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Apparent Jewish double standards on immigration between Israel and US...(can be traced to Jewish supremacy, after all) [updated]

Jewish groups oppose Arizona-type laws–except in Israel
(Occidental Observer Blog) -- By Kevin MacDonald --

Finding examples of Jewish double standards and hypocrisy vis-à-vis their attitudes about Israel and the US is like shooting fish in a barrel. But their posturing on the Arizona immigration law is particularly egregious. Not surprisingly, the organized Jewish community has unanimously come out against the Arizona law (”New Arizona law brings renewed attention to immigration reform.“) We’re talking about all the major Jewish organizations:
"The new law has been criticized by an array of Jewish groups, including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, Simon Wiesenthal Center, National Council of Jewish Women and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a public policy umbrella group comprised of the synagogue movements, several national groups and scores of local Jewish communities across North America."
As usual, Gideon Aronoff , head of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, leads the moral posturing by stating,
“Are most of the Latinos who suffer from this law Jewish? The answer is no, but we look at this through the oral commandment of ‘welcome the stranger,’ ” … “We are all Americans, we are all our brothers’ keepers. We have an obligation not to stand by when legislation so harmful is put through.”
The photo accompanying the article likens the Arizona law to (what else?) Nazi Germany: ...

The horrors!

But wait. It turns out that Israel enforces laws that allow police to ask people for their papers. Writing in Mondoweiss, Azaff Oron’s article is titled “Israel has been ‘Arizona’ all along.”
"In Israel, laws like the Arizona one – and worse – have been in effect ever since independence. No, I’m not talking about the Occupation, but inside Israel proper."

'Any resident sixteen years of age or older must at all times carry an Identity card, and present it upon demand to a senior police officer, head of Municipal or Regional Authority, or a policeman or member of the Armed forces on duty.'

"And guess against which ethnic group this requirement is enforced most often…."
The answer would be anyone looking like a Palestinian:

"The vast majority of their effort is spent profiling, questioning and strip-searching a single target group: Palestinians. Most other security services have more “suspect” ethnic groups to deal with, or they must intercept risks not immediately evident from appearance or other profiling."

@Aaron [in comments]: “All I ask is that you focus your anger on the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, etc., and not on Israel. Israel is not to blame for the hypocrisy of American Jews.”

Chris Moore comments:

U.S. Jews are following the operating principle of Zionism, in which all policy decisions boil down to one question: Is it good for the Jews?

Why would massive 2nd and 3rd world immigration be good for U.S. organized Jewry? 1) Because they hate Christianity and Western Civilization, and seek to dilute the combination as much as possible. 2) Because as a block, they are part of the left-liberal ethnic minority coalition (all but one of the Jews in Congress is a Democrat), and hence if they increase the left’s political power, they increase their own political power. 3) Because they operate by pitting “tribes” against one another, and seek to turn the white majority into just another tribe that they can manipulate. 4) Because a lot of Jews are money worshipping Corporatist types who seek cheap labor and massive profits in order to extend their own power and Jewish supremacism globally.

Each of these reasons corresponds to a reason why the following groups should oppose them tooth and nail, to be matched with the list above, respectively: 1) Christians, Traditionalists and advocates of the Western ethic. 2) whites, conservatives, Republicans, paleocons, libertarians, etc. 3) advocates of peace and harmony as opposed to endless tribal warfare and enmity. 4) Labor, wage earners, and midlevel professionals; and anti-fascists.

Israel is at least partially to blame for the behavior of U.S. Jews because it is constantly harping about the Holocaust, intolerant Europeans, whites, Christianity, Western Civilization, pogroms, etc, and demanding endless reparations and welfare from Europeans and Americans. And it also seeks to downplay the mass murders perpetrated by Jewish Bolshevism and Communism in order to assert the “uniqueness doctrine” that recognizes the “primacy” of Jewish suffering and the Holocaust as the ultimate crime against humanity, which, for example, is also why Netanyahu recently announced he will build a monument in Israel to the Bolshevik Red Army.

So there’s another group that should fight the Jewish supremacists tooth and nail: the anti-Communists.

@ Aaron: "So the State of Israel is significantly to blame for Jewish-American opposition to the Arizona immigration law? OK…"

No, the scheming and opportunistic Jewish supremacist (Zionist) state of mind is to blame, which the state of Israel perpetuates and encourages at every opportunity — just as it perepetuates and encourages the scheming, opportunistic Israel lobby...
PM: Infiltrators dangerous for Israel
By JPOST.COM STAFF (1/21/10)
Netanyahu: Southern border barrier to stop African job-seekers from altering “demographic landscape.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday warned that ongoing illegal African immigration posed a threat to Israel, and announced that he will ask the government to endorse a plan to erect a barrier along Israel’s border with Egypt to prevent infiltration from Africa.

The barrier is meant to prevent an expected “flood” of African immigrants seeking jobs in Israel, Netanyahu said.

According to Netanyahu’s plan, border guards and electronic systems will safeguard the proposed barrier, which will be partly above ground. In addition to the barrier, the government will work to increase law enforcement against employers who hire illegal foreign workers.

Addressing the Manufacturers Association General Assembly, Netanyahu warned that African immigrants infiltrating Israel from Egypt were changing the “demographic landscape” in Israel.

“I don’t know if you have been to Eilat and have seen what’s going on there. In Tel Aviv there are places you wouldn’t recognize, this is something that must be stopped,” Netanyahu said.
So why isn’t Netanyahu on the horn to organized Jewry and the Israel lobby in America saying “Hey, I understand what’s going on in Arizona, so quit waging war against patriotic Americans.”?

It’s because he’s following the Jewish supremacist game plan as mandated by his Masters, and as practiced by untold generations of Jewry: Is it good for the Jews?

You’d think it would have occurred to them by now that there would be a lot more Jews alive today if they had adjusted their tactics, but I guess extreme narcissism and arrested development aren’t conducive to reason. So instead they wage perpetual war against Christianity and Islam, which are among the only cosmic frameworks capable of dealing with epic problems like African continental starvation and endemic black pathology, and then Netanyahu wonders why his country is getting swamped. Brilliant.

@ Jepo: “To summarize, there are borders to a folk. What is permitted without is not permitted within, and vice versa. Nothing – laws, morality, views – have the same meaning within the fort as they have on the other side of the stockade.”

Fair point vis-à-vis the way organized Jewry views the Gentile world and the pre-Western Civilization tribes viewed the world (and off and on, units within that civilization from time to time).

But clearly, organized Jewry has never embraced the Western ethic, and never will. So at the same time as it purports to be part of the American fort, loyal to the American fort, pulling for the American fort, it is simultaneously working against American interests, undermining American interests, exploiting and manipulating Americans for its own usurious purposes. This is its nature. This is its survival technique, and why it has endured.

Some Americans think organized Jewry can assimilate, but it can’t, because then it would cease to exist in America, and the Motherland will never allow it to assimilate, anyway. Individual Jews will assimilate, but organized Jewry will not.

This is another reason organized Jewry and its collaborators are busy setting up a deliberately tribal, non-assimilating, atomized America under the rubric of “multiculturalism” — in order that organized Jewry will not stick out like the sore thumb it is. If it’s just one tribe amongst many, who can complain?

This is how America is put in danger by organized Jewry, because if allowed to persist, everyone else MUST organize tribally to survive (like in prison) and America will be destroyed in the process.

@ apollonian: "If it wasn’t for JCs, Judeo-conspiracy and large criminal enterprise wouldn’t work–and people would easily spot and identify the culprits, consisting of (a) topmost COUNTERFEIT master-minds, (b) illegal alien invaders (by far mostly dupes, of course), (c) homosexuals, and (d) leftist-oriented bolsheviki. But the JCs, almost magically, make it all GO for Judeo-criminals, JCs intimidating and baffling all the rest of the gentile volk, white and non-white."

You're right about the Judeo-Christian Zionists, of course, but I generally prefer the category "Dispensationalists" because that doesn't taint the Christian faith by associating it in any way with such a lowly nest of vipers, and it makes it clear that they, too, are Jewish-supremacist because they have granted organized Jewry a special "dispensation" that applies to no other group the world over.

How convenient for a Jewish-worshipping, supposedly “Christian” sect that the rules that for eons Christians believed applied to ALL the world over, and certainly all of the Christians that comprised traditional Western Civilization believed (“No one comes to the Father except through [Jesus Christ]),” are suddenly null and void on behalf of organized Jewry.

Clearly, these Dispensationalists aren’t really Christians at all, but rather Judas-like interlopers, betrayers and back-stabbers -- just like their organized Jewish beneficiaries.

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