Tuesday, April 13, 2010

False-flag treachery: Neo-Bolshevik agent-provocateur behind racist cat-calls supposedly coming from Tea Partiers?

Tea Party Agent Provocateur Outed
(Infowars.com) --

Since Infowars.com reported on a website attempting to recruit miscreants to disrupt and discredit April 15 Tea Party tax protests, diligent researchers have uncovered the man behind a website promoting the disruption.

Jason Levin of Portland, Oregon, registered the domain name CrashTheTeaParty.org, although he is apparently changed the information included on a domain registry page to Ben Franklin from Philadelphia. Here is the original domain registry information:

Registrant ID:CR45137659

Registrant Name:Jason Levin...

Registrant Email:xenex11@gmail.com

The sleuths discovered that Mr. Levin is the owner of MCG Technology Solutions in Portland, Oregon, and is also a technology teach in a Philadelphia school district.

The Crash the Tea Party website encourages people opposed to the Tea Party — and who apparently support Obamacare and the idea that the federal government has the divine right to impose big government mandates at gunpoint — to infiltrate the movement and do things that will “further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them.”...MORE...LINK

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