Wednesday, November 18, 2009

QOTD: How many Diaspora Jews are raised into liberalism because ethnocentric-racketeering Jewry needs a powerful State to protect its ethnic racket?

Question of the Day
(By Chris Moore) -- Many Diaspora liberal Jews are taught to believe that the reason they should support and attempt to influence or take leadership positions in a powerful central government is for “social justice” purposes, with a subtext that unless Jews have secular power and a powerful government in their corner, they will be persecuted by the Gentile masses. Yet a powerful, co-ethnic run or influenced central government is also probably the best means to protect any ethnic racket, prevent it from being antagonized by government authorities, and actually put those authorities to work on its behalf. And it has become increasingly evident in America, for example, that the ethnic Jewish Zionist racket couldn’t care less about social or economic justice, and is merely using its power to pursue its own economic and political interests and those of Zionist Israel, and using its influence upon the powerful U.S. central government for similar purposes as well.

Hence, how many liberal Diaspora Jews who thought they were supporting powerful central governments and their intolerant, Statist policies (e.g. intolerant of States rights, and of Christian culture and religion) for all these years out of the social justice imperative, were actually being manipulated by the larger ethnocentric Jewish Zionist community to influence the federal government in order that it could be put to work and behalf of Jewish ethnic racketeering interests (e.g. Zionism)?

Similarly, how many Gentile left-liberals who have been taught and influenced by leftist Jews never realized that much of the value system into which they were indoctrinated was engineered to do the bidding of Diaspora ethnic-racketeering Jews, and that they were being used?

Similar to gullible Christian Zionists who have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and played for fools by Jewish Zionists to put Israel first, for these Gentile and Jewish left-liberal Statist “true believers,” wouldn’t such a revelation cause such painful cognitive dissonance as to be nearly incomprehensible?

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