Saturday, April 24, 2010

And you thought left-socialist Dems couldn't learn to love right-wing Bushcons; Meet Chuck "the bridge" Schumer and the Jewish Zionist liberals

Israel’s ‘guardian,’ Sen. Schumer says Gazans are suffering but they deserve it
(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Ben Smith picks up a disturbing radio interview of Chuck Schumer by Nachum Segal, who is apparently to the right of Schumer and of course has influence, in which Schumer repeatedly sides with Israel over Obama and says the collective punishment of the Palestinian people in Gaza is tough luck. Notice Schumer's claim that all Americans share his feeling, but the contradictory statement that it's "Jewish members" of Congress who will be meeting Obama to stand up for Israel. Oh my. Amy Goodman, please run for Congress. Notice that Schumer has Obama's ear and brags of spending lots of time with Netanyahu. And you thought Democrats couldn't learn to love a rightwinger. Read the comments at Politico and you will see that people ain't buying, the American street is enraged by Schumer's allegiances...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I guess the Statist left-liberal socialists have far more in common with the national socialist neocons and dispensationalist Buschons than they ever imagined. But then again, don't the forces of coercion, Statist authoritarianism and evil always eventually coalesce out of political necessity as more and more of the average decent people grow wise to their nature?

Conscience-stricken lefties, try to look on the bright side and think of it as the dog days of the Hitler-Stalin pact as the two were dividing up Poland before their partnership went awry. Only in this case, the Zionist progressives and the Zionist neocons and dispensationalists will be shaking hands over the corpse of Palestine.

Enjoy the carcass, because it won't be long before you're choking on it, you sociopathic ***holes.

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