Thursday, June 07, 2012

Diaspora Zionists wear many masks, stretching from Marxist to neocon

(By Chris Moore) -- There are two main facets to Zionism, both of which lead to totalitarianism: Diaspora and Israeli. The Israeli facet generally follows the fascist playbook to assert its power; the Diaspora facet generally follows the Marxist playbook to complete the totalitarian circle, but wears many masks to accomplish the deed.

Hence, Jewish Zionism (which can most accurately be defined as Jewish-supremacism) is not merely Nazism for Jews; it's a synthesis of components of ideological Communism and components of ideological fascism. Consequently, Zionism is not merely a Levantine phenomenon, but stretches throughout the world wherever Zionist Jewry convenes in large numbers, infiltrates the centers of power, and converts or corrupts Gentiles toward Judeo-supremacism, be they of the left or the right.

Both Israeli and Diaspora Zionists are Jewish supremacist, but the Israeli facet is more naked about it's racism because it can afford to be, whereas the Diaspora facet has to be much more stealth, serpentine and couth (for obvious reasons).

And the true essence of Jewish Zionism wherever it resides may be fascist or crypto-fascist, but it's important to understand the integral role that Marxist thought and tactics play in both Diaspora Zionism and in the international Zionist agenda.

And make no mistake: Jewish supremacists want control of as much of the world as they can get, but obviously they can't do it by openly declaring their Jewish supremacy and saying they're going to take it by brute force as the Nazis did. They simply don't have the numbers. So in the Diaspora, they've got to get Gentile accomplices and useful idiots to do their fighting and dying for them, and to front for defend, enable, advance and vouch for their racket amongst the Gentiles via some "secular" ideological Trojan horse.

Additionally, the Israeli "Nazis" could not exist and thrive without the backing of international Zionism and its corrupt left-right Gentile lackeys.

And even though left-wingers increasingly castigate Israeli Zionism because it has grown so nakedly fascist, they still favor giving Diaspora Zionism a "pass" because the left has historically been so deep into bed with Diaspora Zionist Jewry. Indeed, Communism's founding fathers were Jews like Moses Hess and his acolyte Karl Marx, who largely contrived or "invented" Communism as a Jewish supremacist Trojan horse, just as neoconservatism's founding fathers, comprised of "former" Trotskyite Jews, constructed their ideology for similar purposes.

Leon Trotsky is yet another Jewish left-wing hero, who along with Marx, is worshipped among leftist intellectuals to nearly the same extent that Jewish patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are worshipped by Torah Jews and Judeo-Christian Zionists. And although a key leader, Trotsky was merely one of tens of thousands of Jewish Communists who pulled off the Russian coup and imposed mass murderous, Jewish supremacist totalitarianism upon the early Soviet Union.

Additional point of fact: Trotksy himself became a Zionist, so there's nothing "formerly Trotskyite" about the Jewish neocon trajectory. They followed the path of their hero Trotsky all the way through. And just like their hero maintained his Communist beliefs and tactics, the neocons are still highly networked, highly subversive, and support authoritarian, Big Brother government all the way down the line. The only difference is that they now mask their totalitarian essence and agenda behind State Capitalism instead of Communism.

The Jewish common denominator is why Communist tactics and methods of infiltration, subversion, and divide and conquer between the classes, between religious factions, between the races and between the sexes, techniques perfected by Jewish operators and intellectuals over centuries, so closely resemble Diaspora Zionist tactics and methods of infiltration, subversion, and divide and conquer, and vice-versa.

So it's important to remember that racist Jewish supremacism operates with both a right hand and a left hand, both a Levantine wing and and a Diaspora wing, both a Zionist face and a Trotksyite face, to accomplish what it has accomplished thus far, and hopes to take to the next level in the future.

The fact that supremacist Jews bounce around between Trotkyism, Zionism and State Capitalism (as epitomized by "shock doctrine" neoconservatism) only demonstrates that, just as do many serial killers, they utilizes a number of masks or false fronts to pull off their treachery.

Hence Communism/Zionism/neoconservatism-neoliberalism are all originally designed, devised and implemented mostly by Jews as fronts to serve Judeo-supremacist interests, and will ultimately always end up doing exactly that.

But that's also exactly why they've always ultimately failed in their quest for world dominion, and will continue to fail: They're all born of bad will, deceit, and treachery...wolves in sheep's clothing, preying upon the Gentile nations.

To quote Jesus of Nazareth: "A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit."

And from left to right, the diseased tree of Jewish supremacism has produced enough ideological bad fruit to poison nations the world over time and again, and along with its soul-selling Gentile accomplices, has repeatedly done exactly that.

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