Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alleged Jewish Zionist spy purged from FBI claims religious discrimination in complaint against firing for suspected espionage

Jewish FBI agent alleges firing due to religion
(By JTA via Jerusalem Post) --

An FBI agent said he was fired because he is Jewish, saying he was unfairly under suspicion over lawful contacts with Israel and AIPAC officials.

The agent, suing in federal court as John Doe, said he was wrongfully under suspicion for what amounted to lawful contacts with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee after he was tied to the 2004 case in which two AIPAC employees and a Pentagon analyst were indicted on charges of espionage, the Courthouse News Service reported Wednesday.

The Pentagon analyst, Lawrence Franklin, pleaded guilty to passing confidential information regarding US foreign policy on Iran. The case against the AIPAC employees was dismissed.

In his complaint, the agent claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Justice Department "have allowed their personal, unfounded, and ill-informed biases regarding the country of Israel and the loyalty of Jewish Americans to improperly and illegally color their personnel decisions."...

He said the FBI revoked his security clearance and placed him on administrative leave without pay in 2005 after being told he was being investigated for espionage...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This is why it's important define Zionism as a complete and alien political ideology as opposed to a religious stand. Otherwise, Jewish and even Christian Zionists (or plain old secular Zionists enamored of Zionist Jewry and Israel) within the U.S. government can hide behind accusations of "religious discrimination" when they are caught spying for Israel or imperiling American interests to advance the interests of their Zionist ideology.

Think of it this way: historically, if Communism or Nazism defined themselves as religious ideologies, and networks of their spies within the U.S. government caught committing acts of espionage and treason on their behalf were allowed to successfully claim "religious discrimination" as a defense, today we would likely be living under one of those tyrannical ideologies.

Components of organized Jewry who conflate religion and ideology should in no way be rewarded or excused for doings so; after all, isn't separation of religion and state one of the central tenets of the U.S. Constitution, and a mainstay of American doctrine? Its adherents' determination to conflate religion and ideology is what makes Zionism in general and Jewish Zionism in particular such a dangerous and alien menace to American values and interests.

Next thing you know, Islamists who have managed to work their way into high-level government positions will be making similar claims of religious protection.

So in addition to separation clauses, all these Jewish Zionist demands for exceptions, special treatment, and "passes" are totally undermining the equal protections clauses of the Constitution, as well.

Zionism is simply irreconcilable with the American way as defined by our governing documents and national doctrine.

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