Monday, December 14, 2009

Supposed Jewish-American "opposition" to Iraq war belied by its staunch support for war's institutional instigators

(By Chris Moore) -- Often whenever it is posited that the disastrous (for America) Iraq war was largely instigated by Israel and its agents and lobbies, and fought largely at the behest of Zionism and Jewish interests, those same Jewish interests and/or their political collaborators (usually on the political Left) will cite polls showing a majority American Jews opposed the Iraq war. This, they say, is proof that American Jewry is innocent of the warmongering charge. At worst, they maintain, "Zionists," and not all of them Jews, might have been disproportionately interested in utilizing American troops on behalf of taking out one of Israel's most trenchant enemies in Saddam Hussein and his regime. But that, they insist, says nothing about organized American Jewry.

There is a problem with this. First, judging from a recent American Jewish Committee poll finding that 94% of U.S. Jews think the Palestinians should be required to acknowledge Israel as an explicitly Jewish state, it is clear that a vast majority of American Jews are Zionists -- to the point that it is not unfair to conclude that American organized Jewry, in its collective, is a technically Zionist entity. This leads to the sub-component of the problem. Since Israel and the Israel lobby were powerful forces instigating the Iraq war, and since American organized Jewry is Zionist (ie Jewish nationalist, or part of organized international support for Jewish nationalism) it makes no difference whatsoever that majorities of American Jews professed opposition to the Iraq war. The fact of the matter is, most Jews were and are staunch supporters of the biggest institutions (excluding the manipulated U.S. government itself) responsible for engineering the war in international Zionism, (comprised of the various Israel lobbies and organized Jewish Zionist groups and cells in American and worldwide) and the Israeli government itself.

Claiming that majorities of American Jews didn't support the Iraq war and organized Jewry is therefore guiltless of the war's instigation is akin to saying that, for example, majorities of Communist Party members in 1920's America were temperamentally opposed to Stalin and Trotsky's mass murder of Christians, dissidents and peasants in the Soviet Union, and therefore were guiltless as a party to Communist atrocities. But they weren't guiltless, because they provided political, material and ideological support for the Communism/Leftism that contributed to an atmosphere that made it possible for the Soviet Communists to carry out their genocides, exterminations, and political mass murders without accountability or fear of punishment.

Similarly, organized Jewry's staunch support of Israel and international Zionist institutions contributed to an atmosphere that made it possible for the Israel lobby, international Zionism and the Jewish nation and its agents to instigate the Iraq war without fear of accountability or punishment; hence organized Jewry is not guiltless, either. In fact, it's possible that Diaspora organized Jewry may even employ Zionism to psychologically launder its repressed aggression as a result of feelings of detachment from Gentile societies, while simultaneously maintaining a self-righteous pose of opposition to violence (similar to the self-righteous "social-justice" rhetoric of angry, violently totalitarian Lefties). Hence individual Jews can disingenuously maintain: "I opposed the Iraq war; so did most American Jews," while simultaneously providing nearly unconditional support to some of the Iraq wars biggest (and most subversive) institutional instigators in international Zionism and Jewish nationalism; and doing this knowing, deep down, that they were powerful forces behind the war -- just as most Leftists always knew that Stalinists and Trotskyites were committing mass murder in the Soviet Union.

None of this, of course, diminishes the responsibility of the Bushcons and the corrupted GOP establishment, upon whose watch, and with whose complicity and participation, the Iraq war treachery took place. But rather, it increases the scope of those accountable for the deception to include a major component of the left-liberal coalition.

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