Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Judeofascism co-opts even the anti-Zionist Left

Caryl Johnston commenting at xymphora: "America has become the No. 1 parasitical nation. How do the parasites work to claim a nation? first they dismantle the educational system. Then they destroy the religious and ethnic loyalties of gentile populations. Then they sexualize the culture. These are quite methodical steps which hinder full human development. Ignorance, atomization and premature expression of sexuality (or alternative sexuality: the gay rights campaign has destroyed the Left) all prevent the maturation of a culture and the cohesion essential for effective politics."
Chris Moore comments in reply:

In their own way, even [left-wing critics of Zionism and racist Jewry], who pose as the real Left (and put the supposedly false Zionist-appeasing or collaborating 'left' in quotation marks) are also doing the bidding of Judeofascism by pursuing their cultural Marxist/secular humanist government-worshipping agenda (which, as history has shown -- from the Dönme Young Turks to the Jewish Bolshevik Communists isn't "secular" at all, but rather the means by which the Judeofascists use the governments monopoly on violence to murder and suppress their competition, and to act as the guise of "neutrality" and "scientific objectivity" under which they pursue their own Jewish-supremacist agenda by co-opting the resources of society via government’s monopoly on taxation. Big Government is then easily infiltrated by the highly cohesive, efficient and organized Judeofascist cabal (anything less is “discrimination”) which then puts those resources to work on its agenda.

The Left hence becomes a party to Judeofascism because it sells its soul for sexual “liberation” and for access to government power and cushy government jobs and the liberal special interest spoils pioneered by the Judeofascists, just as the right sells its soul to Judeofascism for the sake of money-worship.

Morally, there is zero difference between the two.

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