Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Venal and cowardly collaborators with Judeofascist colonization of America stay shamefully silent on its crimes in the Levant, too

Oh just imagine if the Palestinian resistance movement were happening in Iran!
(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Imagine if the Palestinian resistance movement were taking place in Iran!

Dashing Mohammad Othman now rotting in detention would be a global cause. The middle-of-the-night arrest of Abdallah Abu Rahmah would be on the Nightly News. The New York Times would tell the stories of international freedom riders, the Gaza Freedom March, and the role of Twitter in the resistance.

The video of Abu Rahme’s murder during a peaceful protest of the unending landgrab would be viral. The all-night protests of the East Jerusalem evictions that are being carried out a racial basis– ethnic cleansing!– would fire the conscience of kings and counselors. Columnists would go on TV and decry the crushing of a popular resistance movement. College students would sing out the words, Sheikh Jarrah! and talk about 8000 political prisoners and a Foreign Minister whose foreign policy is directed at the Arabs inside his own country…

The Council on Foreign Relations would talk about the regime’s possession of nukes, and how that affects the outcome of the popular movement.

Politico would righteously expose the tax-deductible U.S. sponsors of the landgrab and ask, Where is the Israeli FW de Klerk???

Wake up now: it’s not happening in Iran. It’s happening in Israel and Palestine, the sovereign territory of the Israel lobby. So our politicians are silent, our media are ball-gagged and duct-taped, Jewish leadership talks about the Holocaust and the existential threat to the Jewish people, the most important political website is a bed of Israel supporters (from Josh Gerstein to Josh Kraushaar), and the left has its tail coiled tightly between its legs...MORE...LINK

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