Saturday, November 07, 2009

Question of the day: Are Jewry's claims of being motivated by the pursuit of social justice merely an elaborate, power-grabbing ploy?

(By Chris Moore) -- Jewish leftists, socialists and liberals in the Diaspora have nearly invariably described themselves as on a mission for social justice, progress and equality. Yet whenever Jews have gained governmental authority in large numbers, they have leveraged that power in the service of authoritarian, police state abuses of the majority -- from the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia who used the soviet to direct the murder millions of dissidents, Christians and peasants, to the Jewish Zionists (many of them former Communists from Russia and Eastern Europe) who invaded the Levant and have been killing and terrorizing the natives there for decades since, to the ex-Marxist Jewish Neocons, and the Israel lobby, who have leveraged their influence in the U.S. to help engineer the invasion and subjugation of large swaths of the Mideast on behalf of Zionism and its war-profiteering tangents and partners.

Since Jewry have almost invariably abused their governmental authority and influence to the detriment of the Gentile majority, is it fair to conclude that most Jews who profess to be pursuing power on behalf of some higher egalitarian principle are merely utilizing sophisticated left-wing rhetorical techniques in order to manipulate and insinuate their way into influence with the ultimate goal of co-opting the "secular" State and using it as a bludgeon against those standing in the way of Jewry's ambitions?

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