Friday, October 16, 2009

Question of the day: Has Jewish Communist anti-American subversiveness morphed into Jewish Zionist anti-American subversiveness?

Since the FBI found that up to 60 percent of Communist Party members in circa 1940's America were Jewish, has a large percentage of contemporary American Jewry merely transmuted its anti-Christian and anti-Western civilization subversiveness from Communism to Zionism? Is this another possible reason that the Israel lobby was such a “critical element” (as Walt and Mearsheimer found in their seminal study on the Israel lobby) in what has been revealed as the operation to lie America into the Iraq war -- as yet another means of subverting, undermining, denigrating and tormenting the hated old guard “Christian” and European "goyim" establishment, in the same vein as previous Communist operations to erode the fabric of American and European society?

If so, why are "Christian" Zionists on the Right and liberal interventionists on the Left collaborating with subversive Jewish Zionists not only on existing Mideast wars, but on the objective to stir conflict with Iran? Is it possible that all of these now hate America as well, and that Judeofascist subversiveness is virulent?

With these bi-partisan subversive forces now themselves comprising large sectors of the establishment, and colluding in the erosion, denigration, usury and exploitation of America, who speaks for average Americans? Who will defend the interests of average Americans? Troubling questions. -- By Chris Moore

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