Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outrageous Israel-first ultimatum put to Obama by Schumer and other Jewish nationalist "Americans" in US Congress

Sen. Chuck Schumer Slams Obama's Policy toward Israel
(You Tube) -- By FreedomsLighthouse —

Here is video of New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer talking to a Jewish radio show - the Nachum Segal Show- where he blasted the Obama Administration's policy toward Israel as "counter-productive," and said it "had to stop."...LINK

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Chu said...

What a surprise coming from this Israeli-first knucklehead. What an embarrassment to this state and the nation, that we have this type of corruption - this Transparent Cabal.
Call it dual loyalty or conflict of interest, these people are intelligent swindlers, who place the interest of this country second. It's one thing to love you're nationality, but another to put the priorities of it ahead of your surrounding envirnonment and state.

-someone at mondo posted this a while back and there are so many interesting parallels, it worth the read if you haven't read. (1879).