Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Zionists gearing up for another war against Christianity under pretext of combating anti-Semitism?

ADL - The World Is Awash With Anti-Semitism
( -- By Rev. Ted Pike --

In a recent video alert on the Anti-Defamation League website, ADL national director Abraham H. Foxman says anti-Semitism is growing explosively worldwide, especially during the last year. It is also "invading the mainstream," says ADL.

We are going to hear a lot about anti-Semitism in the months ahead-not only from ADL but from ADL's Dept. of Anti-Semitism in the US State Department. President Obama recently appointed the State Department's US Envoy on Anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal. She is charged with helping subdue what Foxman describes as perhaps the worst global anti-Semitism outbreak he has witnessed in his 22-year tenure as head of ADL.

Exactly what is anti-Semitism?

In its latest report to Congress, the Office of Global Anti-Semitism says "classic anti-Semitism" is the New Testament assertion that Jews masterminded the crucifixion of Christ 2,000 years ago. (See "" U.S. Government, Talmud Mock New Testament) ADL says it is harsh criticism of Israel and any visual or verbal comparison of Nazis to Israel, its leaders, or military. Webster's New 20th Century Dictionary-owned by Jewish publishing house Simon and Schuster-defines anti-Semitism to include "fearing Jews or Jewish things." Israel is quintessentially a Jewish thing. Thus, fearing Israel, its leaders, or its military is, according to this authority, anti-Semitic.

Are Christians a part of what ADL, and our government, portrays as a terrifying scourge that governments worldwide should suppress?...

True, historic anti-Semitism is the racist belief that all Jews, because of heredity, are subversive, degenerate and corruptive. Hitler believed that and taught it to a generation of Germans. But it is not anti-Semitic to protest what you believe is grievous injustice on the part of Israel's leadership. All the Hebrew prophets, including John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, did that. In fact, it was always the false prophet majority who spoke blessings on ungodly Jewish leadership ­ as do most evangelicals over the past century.

If you listen to any critics of Israel today in the western or even Moslem world, you will find them complain of what they allege constitutes monstrous human rights abuses by Israel toward the Palestinians. They say the Palestinians have been driven to fanaticism and terror by Israeli oppression. Whether you agree, such criticism can't be properly termed "anti-Semitism." Yet billions of such dissidents are now labeled by ADL and our US State Dept. as anti-Semitic.

In addition, ADL's Dept. of Global Anti-Semitism concludes in its latest report to Congress that hundreds of millions of evangelical, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other Christians are "classic anti-Semites" for believing the New Testament account of Jewish complicity in the crucifixion. Tens of millions of evangelicals still support Israel unconditionally and inherit a 20th century pro-Zionist tradition to which Israel owes the bulk of its nationhood and success. But they are now, incredibly, viewed by our State Department and Israel's public relations arm, ADL, as anti-Semitic. They are already regarded by Canada as potential "anti-Semitic hate criminals." (They are "potential" as long they keep quiet concerning agreement with the New Testament. If Christians speak boldly from the pulpit, press, or radio, they become actual anti-Semitic hate criminals. Penalty: $5,000 fine and prison if the offense is repeated.)

Additionally, billions of people worldwide are "anti-Semites" when they make "strong" or "harsh" criticism of any action of Israel, its leaders or military-past or present-or makes any Nazi comparisons.

Who remains free from possible suspicion of anti-Semitism? Only people with no opinion at all, or those too cowardly to open their mouths. At the rate ADL is going, an "anti-Semitic hate criminal" will be anyone who does not slavishly support whatever Jewish leaders or the state of Israel do-even if it is outrageously evil...MORE...LINK

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