jewry' From 'Annihilating Germany' 
“In other words,” Bauer explained, “the Jewish capitalists who rule the West are Bolsheviks whose idea is to create a world war so that they can rule the whole world. This was a deeply held belief. And I argue that this was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of World War II, because that clearly identifies the aim — the threat of physical annihilation to German people and therefore preparation for war because otherwise it will be a terrible catastrophe.”

How America was -- and is -- indoctrinated:“1917”: A Fateful Reference to the Scofield Reference Bible
After World War I, the Scofield Reference Bible flew off the rack, exceeding two million copies by the end of World War II.[2] Hence the pointless carnage of the World Wars literally sold the Scofield Bible and its apocalyptic pro-Israel message. In other words, evidently the film 1917 itself serves as an esoteric celebration of the Scofield Bible, the carnage of the World Wars and the Christian Zionism it would birth. The reader should consider this carefully. Here we find a film made by an ostensibly enlightened, liberal Hollywood Jew, esoterically endorsing apocalyptic Christian Zionism. This is what we call the Caducean.

The Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS) aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law using methods that helped end apartheid in South Africa. The objective is to secure for Palestinians their fundamental right to full equality.

Jewish Congress launches campaign against 'antisemitism' (aka support for Palestinian rights)
The document proposes a deeply authoritarian structure controlling multiple aspects of society to coerce “tolerance,” and anyone who doesn’t get with the program would be taken care of, e.g. “Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme conducive to a culture of tolerance.” Big Brother in the form of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission” would ensure that no one says or does anything that the Commission determines is “intolerant.”

Henry Herskovitz on Zionist Lawfare vs. 1st Amendment 
Mr. Ackerman must have listened to former Israeli Education Minister Shulamit Aloni when she confessed to Amy Goodman about this name-calling Hasbara tactic: “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [the US] people are criticizing Israel, then they are antisemitic.”

Whose War Is It Anyways? 
General Trump’s footprints now stretch from DC all the way to the minarets of Tehran. And as a business man he’s now CEO of Murder Inc.
The U.S. allegation that Iran is in violation of the Iran Deal is an Israeli manufactured lies fabricated in Israel and disseminated by global Zionist propaganda organs, including the most racist Zionist propaganda organs: the BBC, the Murdoch Press, Fox News, the Guardian, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, CNN, and CBC, among others. For decades, Iran has been the target of a vicious and hostile Zionist propaganda campaign of distortion and demonization, including the demonization of Muslims and Islam.

But when will the Hebrew billionaire acknowledge his racist Zionist privilege?
Bloomberg Acknowledges "White Privileges", Apologizes For Saving Thousands Of Black And Brown Lives

Now, Bloomberg has managed to convince people of color to begrudgingly vote for him before (he was a three-term mayor of New York City), but in order to win them over on the national stage, Bloomberg's crack team of campaign strategists has convinced him to go full-on SJW and admit to his white privilege, according to Politico and Axios.

Bernie's band of Bolshevik fanatics hot to set up an American Gulag:
Project Veritas: Bernie Sanders Campaigner Says 'Guillotine the Rich' 

In another part of the video, Weissgerber attempts to downplay the horrors of the Soviet Union’s gulags and fantasizes about Republicans being imprisoned in “re-education camps.” “What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps,” he says. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

Jew awakens to the anti-Constitutional true face of Zionist and Hebrew totalitarianism:
Jewish Voice For Peace poet details threats to freedom of speech by anti-BDS forces in U.S. 

Hebrew totalitarian Bloomberg wages war against Constitution, wants only ZOG-sanctioned authorities to be armed:
Unbelievable: Bloomberg actually criticizes hero who gunned down church shooter in Texas 
I mean what kind of maniac actually thinks it’s better to have a shooter run loose in a church than to have armed citizens being able to defend themselves?

Hewbrew hypocrite Schumer acts according to his nature:

Charles Schumer’s 1999 letter about impeachment comes back to bite him 

Dishonest and cowardly Hebrew NY Times propagandists won't own their own warmongering:
‘Iran’s proxies’ is dishonest and slanted description of ‘Iran’s allies’ 
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman made a contorted and dishonest argument for the “Iran’s proxies” interpretation right after the U.S. killed Iranian General Qassim Soleimani. (Friedman’s response was a sharp change from last May, when he was too cowardly to say a word as the Trump administration started moving dangerously toward war with Iran.)

Hebrew pedophile Dershowitz threatens to bring down his pedophile confederates in Deep State:
Dershowitz: I Have ‘Secret’ Epstein Emails That Will Put ‘Prominent People in Handcuffs’ 
During the interview, Dershowitz pushed back against allegations that he had sex with underage girls through billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Dershowitz, who recently joined President Trump’s impeachment defense team, he is being framed and he has emails that will put “prominent people in handcuffs.”

Hebrew pervert Weinstein and his army of Mossad spies:
Harvey Weinstein And His Army of Spies 
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein and his army of spies | 60 Minutes Australia

Hebrew Dominance In The Study (And Uses) Of Public Opinion.

Blinded by primal ego and greed, stiff-necked Hebrews will cling to their globalist golden calf ways even as the knives fall upon them:
Suicide (Final) Solution 
Jews can be just as fond of suicide solutions as their Muslim lessers. We have a nasty nihilistic streak. It’s just not a trait commonly associated with us, which explains the widespread bafflement over the Jewish response to the East Coast attacks. Why did Jewish leaders have to be strong-armed into admitting that this wave of anti-Jewish violence was even occurring? Why have the most respected Jewish news and opinion organs done nothing but excuse the violence? How can those crimes be happening in a city with so much Jewish political influence?

Islamic banking and Zionist banking: a study in organized crime:
The BCCI Affair as a Template for the New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate
BCCI, founded in 1972 by Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi and defunct in 1991, had 3,000 criminal customers, and every one of those 3,000 criminal customers is a Page 1 story. You could find financing for nuclear weapons, gun running and narcotics dealing, and you would find all manner and means of crime around the world in the records of this bank... To our sensibilities, it seems Jeffrey Epstein fit the profile of the top executives at BCCI 1.0. Epstein committed many of the kompromat crimes committed by BCCI Variant 1. In fact we hold that the BCCI 1 and Epstein’s new generation variant is one and the same. The dossiers of the two variants are combined.

Sanders surrogate who claims they control the inner city underclass (they don't) threatens they'll burn it all down unless his wealthy Jewish guru is anointed:
Bernie Sanders Field Organizer caught on tape revealing plans to mass execute liberals and throw American citizens into GULAGS run by left-wing communists… or BURN DOWN cities if Trump wins

Zionist spies laundered through U.S. M-I Complex and connected bankers:
How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks
While CRV and Spark Capital seem like just the type of investors a company like Cybereason would attract given their clear interest in similar tech start-ups coming out of Israel’s cyber sector, Cybereason’s other lead investors — Lockheed Martin and SoftBank — deserve much more attention and scrutiny.

Abby Martin Blocked From Speaking at Georgia Southern for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath
"After I was scheduled to give keynote speech at an upcoming @GeorgiaSouthern conference, organizers said I must comply with Georgia's anti-BDS law and sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel," Martin said Friday on Twitter. "I refused and my talk was canceled. The event fell apart after colleagues supported me."

Hebrew leftists scapegoat white people for ZOG's wars. Trump goes along with it all:
Netanyahu's Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to Act Without Putting Israel on the Front Line. 

ZOG-connected "anti-racist" operatives testify against "hate" (white opposition to ZOG):

Southern Poverty Law Center Official Who Led Armed Communist Paramilitary March Calls for Government Action Against Funding of "Hate Groups", by Eric Striker
In spite of her close ties with violent left-wing extremists, Brooks found herself testifying in Congress on behalf of the SPLC today, taking credit for financial and social media deplatforming of “hate groups” and demanding more government action against “hate groups.”

Liberal EU defends made man Hebrew banker's "right" to agitate for ZOG using proxies:
EU Says Hungary Can't Make Soros NGOs Identify as 'Foreign-Funded' 
The Hungarian government said the rules would serve to vet the “Soros network” — NGOs which get at least some of their funding from the Open Society Foundations set up by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, whom Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly said seeks to influence Hungarian policies.