Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jewish-owned mass media behemoth Advance Publications is pushing militantly anti-Christian atheism to advance its Trotskyite-Zionist agenda


(By Chris Moore) -- promotes itself as “the front page of the Internet,” and indeed, it is one of the most visited sites on the Web. As of this writing,
Alexa has ranked it as the Internet’s 53rd most visited site in the U.S., and the 121st most visited site globally, and its popularity appears to be rapidly growing.

Anyone who first comes to sees a banner running across the top of their page featuring various “sub-reddits” (subject matters) for them to choose from. If they have an account and log in, the subreddits change to those subjects they have selected to form their own personalized front page. But if they are not logged in, the banner running across the top of Reddit’s front page stays the same.

One of the subreddits featured on the top page banner is
r/Atheism. Thus, millions of people every day are automatically “subscribed” to r/atheism until they establish and log in to their own accounts, and choose their own subreddits.

And with over 850,000 "godless redditors" (as members who have formally subscribed to r/atheism dub themselves) clearly r/atheism enjoys a tremendous promotional advantage over the hundreds of other subreddits available in attracting the attention of potential subscribers by being featured on's front page and as an automatic default reddit.

In theory, atheism is “the doctrine or belief that there is no God.”

In practice, at least on Reddit's r/atheism, it is the vicious and relentless ridicule, mockery, and smearing of Jesus, Christian people, the Church, organized Christianity, and all of Christendom in general...which is fine. In a freedom of speech-based democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and perspective on politics and religion.

However, given that
tens of millions of Christian clergy, ruling class, “bourgeoisie,” dissidents, and simple peasants were murdered and persecuted by Soviet Communism, (which was an explicitly anti-Christian ideology) and perhaps hundreds of millions have been murdered worldwide by atheistic Communism, how fair is it for Reddit to essentially herd millions of its readers straight towards r/atheism by making it a default subreddit on the one hand, and yet for reddit moderators to complain about "hate" on the other hand?

In fact, reddit moderators regularly issue statements condemning the kind of bigotry that actually endorses on its front page via r/atheism, like
this one recently posted in the popular subreddit r/videos:
A statement from the /r/videos mods regarding racist comments

Over the past few weeks we've noticed a surge in the amount of racist material posted here, to the point where we are considering a change in policy to address it. We suspect that one or more racist/troll organizations may be specifically targeting us (and possibly Reddit as a whole), with members systematically posting both explicitly and subtly prejudiced comments.

We would prefer not to have to intervene and take an official stance to censor comments, so we're asking the community to please be mindful and to respond appropriately to any such hurtful content. Thank you.
And imagine the hue and cry if Reddit prominently featured one of its anti-Jewish sites on the front page, and herded millions of readers there. Charges of “racism” and “anti-Semitism” would undoubtedly fly.

And yet, don't critics have just as much right to mock and smear Jewish icons, Jewish people, the Synagogue, organized Judaism, and all of Jewry in general as r/atheism has the right to mock and smear Christians, and as corporate hierarchy has the right to encourage such mockery?

Of all of the hundreds of subreddits available for default status, there has to be some reason the hierarchy of Reddit keeps the virulently anti-Christian r/atheism as a default subreddit.

Given the strong
Trotskyite neoliberal Zionist identification with Marxism, and the fact that "atheist" Soviet Communism was initially a conflation of Leninism and Trotskyism, which outlawed Christianity and made “anti-Semitism” punishable by death, is it possible that Reddit readers are being manipulated by a neoliberal/Zionist agenda of the corporate behemoth Advance Publications, which owns Reddit and itself is principally owned by the Jewish Newhouse family?

In fact, such a scenario is highly likely.

This is not a call for censorship, but rather for Christians, paleocons, patriots, populists, libertarians, anti-war advocates, pro-sovereignty nationalists, family advocates etc. to "take off the gloves" and start playing by the same rules of free speech that their opposition plays by, and to engage in the kind of polemics that the gaggle of militant Jews, Marxists, neoliberals, radical feminists and angry homosexual activists, etc. over at r/atheism routinely engage in, in order to counter and balance out the anti-Christian hate being preached there with increasing ferocity.

Additionally, since the anti-Christian r/atheism is featured on Reddit’s front page, there needs to be an opposing forum also included on the front page to expose readers to that perspective, as well, in order to balance out what appears to be the warmongering
Marxist-Zionist agenda behind featuring the anti-Christian r/atheism on's front page.

Reddit is all about free speech and should remain that way. Soviet holocaust or not, Nazi Holocaust or not, declaring oneself a member of some religious sect, tribe or "protected class" is not a license for immunity from debate, criticism, and even harsh condemnation.

Christians and their partisans should no longer stand there and be beaten black and blue by the militant coalition of the bitter and angry over at r/atheism, and its relentless preaching of genocidal hate, mockery and condemnation (the same kind of rhetoric, which when directed at them, they declare "hate speech") without giving as good as they receive -- particularly since so many of these r/atheism useful idiots are being manipulated by neocon, neoliberal and Zionist operatives to perpetuate the wars of aggression
they originated under their right-wing useful idiot Bush in order to set up a Big Brother police state both at home and abroad.

**UPDATE 6/20**

I posted this article in a couple of subreddits on and got a lot of negative feedback, as expected, with a very few supportive comments.

One critic tried to claim that the reason r/Atheism was on the front page was because it was towards the top of the list in terms of numbers of subscribers, but as I pointed out, this doesn't hold water. There are 15 subreddits listed on the front page, and ranked by number of subscribers, r/atheism (as of this writing) is ranked at #20.

And this is despite constant promotion by on the front page.

So in essence, it's an anti-Christan hate site that was originally and systematically promoted by Reddit by setting it up as a default subscription, and continues to be systematically promoted on the front page by (Jewish owned) Advance Publications by maintaining it as a default subscription and front page subreddit even thought its ranking doesn't merit front page status.

Others tried to claim that the issue of (pseudo-atheist) Jewish Bolsheviks and Stalinists who murdered millions of Christians under Communist occupation and established a Jewish-dominated regime is irrelevant to the issue of Christan-hating (pseudo-atheist) attempts by Jews dwelling in America to systematically engineer hundreds of thousands of Christian-haters over at r/atheism in the U.S.

I see this kind of attempted compartmentalization a lot by Zionists. It's the equivalent of arguing that if German neo-Nazis had taken over corporations, politicians, political institutions, and mass media outlets in America, and were using the same techniques as they had used to take over Germany, it would be irrelevant to the original Nazi agenda and system in Germany.

It just doesn't hold water to claim that Jewish supremacist ideologues and operatives who used Communism as a Trojan horse in Soviet Russia yesterday have nothing whatsoever to do with Jewish supremacist ideologues and operatives using neoliberalism and neoconservatism as a Trojan horse in the U.S. today.

The claim is completely absurd.

The subbreddit r/Christianity generally didn't like the article at all.

Someone there inferred I must be from World Church of the Creator or Christian Identity or some other extremist, racist neo-Christian group, and that the FBI might "find your comment history disturbing."

Assuming this person was a "Christian," I always find it ironic when Zionist-sympathetic Judeo-Christian Zionists and Judaized Christians who subscribe to their own brand of racist, neo-Christianity try to claim they're the true faith, and any anti-Jewish Christians (who, after all, were not only the original Christians, but as I pointed out to this particular critic, were the Christianity that built Western civilization) are the outliers.

What's the difference between racist neo-Christian groups like Christian Identity and racist neo-Christian, Judeo-Christian Zionists? Very little, other than that the latter have some mainstream cover and credibility for their warped incarnation amongst corrupt neoliberal and neocon politicians and amongst Zionist Jews.

And true to totalitarian form, this Judaized "Christian" threatened to report me to the authorities, apparently not seeing the irony both in terms of the article's subject matter and in terms of the history of Christianity.

Sadly, these Judaized Christians operate exactly like Jews...they insinuate themselves upon institutions, infiltrate them, and then slowly morph the identity of the institution into a racist, tribalistic, Judeophile incarnation.

And just like the Zionist Jews, they're essentially predators and parasites upon the institutions and civilizations they infiltrate. It's little wonder, then, that they're generally more interested in the Old Testament than the New, and that they portray Jesus not as the anti-thesis to Judaism that he was, but as just another exceptional Jew.

One can generally identify an authentic Christian not only to the extent that they're willing to hold racist Zionist Jews accountable for their crimes against Jesus, but also to the extent that they're willing to hold racist Zionist Jews accountable for the crimes against Christianity and humanity they perpetrated under their Marxist and Communist guises, and more recently, under the guise of neoconservatism.

It's hard to believe that those who refuse to hold murderous Zionist Jews accountable for their criminalism are really Christians at all, but is very easy to see how such a people may well be enemies of Christianity, and are most certainly enemies of Western civilization, because they are enabling the foremast enemies of Western civilization that ever existed.


Anonymous said...

Jew Tentacles
by Snordelhans

2 weeks 5 days ago

Anonymous said...

All persons interested in Israel and Jews should Google "Do Christian Zionist Authors Push Their Agenda Through Lies and Plagiarism?"
(Warning: Christian Zionists will not be provided with shock absorbers!)

[foregoing seen on web. Art]

Anonymous said...

Consider the name >> REDd IT >> Communism-ize It >> Red being the color of Communism.

The God-haters are everywhere across the internet & are an especially vile & vicious bunch. And they all spout the same ignorant comments, full of expletives, just like robots. They all sound the same. They hate what they do not even know but think they are so smart & "intellectual" for arriving at their God-hating position, not even realizing they have swallowed the biggest lie of all time, repackaged & prettied-up just for them for these final few centuries by the World Control Mob, beginning with the so called Enlightment Era in the 1700's (undermining Biblical authenticity, etc.)

There will be a rude awakening for all these people when Christ comes with a flaming sword to weild against those who refused to obey the Gospel.

As for the Judaizers, they are all over Christian TV with their talits (prayer shawls), etc. They are regressive (OT) vs progressive (Paul's letters). Hopefully they will wake up to their error.

One of the most important revelations, as you point out, is that Bolshevism/Communism is Jewish & is here & now establishing itself in the USA & likely with the same outcome (after they finish using the USA as war machine, etc.)

The YT vid with a title like BOLSHEVIK BUTCHERS FROM HELL -- based on Juri Lina's book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion -- exposes the Jewish hand behind Bolshevism/Communism & its resulting slaughter.

Keep up the good work exposing these truths to sleeping Christians!