Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Does being the child of a Holocaust survivor convey a right to cheat on taxes? Sure, says the federal government

On October 13, National Public Radio had an an interesting item on wealthy Americans who own Swiss bank accounts and other foreign tax-dodging shelters:
An amnesty deal for Americans seeking to come clean about income hidden in offshore accounts expires Thursday. Barbara Kaplan, the head of the New York tax practice at the law firm Greenberg Traurig, says her firm represents close to 100 people who are taking advantage of the government's offer.

NPR host Robert Siegel asked Kaplan: “Well, typically, who are these people? I mean, what kind of individuals are you talking about?”
Ms. KAPLAN: These are holocaust survivors, these are the children of holocaust survivors, these are foreigners who have become U.S. citizens or U.S. residents, who are here with green cards, and then there are some which is a smaller percentage of the clients I've seen, who are business people who conducted business overseas and put their profits overseas.

An interesting first response, clearly designed to elicit sympathy for her tax-cheat clients: “These are holocaust survivors, these are the children of holocaust survivors…”

In other words, many of them are Jews who claim to be refugees from World War II, or the children of refugees from WWII. Hence, they kept their money in tax free accounts for all these years (and presumably continued to deposit large amounts of income earned in America in the decades since) not because they were greedy cheapskates who thought taxes are only for the “little people," (as Jewish billionaire Leona Helmsley once famously quipped), but rather, out of some sort of fearful reflex-instinct induced by Nazism and suffering.

Totally reasonable, no?


There are a large number of Americans who fled from the equally traumatic Communist camps and gulags of Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia, refugees from vicious Communist totalitarianism, who, when combined with their offspring, probably total in the millions. Yet how often does one hear about their experiences and their plight? And how many of them are using their background as an excuse to hide large sums of money in offshore bank accounts in order to dodge American taxes? Can anyone imagine them as a group stooping to the excuse: “We cheated on our taxes because we are the children of Communist survivors”?

Now, don’t misunderstand. I believe that Americans are overtaxed and abused by the federal tax code no end. And I most certainly don’t approve of much of what the federal government uses those taxes for (including wars for Israel). But not only do most of these wealthy Jewish tax cheats with offshore bank accounts have more than they could possibly spend in a lifetime, but on top of that, Jews are one of the most liberal, big government-advocating demographics in the country -- in no small part because they want a powerful centralized government to protect their tribal interests, including Israel. And big government costs big money.

So utilizing the Holocaust as a cudgel to get them what they want (and get them out of paying taxes to cover the cost) is one of their dirtiest tricks.

Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth blog recently posted an entry on this phenomenon of Jewish opportunists relentlessly dragging up the Holocaust as a convenient excuse for all manner of abhorrent behavior in general, and abhorrent Jewish Zionist behavior in particular -- a phenomenon that has become known as Holocaustianity:

The idea that the existence of the Jewish state is intrinsically and existentially tied to wielding the Holocaust whip against the gentile world is a no-brainer. For half a century, the Holocaust has been the proverbial golden goose that not only birthed the Jewish state, but has continuously suckled and coddled it.

But, alas, just as all things rooted in untruth, the old girl is growing weary. She does not spit out those golden eggs with as much ease or frequency as in years past. World leaders are now beginning to ridicule the very idea of the holocaust and people have just plain had their fill of it. They’re tired of hearing the same broken record all the time used as an excuse by Jewish interests to pick their pockets, rob them of their freedom and send their loved ones off to fight in Israel’s wars. Making matters worse is the fact that every other week it seems yet another holocaust memoir is being revealed as a fraud.

And besides this, there are the demographics to consider. The bottom line is that they’re running out of Holocaust survivors and have not (yet) perfected the business of cloning so that new survivors can be kept around in perpetuity. Yes, they have been somewhat successful in getting the kids and grandkids involved in this shtick so as to create a whole new chorus line, but as of this moment no one is kicking down the doors to listen to the same old worn out testimony from 3rd and 4th hand sources.

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Apparently being The Child of a Holocaust Survivor conveys certain amnesty rights and waiver of penalties for decades of tax cheating, so don’t be surprised if years from now, the great, great, great Grandchild of a Holocaust Survivor is granted clemency on some charge or another by merit of the fact that he has a Holocaustianity blood line -- particularly if the trend towards an increasingly disproportiantely Jewish group of overlords running the U.S. Congress continues unabated. -- By Chris Moore

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