Friday, February 12, 2010

The New York Times shows yet more evidence of being entirely a Zionist front

‘Times’ troika of Keller, Hoyt & Bronner were involved in earlier conflict-of-interest
(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss

The revelation that Ethan Bronner, Jerusalem bureau chief for the Times, has a son in the IDF has brought charges that the Times has a conflict of interest on one of the most important stories on the planet. In fact, Times public editor Clark Hoyt has said that Bronner should leave his post. But Times executive editor Bill Keller has stuck by his man in J’lem.

Well, here is another charge of conflict of interest involving Israel/Palestine coverage in the Times, and all three characters show up here too: Clark Hoyt, Bill Keller, and Ethan Bronner. The yarn:

In September 2007 The New York Times ran a large profile of diamond merchant Lev Leviev, written by former Israeli government spokesman Zev Chafets. The piece somehow completely failed to mention Leviev’s investments in building several settlements on the West Bank that are illegal under international law.

Disturbed by the puff-piece, Adalah NY, which has conducted a boycott against Leviev precisely because of this illegal-settlement activity, sent a courteous and informative letter to Times management urging the paper to cover Leviev’s activities "which the public deserves to know." It got no response.

Meantime, within a couple of weeks of that valentine to Leviev from–sorry to repeat myself– former Israeli government spokesman Zev Chafets, Leviev began placing quarter-page ads on The New York Times op-ed page. According to Adalah, as of last year the Times had run at least a dozen Leviev ads.

In 2007, too, Leviev’s Africa-Israel real estate company bought the former headquarters of the Times for $525 million, from an owner to whom the Times had sold it three years earlier...MORE...LINK
New York Times Spins Ahmadinejad Speech as Claim About Nuke Capability
Iranian President Emphasized Need for Medical Isotopes
( -- by Jason Ditz --

An article in today’s New York Times spins a speech given today by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the anniversary of the nation’s revolution anniversary as a “pugnacious” declaration of “capacity to make weapons-grade nuclear fuel,” even though Ahmadinejad never made any such claims in the speech.

The article, entitled “Iran Boasts of Capacity to Make Bomb Fuel,” intersperses a handful of allegations about the Iranian nuclear program with a healthy dose of unrelated claims about protests elsewhere in Tehran today. It centers itself around the translated quote “please pay attention and understand that the people of Iran are brave enough that if it wants to build a bomb it will clearly announce it and build it and not be afraid of you.”

However, it downplayed the rest of that sentence, which was “but we have no intention of making a bomb.” It also glossed over the bulk of the speech’s nuclear content, which was that they told the US and Russia they were ready to buy fuel for the Tehran research reactor, but a shortage of the fuel meant they only had 2-3 months to secure such fuel or would have to attempt to make it themselves. An estimated 850,000 Iranians rely on the reactor’s isotopes for nuclear medicine...MORE...LINK

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