Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Palestinian MP mad as hell and not going to take smirking Zionist murder any longer

Dan Margalit vs. Jamal Zahalka | English subtitles
(You Tube) -- by halemocom

With English subtitles translation (from Hebrew):
Israel, Channel 23, "Erev Hadash" (aka "New Evening Show"): The Journalist Dan Margalit in a front colision with the member of Israeli parlament, Jamal Zahalka fron the Arab Party. Zahalka called the Defence Minister Ehud Barak "a children killer". Margalit didn't ignore, and the fight began, live on TV...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Dan Margalit (the elder interviewer) apparently identifies himself as a "liberal" Israeli journalist. He must be "liberal" in the same way Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are liberal, which is to say they adopt politically correct language and policies that merely paper over the deep, endemic problems of modern liberal society, hand each other Nobel peace prizes, congratulate one another on what incredibly progressive human beings they are, and meanwhile, go merrily along pursuing the same neo-fascist foreign policies as the right-wingers -- policies designed to prop up the sand-built foundations of their corrupted societies (and keep the monetary spigots flowing to themselves and their cronies) at the point of a gun.

Liberal Judeophiles like to say that the Jews are largely responsible for ushering the world into modernity. I don't know about that, but it's pretty clear that the Judeofascists have provided the post-Christian West a nice liberal pretext to wage wars of fascism and totalitarianism under the guise of "progress."

The same smug, condescending treatment the well-groomed Margalit and his metro-sexual yuppie sidekick deliver to Zahalk reminds me alot of how Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow like to sneer and cackle at the tea party movement.

Smug, self-righteous, liberal fascists (which includes the likes of "conservative" Jonah Goldberg and the Neocons): is there a more loathsome movement on the planet?

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