Thursday, October 08, 2009

Question of the day: Do certain liberals demand zero conflation between Judaism and Zionism in order to preserve unconstitutional aid to Israel?

I have never quite been able to put my finger on exactly why certain liberals and leftists demand that Judaism and Zionism not be conflated in any way, shape, or form, and will often go to ridiculous lengths to insist that they are in no way related. It’s always been clear to me that Zionism is one interpretation of Jewish thought, a supremacist interpretation, but not necessarily the definitive interpretation -- just as some have traced Nazism to Christian thought, but don't necessarily declare Nazism the definitive interpretation of Christianity (although plenty on the Left do).

And yet, regularly the same liberals and leftists who are more than happy to conflate Christianity and Nazism are often the most vociferous in their objections to conflating Judaism and Zionism in any way whatsoever.

I always assumed it was either because the objectors were liberal Jews who couldn’t psychologically handle the cognitive dissonance such a conflation between their own beliefs and quasi-fascist Zionism created, or because both Jewish and Gentile lefties didn’t want the case for multi-cultralism being undermined by the fact that it had given entry to Jewish subversives who had exploited the tolerance, pluralism and ecumenicalism granted them by liberalism to propagate a quasi-fascist, self-serving ideology.

I then started looking into the fact that Leftist doctrine itself has roots in authoritarian Jewish thought, and so inherently-authoritarian left-liberalism would be additionally motivated to cover up its common and perhaps unbroken Jewish ancestry with Zionism, particularly since Zionism has lately completely gone of the rails and its fascist characteristics are increasingly difficult for anyone to deny -- which implicates left-liberalism as perhaps having fascist roots, as well.

Recently, though, another explanation occurred to me: It’s also because liberal American Zionists, (for example, most or all of the disproportionately large number of Jewish Zionists representing the Democratic Party, and comprising its hierarchy) are worried about getting caught up in the problem of violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

What this means is that every piece of legislation that Congress passes on behalf of Israel, and every dime that Congress votes to Israel, is a violation of the First Amendment, and is unconstitutional once it is determined that Zionism is a Jewish enterprise and Israel is a Jewish state.

So by demanding no conflation of Judaism and Zionism whatsoever, what certain liberals, leftists, and left-liberals are actually accomplishing is the perpetuation of Zionist fascism by keeping aid flowing to Israel in a "Constitutional" manner.

For the record, I don’t believe that Zionism equals Judaism, either. But I do believe it is one interpretation of Judaism, and should be recognized as such. -- By Chris Moore

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