Thursday, December 17, 2009

Judeofascist warmongering and aggression reignites traditional European imagery of sinister Jews, with a contemporary twist

The above video comes from what appears to be a white nationalist You Tube channel entitled DestroyZog3. I vacillated on whether I should post it, given the apparently racialist source, and then I realized something: I post from racialist nationalist sources all the time when I use Zionist sources, albeit usually to prove a point about Judeofascism.

Just as the murderous Bolsheviks gave rise to the murderous Nazis, the totalitarian Zionists are themselves giving rise to other racial-nationalist (as well as violently messianic religious) movements in an inevitable dialectical process. This is how and why those of both Left and Right who have tolerated and even cultivated the rise of Zionism in America for their own cynical power-grabbing purposes have become enablers and facilitators of a process that inevitably ends in war.

Of course, the march to war can be diverted through the dismantling and reduction of the corrupted institutions that put us on the road to conflict, (starting with the Leviathan federal government), and returning the power to average Americans (who know far better what’s in their own best interests than the “elites”) as the Founders always envisaged. But such a process requires faith, vision, and a desire to forsake the authoritarian, social engineering impulse, and end our own greed-driven quasi-fascism. And unfortunately, those are qualities and desired outcomes sorely lacking in post-Christian, Zionised America. -- Chris Moore

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