Monday, November 09, 2009

GOP minority whip Cantor blatantly puts Israel first in speech to international Jewish assembly; pseudo-patriot Right doesn't bat an eye

(By Chris Moore) -- The only Jewish Republican in Congress claims Israel and world Jewry are in "mortal danger" and "dire straights," and that "Israel's security is synonymous with our own." He also wants someone to do something about Ahmadinejad, but is vague on whether that should be Israel or the U.S.; given the context of his speech, though, it appears he believes American Jewry should pressure Washington to pull the trigger on Iran. From JTA:
"Many men are pointing guns at Israel, indeed at Jews, everywhere," said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor in Washington at the opening session of the Jewish Federations of North America's annual General Assembly. But, he said, "too many Jews have become desensitized" and believe "it can't happen to us"

"When we dally and threat and wring our hands but fail to do anything to really stop" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "where are we then?"
When a Jewish Zionist American engages in rhetoric like this in front of an international Jewish body, can Gentile-Americans be forgiven for asking whether Cantor's primary loyalties are to the interests and agenda of Zionist world Jewry ahead of the interests and agenda of America and the lives of its troops?

Imagine if a Muslim-American member of Congress who was an Islamist advocate of Muslim supremacism (as staunch Zionists are advocates of Israel-centered Jewish supremacism) declared that hostile forces were menacing Islam, putting it in mortal danger and dire straights, and that Islam's security was synonymous with America's own because there are significant numbers of Muslims living in America. Imagine he advocated sending U.S. troops to the Mideast to defend an Islamic caliphate. What would be the response on the Right? Indeed, what would be the response among the left-liberal intelligentsia?

On the Right, the airwaves and Internet would immediately light up with outraged hysteria, that person would be derided as a traitor, dragged through the mud as treasonous, and there would probably be demands to arrest him as a terrorist. The left-liberals wouldn't be quite so vociferous in their attacks, but most certainly would turn the screws until he was ground into disrepute.

Now contrast this with the complete absence of patriotic American reaction to Jewish Zionist Cantor's speech: Ho as usual...the man's a loyal Jewish nationalist...good for him...

Cantor said in his speech, "When we allow ourselves to be lulled into silence when political correctness beckons, it may be too late."

Oh, how very true. Americans have been lulled into silence and a failure to speak out against the agenda of Jewish nationalism and Jewish supremacism in the U.S. due, indeed, to the imperatives of political correctness. And the damage has been astronomical: attacked on 9/11 partly because of Washington's blank check support for Israel; manipulated and lied into wars in the Middle East in large part by and on behalf of Jewish nationalism and Israeli expansionism and security; the interests and heritage of average Americans domestically subordinated to those of the Jewish supremacist network and its collaborators;...the list is nearly endless.

So really, hasn't the time arrived to start treating Jewish nationalism in America as the hostile, alien force inimical to American interests, tradition, beliefs, principles and values that we consider "Islamofascism" to be? And if we have decided that Jewish-American nationalism isn't the threat it's cracked up to be, why haven't we granted Muslims the same benefit of the doubt? Is it because Jewish Zionists like Cantor and their war-profiteering comrades have been using their network to whip up hysteria against Islam since the end of the Cold War? Or is it because Jewish Zionist Americans are far more banal, wealthy, powerful and influential than their Islamist-American counterparts?

Either way, the "pass" granted to Jewish supremacism in the U.S. is anti-American artifice based on elitist sleight of hand and manufactured false consciousness, and thus, short of totalitarian imposition, simply cannot last much longer.

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Chu said...

If he is the ringleader of the circus tent, they are in serious sh*t. This guy is a huge wimp!

This guy is all in the kool-aid and don't know the flavor. He is not sure if it's 1942 or 1982, but I think he wishes it was Reaganomics once again. This is a 160 lb. lightweight who will cry victim for a nickel. But, I'm sure he could drum up enough support with his tears, contact the ADL and bring a lawsuit to anyone who challenges their house of cards.

That is the way it goes with wimps.
They can't fight their own battles, so they use someone else, or an idea (like democracy) to defend them. Take away this ringleader's microphone and he loses his leverage to control the message.