Tuesday, January 12, 2010

International Corporatist-fascist Fox News uses globalizationist-Left comrades to play anti-Semitism card against Tea Party/America-first movement

FNC’s Kennedy Claims ‘Anti-Semitism’ in ‘Tea Bag’ Movement, Pinkerton Notes LaRouche Leftists Used Obama/Hitler Image
(News Busters) -- By Brad Wilmouth --

On Saturday's Fox News Watch, panel member and FNC correspondent Douglas Kennedy referred to Tea Party members as the "Tea Bag movement," prompting admonishment from host Jon Scott who pointed out that he was using the "pejorative" term. In the next segment, Kennedy went on to accuse Tea Party members of anti-Semitism and linked Obama/Hitler posters to Tea Party members, leading panel member Jim Pinkerton to remind viewers that an Obama/Hitler poster sometimes attributed in the media to conservative Tea Party members had actually been brought to a protest by left-wing supporters of Lyndon LaRouche – who ran for President in the past as a Democrat:

DOUGLAS KENNEDY: You know, just tell them to leave the swastikas home and the pictures of Hitler, and the, you know, they might gain a little more popularity.

JIM PINKERTON: The pictures of Hitler brought in by Lyndon LaRouche people, you know, who are actually, Lyndon LaRouche ran as a Democrat seven times.

KENNEDY: Yeah, but there's anti-Semitism and-

Panel member Judy Miller then jumped in and predicted that the Tea Party movement would help liberals by splitting the Republican party, prompting Kennedy to divulge some over-the-top wishful thinking:

JUDY MILLER: I'm actually surprised that you see this kind of attack on this movement now only because the liberals and the left have loved this movement-

KENNEDY: This is going to help the liberals and the left more than anything-

MILLER: Exactly.

KENNEDY: -split the Republican party and elect every Democrat they run a seat in...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Judy Miller is an Israel-first Jewish Zionist who, as a reporter for the New York Times, helped to frame Iraq for possessing non-existent WMD in the run up to the Iraq war in partnership with the Bush administration. She was crucial in the Left-Right, globalizationist movement program to lie America into the Iraq war on behalf of Israel and Zionist-occupied American Mideast hegemony. It's not surprising, then, that the quasi-fascist, pseudo-patriotic Fox News would hire her and one of the left-wing Kennedy limousine liberals to derail any genuine America-first patriot movement in favor of international globalizationist/Corporatist fascism. For years, it's used similar types -- Israel-firster Neocon Charles Krauthammer, for example, -- to spin the Zionist/Corporatist/Fascist agenda as in the American interest, when in fact it is an authoritarian, profoundly anti-American, atheist-materialist enterprise (not unlike Marxism, in that sense.)

BTW, if Kennedy is so opposed to fascism, why does he cash paychecks from Fox News?

These elitist, money-worshipping and power-mad, globalizationist-pimping sociopaths are all the same: utterly lacking in conscience.

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