Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What is he essence of Jewishness?

It's hard to nail down Jewishness, because so many Jews and Jewish partisans (in the diaspora particularly) will misdirect and mis-define its essence to mislead the general public, to protect their political, social and socioeconomic interests or identities, or out of sheer ignorance or brainwashing.

So, doing our best to ignore the dishonest spin, what is Jewishness -- it's nature, it's predilections, and the essence of its character? What are some characteristics of Jews that have revealed themselves consistently over the centuries, in the same way that any people or nation reveals its character over time?

One characteristic is that despite the fact that diaspora Jews have scattered themselves internationally  (usually for economic reasons), they are indeed a single nation that subscribes to a specific national culture, and they cling to their Jewish identity and culture through thick and thin. Whether they're religious, atheist, or agnostic, the Jews identify as a Jews, or as a part of the Jewish nation. When the Jew  embraces the identity, culture and values of another nation, he will cease identifying as a Jew. So by the very fact that they continue to identify as Jews, they are identifying themselves as part of the Jewish nation.

Another characteristic of Jews is their national identity as a "chosen" people. This is not necessarily a religious conceit. While their ancient holy books describe stories about how Jews were chosen by their god Yahweh above all other people for a special status and mission, the chosen conceit is additionally embraced by secular Jews who ignore or dismiss the religious angle, and claim they have been chosen by the circumstances of history -- for example, by their suffering in the Holocaust (the national mythos that Jews were unjustly persecuted in WW2 due to no fault or provocation by their own nation).

Again, the very fact that the Jews have organized and agitated as a nation, and have deliberately provoked anti-Jewishness to keep their nation unified and cohesive -- a veritable fighting machine that antagonizes and baits the nations around it -- puts the lie to the myth that they have been abused more than any other aggressive, acquisitive nation. But the "victim" mythos serves the Jewish national interests, and so they have cultivated endless stories of suffering and persecution at the hands of non-Jewish ("Gentile") nations as a means of keeping the tribe and nation together, and as a means of syndicate profiteering.

For along with their cultural "chosen" conceit goes a national culture of greed and entitlement -- as if they are entitled to the privilege and wealth of other nations by fiat of their "chosen" status above all other nations. It's self-serving and self-fulfilling circular logic, to be sure ("We are entitled to wealth because we are chosen," and "Our wealth proves our choseness") but in the end, it serves their insatiable Hebrew culture of greed, as recorded in the Bible, and off and on ever since.

An interesting question is whether their elaborate myths of choseness and persecution came before or after their culture of greed; one is inclined to believe their greed came first, and the myths grew up to financially sate their culture as the tribe grew into a nation.

So there are a handful of characteristics of Jewishness that most honest people will agree upon: 1) the Jews are indeed a nation. 2) they subscribe to a chosen conceit. 3) they subscribe to a persecuted conceit. 4) they concoct "chosen" and "persecuted" myths to serve their national interest and their national pocket book. 5) fulfilling or sating their culture of greed may well be the driving force behind their entire national existence, from the days of the Bible forward.

What are some other characteristics of the Jewish nation?

They have a pathological drive to force the entire world to embrace their myths as fact. This goes from the Bible stories to the stories of anti-Semitism to the Holocaust stories to the narratives surrounding Israel (Zionism) which include all of the above, plus a huge dosing of myths surrounding their suffering at the hands of Terrorism and Islamofascism on top.

What is the punishment for those who refuse to believe their myths? In the most extreme cases, imprisonment (for "Holocaust denial" for example), or even death (the Jewish Bolshevik's saw to a death penalty for "anti-Semitsm" in Marxist hijacked Soviet Russia).

All of this can best be described as the Jewish predilection for totalitarianism.

Then there's the explicit racism that has grown out of the chosen people conceit, for an automatic criteria of Jewishness is to have a Jewish mother, father or grandparent (non-Jews need to go through an elaborate conversion process). This is how they keep other races from "polluting" their blood lines.

Their racism goes hand in glove with their predilection for totalitarianism to form clear earmarks of Zionist-form fascism in Israel and beyond.

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