Saturday, December 19, 2009

Outrage as Canadian government sides with Israeli Jews over domestic Christian coalition with backhanded declaration of church group anti-Semitism

Fury grows over anti-Semitism charge
Churches want answers from PM after senior Tory levels accusation against aid group they support

( -- OTTAWA–The United Church of Canada and other Canadian churches are demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper explain why one of his cabinet ministers accused them of being anti-Semitic.

The United, Catholic and Anglican churches are part of KAIROS, an aid group that was shocked to hear Immigration Minister Jason Kenney say its funding was lifted as part of the Conservatives' effort to cut off anti-Semitic organizations.

"It's a horrible charge to make, and to do it with so little thought cheapens the reality of anti-Semitism in the world and diminishes the very careful attention that it deserves," said United Church spokesperson Bruce Gregersen. "We're quite disappointed in the government on this.

"The policies of KAIROS have all been approved by the collective board of KAIROS, so in a sense what Mr. Kenney is doing is accusing Canadian churches of being anti-Semitic and I think that's really unfortunate," Gregersen said in an interview.

Sam Carrière, director of communications for the Anglican Church of Canada, said the church supports a statement released Friday by KAIROS, which condemned Kenney's remarks as false and warned the Harper government against letting politics dominate Ottawa's foreign aid priorities.

Besides the United and Anglican churches, Toronto-based KAIROS's members include the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Mennonite Central Committee – Canada.

Working with 21 partner organizations around the world, KAIROS sponsors projects promoting social and economic justice in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Canada's development community appeared stunned after Kenney, in a speech in Jerusalem, cited Ottawa's decision to end 35 years of funding for KAIROS as an example of the Conservatives' push to cut funding for anti-Semitic groups...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

How truly outrageous that Kenney, in his capacity as a government official, would travel to Jerusalem and declare fealty to the Zionists there over his own countrymen, whom he denounces as anti-Semitic enemies.

But this is how international Zionism and its collaborators operate: Buy off, infiltrate and intimidate sovereign governments, commit those governments to doing Israeli and international Zionism's bidding, and when domestic individuals or groups object, declare them anti-Semitic hate criminals beyond the pale, and use the girth of Big Government to bully, marginalize and squeeze them until they learn their lesson to either keep their mouths shut, or join in with the Judeofascist coalition. This was the technique used in Washington to instigate the Iraq war on behalf of Israel, and this was the technique used in the Soviet Union by the Jewish Bolsheviks following the Communist coup against the domestic Christian population.

Unless confronted and defeated, the inevitable outcome of this state of affairs is that the government eventually digs itself so deep that the People become the enemy of the government, which is then forced to resort to oppression, gulags and mass murder of its citizenry in order to save its own skin.

The best way to arrest this process is to outlaw foreign lobbies and even domestic elements lobbying by those seeking to co-opt sovereign governments for their own corporatist or globalizationist agenda, including international finance, international socialism, and international Zionism.

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