Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Conspiracy theory" of Jewish Zionist central bankers is no theory; it's a fact

(Real Zionist News) -- By Brother Nathanael Kapner --

“2010 WILL BE A YEAR OF RECOVERY,” said Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, in his Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress last year.

With official high flung “monetary” verbiage designed to “disinfo” the masses and the political hacks of Capitol Hill whose jobs depend on pleasing Zionist Jews, Bernanke pulled off yet another of his forecasting lies.

Indeed, the masters of deception reside at the Federal Reserve Bank where the money to keep America afloat is CREATED by simple book entries. And the ever-accruing DEBT of that loaned-money WITH INTEREST keeps America on its knees before the Jews who own and run the Fed. (It is NOT ‘Federal’ and there are NO ‘Reserves.’)

Along with their domestic stranglehold on America, the Federal Reserve has secret dealings with foreign governments and Jewish international financial organizations with regard to what they buy and sell and what markets they interfere with.

This is the main reason why Bernanke refuses to disclose where the $2 Trillion TARP bailout money went and why he lied to cover his ‘international buddies’ by saying that divulging information would “endanger private banking interests.” (The Fed is ALSO a “private banking interest” owned by a consortium of international Jewish banks led by the Rothschild Dynasty in Europe.)

Even though Bernanke declared that the US recession was “over” and that recovery was “underway” last autumn, the effects of the recession are painfully felt by 20 million Americans who collected unemployment checks in 2009. These jobless Americans, who are being told to expect a jobless recovery, don’t live in fancy homes nor wear expensive suits like Bernanke and his compatriots at the Washington Post who publish Bernanke’s lies.

Bernanke’s latest ‘prediction’ was made on December 9, 2009, when he addressed a crowd of his fellow Zionist Jews at the Economic Club of Washington. Telling his buddies that the “economic recovery is in its early stages,” Bernanke was willfully ignoring the countless store closings, mortgage defaults, and growing bankrupt States that foretell a coming depression - not a ‘recovery.’...

IN AN OBVIOUS MEDIA PLOY designed to disinform the dumbed-down masses, Bernanke and his counterpart at the Bank of England, Zionist Jew Mervyn King, engaged in a ‘debate’ on the question of smaller banks versus larger banks.

Both bankers avoided pointing to the elephant in the living room, the HUGE central banks owned and operated by Zionist Jews across the globe: -1- Jean-Claude Trichet, European Central Bank -2- Mervyn King, Bank of England -3- Jean-Pierre Roth, Swiss National Bank -4- Robert Zoellick, World Bank -5- Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund -6- Aleksander Welfe, National Bank of Poland.

The Jewish-owned Western press failed to report that Bernanke engaged in a questionable transfer of US funds in March 2008. It was a Russian financial news agency that uncovered Bernanke’s creation of a “swap line” which credited $200 billion USD (American tax payers’ hard-earned money) in short 28-day loans to the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank.

Bernard Connolly, British economist and former member of the European Commission, author of “The Rotten Heart of Europe,” recently told The Telegraph that central bankers, acting behind the cover of financial “false flags,” seek to gain greater control over world affairs:

“The mission of the international central bankers is to provoke continual financial crises. The purpose of these crises is so the bankers can arrogate more power to themselves.”...MORE...LINK

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