Sunday, October 25, 2009

Latent fascist Bloomberg spends a quarter billion dollars to get elected mayor of New York City

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent $74 million of his own money to first narrowly win office in 2001, and another $85 million in the campaign to retain the office in 2005, is on pace to spend at least $110 million more of his own funds to purchase the mayoral office yet again this year, bringing his total self-financed campaign spending for all three elections to well over a quarter billion dollars. This is a new record, according to reports.

From Times Online:
The mayor, valued at $16 billion, now easily beats the total campaign spending by other plutocrat politicians who have used their own money to run for office, according to figures compiled by The New York Times.

Jon Corzine, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs, now in a tight re-election battle as Governor of New Jersey, has devoted $130 million of his personal fortune to two races for Governor and one for the US Senate.

[Bloomberg's] opponent, William C. Thompson, a Democrat, has spent just $6 million in the race. A Thompson campaign spokeswoman on Friday told the Times the mayor's spending was "obscene."
Also obscene was staunch Jewish Zionist Bloomberg's defense of Israel's war on the Palestinian people of Gaza last December and January in an offensive dubbed Operation Cast Lead that killed 415 women and children, and has since been declared a war crime in an investigation carried out by Judge Richard Goldstone for the United Nations, which also found abuses by Hamas, but nowhere near the level of those committed by Israelis. Even as 2,000 pound bombs and white phosphorous were rained down by the Israeli army on the hemmed-in civilian population of Gaza, Bloomberg told a CNN interviewer that his fellow Jewish Zionists were justified in their actions because they were responding to the same kind of terror that had been inflicted upon New York City in the 1993 and 2001 attacks on The World Trade Center towers by Al Qaeda.

"I have a great deal of sympathy for anybody that's a victim of terrorism, and a feel terribly strongly that if the terrorists can win in one place, they will be emboldened and they will attack us every place," Bloomberg said in an interview on CNN during Operation Cast Lead, without elaborating about what made the women and children of Gaza "terrorists" with commonalities with Afghanistan-based Al Qaeda other than the fact that many Gazans are also Muslims.

Bloomberg claimed the firing of rockets into Israel by elements of Hamas justified the Israeli offensive: "The fact of the matter is, since the Israelis pulled out of Gaza in 2005, Hamas, rather than trying to build up Gaza, has tried to destroy Israel for their own political purposes."

Yet as journalist Andrew Sullivan notes in the Atlantic Online: "Here's a graph that tells the story of the comparative human toll in the year before the [Gaza war] broke out [click on graph below]. Over eight years, 28 Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets in what were clearly [also] war crimes, as Goldstone emphatically reports. Four times that many Palestinians were killed by Israelis in one month in 2008. In the subsequent conflict, the ratio of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths was close to 100 - 1."So apparently in Bloomberg's deranged mind, 28 Israelis killed over eight years is an attempt by Hamas to "destroy Israel," whereas Israel's killing of four times as many Palestinians in one month is merely self-defense?

On top of that, Western human rights workers on the ground in Gaza have reported that the Israeli army regularly carries out provocations like taking pot shots with high powered rifles at Palestinians from its border positions as hungry Gazans engage in activities as innocuous as trying to pick their vegetables from adjacent fields within Gazan territory. Clearly such assaults are designed to bait Hamas into responding with rockets -- actions that are then cited by Israel, powerful Western Jewish Zionist politicians like Bloomberg, and their corrupt cronies and sympathizers in politics and media as a legitimate rationale for massively disproportionate responses like Operation Cast Lead.

To objections that Israel's use of force in the attack on Gaza was disproportionate, in his interview with CNN, Bloomberg responded: "There's no such thing as proportional response to terrorism...proportionalism is for theoreticians. The real world is, governments have a responsibility to protect their citizens with everything that they have."

Yet apparently the Hamas government of Gaza isn't allowed the same doctrine of self-defense.

It's becoming increasingly evident that many powerful U.S. elective offices are being bought by wealthy Jewish Zionists and/or their networks, and then utilized to divert funds, political aid and propaganda support (hasbara) to Jewish Zionist Israel, as demonstrated by Bloomberg himself, and also by the hugely disproportionate number of Jewish Zionists elected to Congress with the help of the wealthy and powerful groups like the Israel lobby.

Obviously, Jewish Zionists are big supporters of disproportion, whether its disproportionate force in savaging their enemies in the Levant, or disproportionately inserting themselves into positions of control and power in America by buying elections in order to enable their fellow Jews in Israel to get away scot-free with war crimes against Palestinians. -- By Chris Moore

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