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Are self-absorbed, self-righteous Western Jewish Zionist "lites" just another layer of the vicious enterprise?

Lites on fire
(xymphora) --

There's a squabble going on with the British lites, who don't like to be made fun of as they are, you know, oh-so-morally-perfect cuz they are oh-so-Jewish. Gilad Atzmon, the most insightful (and inciting) writer on the subject of Jews and the Holocaust (the only one that counts, the Jewish one against the Palestinians) has raised their ire.

Lites are Jews who love to talk about themselves and the moral superiority of Jews. The situation in the Middle East is custom made for them. They can waste enormous amounts of time quibbling whether Jew 1 is up to the Jewish moral standards of Jew 2, and so on, ad absurdum ad infinitum, all based on various writings in the Jewblogs ( blogs read only by Jews) on the subject of what is going on in the Middle East. This would be merely a complete waste of time were it not for the fact that the quibbling is used as a method of ensuring that the Zionist Project of building Anti-Assimilation Land across the Middle East can continue without interference from the annoying and morally inferior goyim. The underlying assumption is that whatever is going on in the Middle East can't possibly have anything to do with real Jews, as superior Jewish morality would prevent a holocaust from occurring. The problems must be caused either by the goyim (the evil USA following Chomsky, or the never-miss-an-opportunity-to-miss-an-opportunity Arabs), or by Jews who aren't enlightened enough to be able to follow true superior Jewish morality, a problem that can be fixed if the stupid goyim would only let the Jews get their house in order without outside interference (according to the lites, the mistakes made by these confused Jews is, needless to say, caused by stresses directly occasioned by what the goyim did to the Jews over the course of history, particularly in the 1930s and 1940s).

Thus, the two practical problems with the lites:

1. the assumption that only the Jews are up to fixing the problems of the Middle East, and everybody else had better keep their hands off until the Jews have used their superior morality to deal with it (and anyone who interferes is an 'anti-Semite'); and
2. the idea that the problems are caused by outsiders, wither goyim or unenlightened Jews, and not by the general Jewish population, whether in Israel or outside Israel.

In summary, the Jews have nothing to do with the problem, and, paradoxically, are the only ones who can fix it...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

xymphora: "the mistakes made by these confused Jews is, needless to say, caused by stresses directly occasioned by what the goyim did to the Jews over the course of history"

This mentality, that some minority group's failures and weaknesses are all the fault of the big, bad majority, is a very left-wing mindset. This isn't to say reasonable arguments cannot be made pointing up intolerance and persecution, and petitioning for change. However, when this "it's all the other guys fault; little old us have zero responsibility for our own plight" mentality becomes institutionalized, Zionism (and before that, Marxism) are the result.

What you are describing in the Jewish Zionist lite, self-absorbed, woe-is-us, it's-all-your-fault mentality is a left-wing persecution complex that has been transmuted to other groups by the arrested-development Marxist Jews who coined it, following the lead of the bleating, ethnic racketeering Russian and Eastern European Jewish hysterics who preceded them.

Hitler and the Nazis eventually even picked up on the victim narrative, and incorporated it into their own narrative, which goes to show how poisonous and virulent the entire mindset can be.

xymphora: "The Middle East problem is entirely caused by Jews"

I dispute this. Please see my comment over on Palestine Think Tank pointing up Islam’s own complicity.

There is an authoritarian strain of Islam that plays right into the hands of the corrupt Arab authoritarian regimes. Clearly, the Arab street is with the Palestinians, and disapproves of their own corrupt leaders' complicity in the Palestinians' horrendous plight. On the other hand, the authoritarian strain of Islam is conducive to the brutal crackdowns and police states necessary to force the Arab street to accept the fact that its rulers are in bed with the Zionists. Ironically, a strain of Islam is itself, then, a party to the demise of the Palestinian people, and to its own demise.

On top of that is the Sunni/Shia divide, and the Arab authoritarians' fear of growing Shia influence, and bigotry on certain parts of the Arab street against the Shia.

All of this plays into the hands of the Zionists, who in many ways are brutalizing the Palestinians only to a further degree than the corrupt Arab regimes are brutalizing their own people — brutality that is acceptable to a certain strain of Islam.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to run their own religion, but it seems to me Islam would be better off rejecting brutality all the way around, which would de-legitimize both Zionist brutality and Arab authoritarian police state brutality.

I think the Egyptian crack down on those Gaza freedom marcher Westerners trying to help the Palestinians is going to open a lot of people’s eyes about Arab authoritarian and Islamic culpability.

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