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Defeating Judeofascism in America

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 ::: Defeating Judeofascism in America
(By Chris Moore, -- For years, spineless and cynical left liberals have ignored the growing Judeofascist threat and sat idly by while the Israel lobby solidified its stranglehold over Washington. In fact, in many cases the left-liberals collaborated with the Jewish nationalist wing of the Judeofascist movement because so many of its members were Zionist Democrats and wealthy donors to the party. They still are.
Only recently, as the Judeofascists have grown ever more bold, lying America into a "preemptive" war of conquest and imperialism motivated by greed and the Zionist vision of a religious-based Middle Eastern hierarchy wherein Jews and Judeo-Christians are officially recognized as supreme, perpetual rulers (a state of affairs to be enforced by American troops), have the left-liberals started to make a few hesitant squeaks about the axis of Israel and fascism. The assault on Lebanon has served to highlight the extent of this axis, and so the squeaks have turned to whimpers.
Yet while they never hold their tongues in violently condemning the Christian Right for pursuing this vision, many on the left-liberal side continue to defend and make excuses for the Jewish nationalist wing of Judeofascism. This is because they want their cake and to eat it too: They want all that Zionist money that comes from Jewish Democrats who are staunch advocates of secularism in America (where Jews are in the minority) but fanatically Jewish-nationalist when it comes to Israel, where Jews are in the majority.
Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Howard Dean (and the mentality they represent) think the Democrats can continue to blindly support Israel, take in loads of Jewish nationalist money from lefty American Zionists, condemn the Christian Right (which is made up mostly of Christian Zionists) and squeak through to victory in the midterm and 2008 elections without ever bothering to address the internal contradictions central to their entire campaign--namely, why is Jewish nationalism acceptable in Israel, but Islamic nationalism and Christian nationalism forbidden in the Middle East and America?
For that matter, why is persecuting religious minorities acceptable in Israel but wrong in America? Why is persecuting racial minorities, which Jim Crow Israel also does with impunity, forbidden here as well?
In summary, why in the Democrats’ view is the American government subsidization of religious nationalism, the persecution of racial and religious minorities, and the fascist bombing of Palestinian and Lebanese civilian “others” acceptable for Israel, but not acceptable for America?
I’ll tell you why: Because the Democrats are themselves latent Judeofascists. The Party has internalized the central Judeofascist mentality, namely that the world is divided between the “chosen” elite who do the governing, and what George Orwell in the novel 1984 called “the proles”—the ignorant masses whose government-prescribed function is to do what the government tells them to do. Hypocrisy is part and parcel of that mentality.
So if Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Howard Dean in all their statist wisdom decide that a foreign policy riddled with internal contradictions is the way to go, then by God that’s the policy that the increasingly Orwellian U.S. government will pursue.
Which raises the question: Since that’s already the policy of the federal government under the Republicans, then what do we need the Democrats for? The GOP has shown that it can pursue the Judeofascist agenda far more effectively and with a lot less hand-wringing than the Democrats, so why bother with the Dems at all?
Because the Dems want to limit the Judeofascist agenda to the Middle East and won’t let it spill over into America? Wrong. In fact the pseudo-liberal, big-government Dems, who were always a little bit soft on Judeofascism when it operated under its Communist guise, are probably more likely to unleash the full fury of Judeofascism on America because the Party’s upper ranks are riddled with Jewish nationalists, even more so than the GOP.
And the Democrats have already demonstrated they will basically roll over for whatever policy the Judeofascists propose the second one of them starts accusing dissidents of “anti-Semitism”--and Americans who oppose the ongoing supremacist project in the Middle East will be accused of exactly that under the Dems, just as they have been under the Republicans. The only difference is that the politically correct Democrats, who have never met a big government Thought Police program they didn’t like, will probably take the already Orwellian federal bureaucracy to the next level domestically and let the Inner Party Judeofascists use it against “anti-Semitic” enemies of the state and “domestic terrorists” here just as they did in the Soviet Union.
You see, it has long been the authoritarian Judeofascist modus-operandi to infiltrate and use a powerful central State to bash in the skulls of its “enemies” (those who object to the innately bigoted Judeofascist agenda). It did so to the Christians, Ukrainians, Cossacks and dissidents in the Soviet Union and behind the iron curtain under Communism (until collaborator Stalin later turned on “the Jews,” which converted the formerly Trotskyite Jewish neocons to “liberalism” and later neoconservatism); its doing so to the Palestinians, and now the Lebanese in the Middle East under Zionism; its doing so to the Iraqis by proxy using the American military under neoconservatism; and it will do so to Americans domestically under neoconservatism or neoliberalism using the federal government through the Republicans or Democrats, as the case may be.
America may not be a tyranny yet, but make no mistake--if left unchecked, Judeofascism will take the federal government there sooner or later. That’s what it does; that’s what it is; that’s its nature. Most Judeofascists know this and accept it. All of the clever neocon, neoliberal rhetoric about valuing democracy, liberty and liberalism is designed to disguise this fact. Those who have closely studied Israel understand that the Judeofascists simply don't want equal rights for all, and never have. In fact, they are staunchly opposed the concept.
In the end there is no getting around the iron law of reality: Judeofascism is real, it is murderous and it is totalitarian. It existed in the Soviet Union and it exists today in Israel and as a fifth column in America. Pretending it is the figment of “anti-Semitic” imaginations will not make it go away. The longer it is ignored, the worse it gets, as Israel’s latest assault on Middle Eastern civilization demonstrates.
There is only one solution to Judeofascism in America, and that is to replace the pseudo-liberal Democrats with the classically liberal libertarians, who are in the same intellectual tradition as America’s Founding Fathers and, similarly, advocate its liberation from tyrannical rule.
That will give Americans a real choice between authentic liberalism and big government authoritarianism instead the false choice between the authoritarian-Left Democrats and the authoritarian-Right Republicans forced upon us today.
And if Americans choose classical liberalism (and if they know what’s good for them, they will) the Judeofascist threat will be removed by hamstringing the instrument of its evil designs: the State.
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