Sunday, December 06, 2009

Were communism and socialism originally implemented as a Trojan Horse for Jewish exceptionalism and international Zionism?

(By Chris Moore) -- After together murdering millions of Christians, dissidents, Cossacks and peasants in the early years of the Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin finally reached a cross-roads in a doctrinal dispute and power struggle. Later, Trotkyists and Stalinists the world over also famously broke with one another over the question of how socialism should be implemented -- in one country first, which became the Stalinist model, or internationally (in multiple countries simultaneously), which was the Trotskyite model. Most Jewish communists adopted Trotskyism.

One explanation for this is simply Jewish ethnocentrism, since Trotsky himself was Jewish. But taking into consideration that: 1) Moses Hess, the originator of the phrase "Religion is the opiate of the masses," tutored both Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (whose Communist Manifesto was and is the intellectual basis of communism and socialism), but Hess was himself a Jewish Zionist; 2) many Russian Jewish communists started out in the Jewish Bund, and Jews later became disproportionately prevalent in the Soviet hierarchy likely by means of ethnic-networking; 3) many Soviet Jewish Communists later abandoned Stalin and his nationalist communism for socialist-Zionist Israel, or for America; 4) the FBI found that up to 60 percent of Communist Party members in circa 1940's America were Jewish; 5) many Trotskyite Jewish-American Communists later became staunch Zionist neoconservatives and neoliberals...Taking all of that into consideration, is it possible and even likely that most Jewish "communists" and "socialists" never really believed in the universal brotherhood and social justice platform and platitudes of communism at all, and simply viewed it as a promising vessel for international Zionism and Jewish-nationalist exceptionalism? And beyond that, is it possible that there is no scientific or "objective" basis to communism whatsoever since both "communism" and "socialism" were largely contrived and internationally promoted and proselytized by Jewish exceptionalists merely as a Trojan Horse for Jewish nationalism and international Zionism all along?

This begs another question: Have today's Jewish-American Zionists, as epitomized by the Israel lobby and both its in-the-open and closeted adherents, merely switched their former "communist" and "socialist" crypto-Zionist packaging for more openly Zionist (but still subversively hostile to Gentile political and social interests) neoliberal and neoconservative packaging?; and would the combined entirety of Jewish Zionism's economic, political, social and cultural influence in the U.S. explain America's ongoing Middle East wars to the detriment of its own geoolitical interests, and to the benefit of Israeli hegemony in the Levant and beyond?

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