Thursday, December 17, 2009

Israeli-American wants secret Zionist operatives to infiltrate Sweden, target prime minister

We need to fight
(Y Net) -- By Michael Fenenbock

...European Union (EU) foreign ministers have, with some modifications, rubber stamped a Swedish proposal to recognize east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. The Swedish EU initiative provides the framework for international recognition of a soon to be unilaterally declared Palestinian State.

“EU Calls For Jerusalem To Be Shared Capital,” is the Boston Globe headline. Hasbara has not dissuaded Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt. Or discouraged his friends even a little.

The raw political truth behind the Swedish EU Jerusalem initiative is that Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt’s government gets away with it because there is no political price to pay in Sweden...

Politics is a copycat business. If Reinfeldt’s “hammer the Jews” gambit succeeds every politician in Europe will copy the formula. If we do not fight back, if we do not cause Reinfeldt and Bildt to suffer political consequences in Sweden, it will have a bandwagon effect all across European politics.

All Europe is watching and learning. The stakes are nothing less than Jerusalem.

We can choose to fight. We can decide to push back. We have the means, the experience and skill to cause these guys political pain in Sweden. The question is do we have the will?

Do we have the guts to take them on, to make Reinfeldt, his political party and his pompous, anti-Israel Foreign Minister Carl Bildt pay a political price? That’s the question and the September 19 elections in Sweden are the test case.

Hasbara is not fighting. Explaining is not fighting. Fighting is causing the other guy pain.

With all due respect for my friends who have passionately made the Hasbara argument to Europe over the years, I cast my vote for fighting.

September 19, 2010, that’s the target. Send the best political campaign professionals in the world into Sweden’s national elections. Make Reinfeldt and Bildt pay a price. That’s where I’d make my stand.

An independent campaign, run by Swedes, centered on the consequences for Sweden resulting from the Reinfeldt government’s EU Jerusalem initiative, with pro-bono assistance provided by the very best political campaign professionals in the world is a rational and potentially very effective fight back strategy.

Sweden is a test case. If we make Reinfeldt and Bildt pay a political price in Sweden, the message it sends will resonate all over Europe.

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Michael Fenenbock is a long-time American political consultant. He and his wife Daphne Weisbart are the founders of The18. They live in New York, but spend a great deal of time in Jerusalem

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