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Supremacist liberal and Statist Jewish-Americans have no problem with their own ethno-nationalism, but go to war when it’s Christian or white

Settling Scores
(Alternative Right) -- By Paul E. Gottfried --

Lest someone [Lawrence Auster] misrepresent what I've said about Jews and Israel, let me restate the positions that I've taken more often than I care to recall.

I am not (repeat not) against the Jewish state of Israel. I have apparently upset some readers by suggesting that Israeli sympathizers in the U.S. and in Europe should recognize the equal right of Euro-Americans to have their national identities. If preserving an ethnic national character is good for Jews, it should be equally so for Poles, Russians, Frenchmen, Germans, and Danes. Like the German philosopher Herder, I believe that the spirit of nations is reflected in their epic literature, customs, and political traditions; peoples have a right and even a duty to preserve their national character, as long as it is not asserted aggressively against other countries or aimed at demeaning national minorities that happen to reside in one's land. Needless to say, a respect for minorities does not extend to allowing alien groups to enter and occupy one's country. There is nothing undemocratic (if democracy is understood in its pre-multicultural and pre-managerial state form) about controlling immigration in accordance with national interest. This interest should take into account cultural compatibility as well as economic need...

Ironically Jews, who are often misrepresented as the most easily adaptable minority group because of their professional successes and role in the cultural industry, bring lots of baggage with them. Noting this may be useful and is not in any way an expression of hate. Although I don't accept entirely his tendentious survey of Jewish history over the last 4000 years, I nonetheless agree with MacDonald's demonstration of the cultural and political role of Jewish elites in contemporary Western societies. I also agree with his judgment that Jewish influence has pushed both national parties as well as the conservative movement toward the left...

Let me confess to one thing my critics have laid on me. I have, indeed, denied something that is so patently stupid that I can hardly imagine any intelligent person believing it. The assertion that Jewish liberalism has nothing to do with Jewish self-awareness or Jewish concern about living among Christians is a declaration worthy of a cretin -- or a Jew in very bad faith. Like my Irish Catholic students and colleagues, whose families still agonize over the Potato Famine and Yankee prejudice, Jewish liberals take their liberal positions for specifically ethnic reasons. MacDonald has marshaled a wealth of quotations in The Culture of Critique that substantiate this point. Have my critics, many of whom live in New York, never run into Jewish liberals ranting about the anti-Semitic Religious Right and about those who want to return to a "Christian America"? I've been noticing such people since my preteen years.

This does not mean that being a liberal in alliance with the multicultural Left is always in the long-range interest of Jews who are trying to preserve a separate ethnic identity. But it does mean that Jews who identify with the liberal Left (as opposed to the neocons) believe they are protecting themselves against an historic enemy, who is still out to get them. As for the alleged incompatibility between liberalism and the pursuit of Israeli interest, my critics should take up this point with Abe Foxman, the leaders of AIPAC, Rahm Emmanuel, Chuck Schumer, Alan Dershowitz, Arlen Specter and Joe Lieberman. There are lots of culturally leftist Jews who are nonetheless passionate advocates for Israel. Although these liberals may not embrace the Zionist cause with the same abandon as my critics, it would be foolish to describe them as anti-Israeli...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Gottfried: "As for the alleged incompatibility between liberalism and the pursuit of Israeli interest, my critics should take up this point with Abe Foxman, the leaders of AIPAC, Rahm Emmanuel, Chuck Schumer, Alan Dershowitz, Arlen Specter and Joe Lieberman."

Auster is obviously trying to be more ideologically consistent in his Zionism than these political schizos, who have no problem with tenacious ethno-nationalism when it's Jewish (whether as manifested in Israel or as AIPAC), but throw a tantrum when whites and Christians organize ethnically or nationally, and are consistent in their racist desire to dilute the white vestiges of Western civilization in America via open borders (although I suspect greed and left-liberal politics plays an important role in their calculations as well.)

But nonetheless, it never takes guys like Auster long to play the anti-Semitism card, too -- a very neocon characteristic that has been readily picked up by dispensationalists, (not to mention Communists, socialists and left-liberals, who have been playing it since the early Soviet era).

Does Auster not know that the “anti-Semitism” label was a means for Communist marginalization and eventual extermination of Christians in Stalinist Russia, or does he simply not care?


Conflating “asians, hispanics, muslims, Africans” with “wealthy Jews who subsidize the SPLC” (and presumably their Jewish Zionist and dispensationalist cohorts) as Jupiter does [in article comments] above, is actually doing the work of the U.S. co-opting/colonizing Jewish-American Zionists for them. It creates an “us” (all of those listed above) against “them” (a few white nationalists) mentality in the overwhelming majority of Americans who aren’t white nationalists.

Is there any better recipe for failure than that?

The real juxtaposition should be “us” (all America-firsters, Christians, advocates of Western civilization, lovers of freedom and liberty, defenders of a melting pot America that embraces the values and spirit of our founding documents, and hard-working anti-Communists of all races) vs. “them” (Israel-firsters, Jewish Zionists, dispensationalists, authoritarian Statists of Left AND Right and tribalistst in the vein of AIPAC, La Raza and the Black Caucus).

If they study the issue closely, Americans will find that greedy elite, white dispensationalists (Dick Armey, for example) are often as “open borders” as their Jewish partners for purposes of corporatism and lowering American wages, whereas many patriotic blacks and Hispanics want the borders sealed to drive up the price of labor.

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