Monday, October 19, 2009

Question of the day: Are there fascist patterns to modern Jewish ideology?

To elaborate: Are there intractable patterns of fascistic manifestations of the modern practice of organized Jewry that infer an inherent relationship between modern (as opposed to ancient historical religious) Jewish ideology, and the racially and doctrinal supremacist ideology known as fascism?

The fascist characteristics of Israeli Zionism are well known: its institutional discrimination against non-Jews; it’s definition of Judaism as a racialist doctrine that assigns rights and privileges to Israeli Jews (and all Jews anywhere who may want to live in Israel) over Levant-native Gentiles based upon mere bloodlines; its clear categorical interpretation of Jewish “choseness” as a racially ordained caste that exists above Gentiles in the eyes of God and/or history, destined to rule over the Gentiles with whom it comes into contact.

And the violent, fascist-supremacist approach of naked indifference to non-Jewish life Israeli-Zionism has historically taken towards its dealings with those who resist its supremacist agenda has been well-documented too, from its very founding to the West Bank to Lebanon to Israel’s recent incursion into Gaza.

Then there are the modern Jewish diaspora examples of organizational fascism and supremacy: the Jewish Bolsheviks and their ethnic racketeering that resulted in a de facto Jewish supremacist hierarchy in the early Soviet Union that exhibited a murderous indifference to non-Jewish life on a scale infinitely larger than that currently on display in Israel; the “Jewish lobby” ethnic racketeering that was an integral “critical element” to the propagation of the Iraq war, which was instigated and is being fought largely at the behest of Israel and its Jewish-American lobby; the phony Jewish “civil rights” ethnic racketeering groups that have been central to the creation of institutionally Jewish-exceptionalist U.S. government offices like the U.S. State Department’s Office of Anti-Semitism (there are no other specifically identified American racial-religo ideological groups assigned special departmental status and favoritism within the U.S. federal government).

Thus, on balance, its seems a fair assessment that there are some inherently supremacist elements to the modern practice of organized Jewry that have regularly manifested in outgrowths that can only be described as possessing characteristic consistent with many of the characteristics of categorical fascism (ie Nazism).

Hence, is "Judeofascist" really an epithet, (as some have suggested) or is it a documentable category that comprises modern practitioners who subscribe to a manifestly fascist interpretation of organized Judaism? -- Chris Moore

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