Friday, October 09, 2009

Rabbi Shmuley says "Jewish values" are America's way forward

Let me get this straight. After helping to turn America into a social cesspool through decades of radiating smut, violence and cultural pollution from largely Jewish Hollywood, and after the Israel lobby and multitudes of Jewish Zionist operatives played a “decisive” role in lying America into the Iraq war, which has only accelerated American decline, and after largely Jewish Wall Street bamboozled millions of Americans out of their lifelong savings (along with corrupt Washington bunglers like the powerful Jewish congressman Barney Frank) by engineering a series of economic bubbles that finally ended with the housing meltdown…after all that, the U.S. is supposed to look to “Jewish values” to "heal America"?

"Yes!," says celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of “Kosher Sex” fame, who is Founder and Executive Director of This World: The Jewish Values Network, which is sponsoring a series of symposiums on “Jewish values” and how they can “heal America” featuring the good rabbi himself, a coterie of fellow celebrity Jews, and a handful of Shabbat Goy bootlickers.

But get this -- panel participants include Dennis Prager, who as a columnist for Jewish World Review was one of the Jewish Zionist operatives who helped gin up the Iraq war, (and who, after endless columns of moral preening, apparently dumped his wife of 19 years in 2006); and O.J. Simpson-lawyer Alan “blood and guts” Dershowitz, who famously argued that the American government can and should engage in brutal torture in its "war on terror" effort just so long as it gets a warrant, first. (Now there's some good Talmudic reasoning we can all point to as sublime moral philosophy.)

Also appearing in the "values" panel will be Elie Wiesel, who scholar Norman Finkelstein identified as a key player in the The Holocaust Industry and who has tirelessly (and profitably) propagated the "uniqeness doctrine" which holds that Jewish suffering is more meaningful than Gentile suffering. According to Finkelstein, Wiesel played key roles in minimizing Turkish genocide of the Armenians and Nazi genocide of the Roma in order to elevate the concept that Jews are history's ultimate victims and thus deserve special accord from the world (a concept that has been key to the moral "pass" Israel has been granted by the U.S. to perpetrate war crimes against the Palestinians).

"Slowly but surely, Jewish values are sculpting and molding the mainstream culture," says Rabbi Shmuley. "My aim with the creation of the Jewish Values Network is to greatly accelerate this trend."

Gee, with “Jewish values” like those epitomized by Rabbi Shmuley and his panel leading the way, Americans might finally be ready to scratch their way out of the toilet...and down into the sewer! -- By Chris Moore

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Dan said...

Interestingly, Barney Frank supports Ron Paul's bills to audit the Fed.