Monday, December 21, 2009

In the wake of Israeli organ-theft confirmation, a question: What else have the Judeofascists been lying about, and for how long?

(By Chris Moore) -- In the wake of the confirmation of the veracity of previous reports alleging illegal Israeli government organ harvesting by Israeli sources themselves, we now know that all the Jewish Zionists and their collaborators and allies who reacted with such outraged accusations as “blood libel” to claims that the Zionist regime was stealing organs from Palestinians were either lying through their teeth in order to mask the truth, or didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

This whole episode and others like it also begin to raise questions about the historical narrative we in the West have been spoon fed by Judeofascist “scholars” and activists (and those who have partnered with them on both the Left and Right) for so long, too -- particularly about the alleged horrible “persecution” of Jewry by Christians and others throughout the course of Western civilization.

Were, for example, the periodical pogroms carried out from medieval times forward in Russia and Europe by those who came into regular contact with organized Jewry really out of the clear blue, completely unprovoked and totally unjustified? Or is this historical narrative of persecution just fabricated revisionist history, constructed by Judeofascists to mask and justify their contemporary murderous Zionist chicanery and political agenda as “defensive” and necessary to prevent another Holocaust of the Jewish people, and to extract money and material support from the West? And if the Judeofascists were lying about this narrative, just as they have once again been caught lying today, what were the fascist elements of organized Jewry really up to that might have provoked such ferocious attacks by Christians over those many years? And has the ferocity of those attacks also been exaggerated?

And what of the Holocaust itself? Judeofascists maintain it came out of the traditional European and Russian persecution of Jews, and was essentially another unprovoked pogrom in a long line, albeit more massive than any previous. Of course, thanks to the work of scholars like Yuri Slezkine and Kevin Macdonald, we now know that Jewish Bolshevism (along with Stalinism) used the totalitarian Soviet State to systematically murdered millions of Christians, peasants, dissidents and others for years on end prior to the Holocaust, which established the horrendous precedents of State-engineered mass murder followed by Hitler, Nazis and the fascists. Why, the Nazis even seemed to react with counter-emulation to the modus-operandi of the Judeofascists in other areas as well, including the formulation of mythological history, claims of historical Choseness (Nazis called it Aryanism), and a fanatical emphasis on group victimhood and historical grievance.

So is the widely retailed Holocaust narrative yet another example of an incomplete historical snapshot that informs neither the context nor the back story, just as the widely retailed (in the West) Zionist narrative of Israeli "victimization" at the hands of Arabs and Muslims is a snapshot that never fully informs the reality of the latter's plight at the hands of the Judeofascists? It would certainly seem so.

All of this begs another question: If a dirty bomb went off in the center of Tel Aviv tomorrow, would future Judeofascists revise history to maintain that Jewish Zionist Israelis were innocent as doves in the years leading up to the event, never harmed a hair on any Arab’s head, and were tormented and attacked by Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians simply for being Jews (just as they were allegedly singled out by Christians in the West), which culminated in the dirty bomb? Undoubtedly.

But of course, as the Zionist organ-theft back story confirms, we now know Judeofascists and their political allies on both the Left and Right lie through their teeth as routine about nearly everything. The only question that remains is: What else have they been lying about, and for how long?

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