Monday, December 17, 2007

What is "Judeofascism"?

(By Chris Moore, -- What do Bolshevism, Zionism and Neoconservatism have in common? In addition to being murderous, elitist, authoritarian and organizationally insular, they are all mass political movements in which Jewish ideologues played decisive and even definitive roles. In fact, without the Jewish contribution to each, they likely all would have been rendered either historically stillborn or unconceived altogether.

And although all three are scattered along the traditional Left-Right political spectrum, the Jewish network at the intellectual and political center of each has exhibited consistently fascist characteristics both operationally and in its bigoted treatment of “out-group” religions, ethnicities, opponents, rivals, dissidents, and even neutral bystanders. Hence all three can be categorized, to varying degrees, as Judeofascist movements.

In modern history, perhaps the history of the world, no ethno-religious-political network has inspired more chaos and mass murder, yet been able to remain virtually anonymous and even unnamed. It's death toll is staggering, easily in the tens of millions, and the devastation it has wrought is incalculable: tens of millions more maimed, rendered homeless, disenfranchised and financially ruined; families separated and broken, never to be reunited; civil wars sparked and governments overthrown.

What, precisely, is Judeofascism and, given the earth-shattering consequences of its political manifestations, how has it been able to keep itself hidden largely below the radar of mass consciousness? Researchers are only beginning to scratch the surface of its nature, motives and modus operandi, but certain characteristics and patterns in its behavior, organization and composition are beginning to emerge:

-- If diaspora Judaism has been described as a "nation within a nation," Judeofascism might be described as "a network within a nation within a nation."

--Judeofascism is a fascist political network comprised of an elite, self-selected religo-ethnic Jewish membership.

--Not all Jews are Judeofascists, but all Judeofascists are Jews, and Judeofascists have repeatedly leveraged organized Judaism on behalf of their agenda.

--Judeofascists believe that Jews are racially and religiously superior to non-Jews (gentiles) and that this supremacy gives them certain rights and privileges over gentiles either through historical fiat or in the eyes of God -- rights and privileges that should be extended and formally incorporated into the laws of man. These beliefs spring from a fixation on the supremacist components of the Jewish religious canon in general and the Talmud in particular, which expresses contempt and hatred for Christ and generally portrays gentiles as unclean, inferior and to be regarded with fear and loathing. It also springs from the living canon of Judeofascist experience, wherein the historically successful subjugation of gentiles by Judeofascist networks reinforces Judeofascist delusions of grandeur and supremacy.

--Judeofascism also draws its racialist beleifs from Jewish racial law, wherein only those born of a Jewish mother are worthy of "chosen" status, and from Israeli race law, which awards Jewish citizenship (and thus privilege) based upon Jewish bloodlines. Jewry as defined by Jewish or Israeli law then goes through a process of social natural selection wherein only the most shameless, clever, manipulative, greedy and ruthless of the Jews emerge into the ranks of the Judeofascists.

--Judeofascist racial supremacist beliefs find expression both in Judeofascist-constructed Israeli apartheid law (which formally extends special rights and privileges to its Jewish citizens over its non-Jewish citizens) and in Judeofascist attitudes towards and treatment of gentiles outside of Israel.

--Wherever they are located, Judeofascists regard the manipulation, subjugation, exploitation and general usury of gentiles as ethically, morally and spiritually justified due to the gentiles' inferior, non-chosen status. They regard their "rights" over gentiles as divinely, racially or historically ordained and self-evidently validated by the very ability of Judeofascists --through their collective guile--to successfully subjugate gentiles (and the inability or unwillingness of the gentiles to do anything about it). Judeofascists see Israel's ongoing ability to flout gentile international law without consequence as further evidence of Judeofascist supremacy.

--Judeofascism has no membership roles, political charter or political headquarters. However, as with any network of like-minded and subversive individuals that wishes to remain anonymous and unscrutinized, Judeofascism often operates within existing religious and secular institutions in the diaspora in order to co-opt their resources, credibility and power on its behalf. The Israeli government also regularly harbors its operatives and itself has been regularly co-opted on Judeofascism’s behalf.

--Usually, wherever there are Jews in large numbers, self-selected Judeofascists will coalesce into a unit or cell, which together comprise the Judeofascist network. In most cases, the network works on behalf of organized Judaism or Jewry, but at times it puts its own goals ahead of Jewry and is willing to sacrifice even masses of Jews to its agenda. Zionism's collaboration with Nazism during World War II in order to make the creation of Israel an international imperative is one such example of this strategic sacraficialism. A more contemporary but less consequential example (albeit one with a similar potential for violence) is the regular, angry, public denunciations by Neocons of their Jewish opponents in America as “self-hating Jews.”

--While there are technically no gentile Judeofascists, Judeofascism does receive financial, spiritual and material support and sustenance from useful idiot gentiles the world over. This comes A) through foreign aid and weaponry gifted to Israel by other governments, or through wars or military engagements fought by them on Israel's behalf (such as the Iraq war); B) from superstitious, bible-educated Christian Zionists who see "the Jews" as God's chosen people whose continued ingathering in Israel is a necessary component to eventual Rapture, Armageddon and the return of Jesus; and C) from more secular, "compassionate" and ostensibly intelligent Judeophile gentiles from both the liberal and conservative traditions who regard Jews as both perpetually embattled, and racially or socially gifted, and hence worthy of "protected status." The historical persecution of many Jews contributes to this line of thinking, even though anti-Semitism has usually been the consequence not of gentile bigotry, but rather of Judaism's arrogant, foolish and naive tolerance, protection and on-again, off-again collaboration with the Judeofascists in its midst.

This website approaches the Judeofascist problem from a pro-Israel perspective to the extent that it believes Jews have the right to self-association , self-determination and self-governance within a clearly demarcated Israel proper. However, it is anti-Zionist in that it believes Israel should extend all the rights and privileges enjoyed by Jews to its non-Jewish citizens (which is anathema to Zionism) if its wants continued aid and welfare from the West. (This web site believes all states the world over should be subject to such secular, pluralistic litmus tests). Alternatively, Israel can remain a Zionist state but be deprived of foreign aid and assistance and instead rely on contributions from sympathetic individuals the world over (both Jew and non-Jew alike) if it so chooses.

This website also believes that punishment for Judeofascist aggression is best dealt with by Jews themselves to the most reasonable and effectual extent possible. This means that those diaspora Jews who have not committed any technical crime, but who have demonstrated a pattern of intractable social subversiveness and active enmity and hostility towards gentile social cohesion on behalf of the Judeofascist or Israeli agenda that collectively amount to an attempt to fatally undermine or overthrow gentile self-governance and hence deprive gentiles of their own right to self-determination, should be stripped of their diaspora citizenship and deported to Israel without further punishment. Those Jews who are suspected of a technical crimes such as treason or sedition, or conspiring to overthrow or undermine the democratic process in gentile nations on behalf of the Judeofascist or Israeli agenda should first be tried and, if found guilty, punished by the gentile nations in which the crime was committed before loss of citizenship and deportation to Israel, similar to the way in which illegal alien criminals first serve time in domestic prisons prior to deportation. (Christian Zionists or Judeophiles attempting to overthrow gentile self-governance on behalf of Judeofascism either knowingly or through ignorance should be punished by the nations in which the crime was committed as appropriate.)

The continued existence of Israel is obviously a necessary component of this theoretical remedy to the Judeofascist problem, which has been a centuries-long plague upon humanity (particularly the West).

Clearly, for those interested in the continued existence, maintenance, prosperity and progress of Western civilization, ignoring the Judeofascist problem is no longer a viable option.

Chris Moore is publisher of and (a libertarian-populist website)