Monday, January 25, 2010

Judeofascists declare all investigations into their Gaza war crimes anti-Semitic

Israeli Information Minister Slams All Reports on Gaza War as Anti-Semitic
( -- By Jason Ditz

Just days before Israel is expected to release its own report on the January 2009 invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israeli Information Minister Yuli Edelstein declared that the UN report on the war, and every other report since the war ended, “are simply a type of anti-Semitism.”

The UN’s report, also known as the Goldstone Report, successfully moved through the UN Human Rights Council in October. It faulted both Israel’s government and the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip for the massive civilian poll in the war.

Israel warned that any report which didn’t put the blame 100 percent on Hamas was inherently biased and declared that it showed the hypocrisy of the entire planet and a global bias against Israel. The US House of Representatives also condemned the report as “unfair” and called for the president to block its consideration.

But Minister Edelstein took the usual complaints of anti-semitism against the report to a new level, saying that there was a clear connection between criticism of the Israeli war effort and the Holocaust and that it amounted to just the latest conflict in “the battle against global anti-Semitism.”...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

They've reached a new low, which for them is saying something.

This goes way beyond the anti-Semitism card, and even the shield. What these Zionists are essentially arguing is that they should be able to do whatever they want to whomever they want (including mass murder) whenever they want, with impunity, and anyone who objects or even investigates is beyond the pale of civilized standards.

We heard similar rhetoric from the Judeofascist Left when it and the Stalinists were running the Soviet Union, and declared any Western human rights objections to Communism's barbarous behavior as "imperialist" subversion and "counter-revolutionary" agitation -- as if it was the West who was in the wrong for objecting to Communist mass murder, (as weak as most of its objections were.)

Well, the West is at it yet again, today appeasing, coddling and indulging the Judeofascists worse than ever, because this time they've managed to triangulate both the Western establishment Right and Left, and apparently this corrupted establishment intends to indulge the anti-Semitism trope right on through World War III.

It just goes to show that post-Christian Western liberalism, mammonism, and Judaized-Christianity is corrupt and indulgent to the point of suicide, and simply lacks the character and moral fiber to stand up to these monsters. So long as it's killing Muslims in a Turkey shoot, no problem. But when it's asked to bear the traditional Christian/Western civilization cross of anti-Judeofascism, it cowers under the massage table.

Far from being tolerant, progressive, enlightened and modern, this kind of weakness is murderous, and spells doom.

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