Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The war isn't for Israel, huh? Ron Paul says America occupying Mideast, Ben Stein declares it “anti-Semitic argument”

Ben Stein Accuses Ron Paul of Anti-Semitism on Larry King

Chris Moore comments:

Did Ron Paul even mention Jews or Israel in the context of stating that America is occupying the Mideast? No, he didn’t. But Ben Stein essentially acknowledges the wars America is fighting there are on behalf of Israeli interests by jumping to the anti-Semite card, because the only way objecting to American occupation of the area becomes anti-Semitic, by any stretch, is if the U.S. military has been sent there as a bodyguard and enforcer for the Jewish state.

Also, notice how Stein, in his freakish mutterings, conflates anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism (so called), as if they are one in the same. What he and other Israel-firster Jewish Zionists and their collaborators and appeasers are trying to do is create a political environment where Americans who are unwilling to put Israel first and send their children off to fight and die on behalf of Israeli expansionism are regarded as seditious enemies of the state. How twisted: those who refuse to put the interests of a foreign, alien entity above the interests of America are to be regarded with fear and loathing, whereas Israel-firsters are to be regarded as American patriots.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Zionists of all stripes are dangerous subversives and warmongers who need to be flogged from the American temple before they sink the fangs of their insane, upside down Bolshevik morality any deeper into the American body politic. They don’t belong anywhere near the seats of American power, let alone setting its foreign and domestic policy to suit their own usurping agenda.

America’s next war should be to extract itself from the suffocating grip of the Zionist alien entity and its traitorous feeders before they destroy us all, the same way they destroyed Russia, and much of the Levant.

Wherever they go, they're trouble. And the best way to defang them is to strip their U.S. power base, shake off their demonically possessed spiritual acolytes in Washington and around the country, and return America to melting pot Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Any nation,ethnic group,tribe,religious or political party which is unable to conduct a rational discourse based on empirical evidence, obviously remains hostage to its' own self-imposed, self-inflicted blindness. Such blindness invariably is rooted in the zealots' psychopathological addiction to toxic ideologies, based on the fantasy and delusion that one's own narcissistic wants and needs supersede everything and everyone. Paradoxically, such addiction feeds the very animosity of "the other",which the "victim" then points to in order to rationalize the blind denial which enables unending denial of the obvious truth. The bottom line: "victims" have a vested interest in endless conflict with "the other".Why? Endless conflict precludes the possibility of a resolution based on mutual agreement, while enabling the "victim" endless opportunities for selfish, tribal agendas.