Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zionist situational ethics: Link Israel fight against Palestinians to War on Terror, but dismiss blowback against US troops it inspires

The linkage fantasy
(Mondoweiss) -- by Anonymous --

Israel-supporters in the U.S. know they will lose if the issue is framed as a linkage: Palestinian grievances are endangering our troops. Jeffrey Goldberg does some digging: "I called the White House to ask if Biden actually said this. It would be quite something, of course, if he did."

There’s no problem, man. The press misquoted Biden.

However, the leading US blog dealing with counterinsurgency strategy (very close to McCrystal) says that if Petraeus did wish to bring I/P into his mandate then it would be a good thing. I presume that this is something that the IDF and their supporters (the Lobby) would not like: US military scrutiny of their operations in Gaza and Lebanon.

US military doctrine in spite of high civilian casualties in Afghanistan doesn’t deliberately target civilian categories, unlike Israel (a point that Richard Goldstone also disputed). US actually works to explore how this can be mitigated. When civilians are killed then a US commander arrives and apologizes and attempts to make reparations.

Abe Foxman calls the charge that the special relationship is endangering Americans "anti-Semitic."

What is ironic is that neoconservatives painted a seamless picture of a common Islamic threat facing America and its favorite partner in the region. Now when the linkages are made in a way that isn’t helpful to the Golden Calf Merkava state they backpedal and say Hey buddy there is no linkage. ..MORE...LINK

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