Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Zio-Bolshevik complex: arch-Jewish Zionist and Democrat Party big-wig Haim Saban verifies that Rahm Emanuel is a left-wing agent of Israel

(By Chris Moore) -- Israeli-American Haim Saban, who is one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party and also an arch-Zionist, notes that Rahm Emanuel, Obama's right-hand man, and part of the Jewish Zionist braintrust running the Obama administration and setting its policy, is essentially a confirmed agent of Israel and left-wing Jewish supremacism. (Saban quotes him as saying "I am more hawkish than 50 percent of the people in Israel.") Of course, this is no surprise, given that Obama himself is essentially a creation of the Chicago branch of the Zio-Bolshevik complex, "and his political career is a product of a Westside Chicago Ashkenazi network with roots that trace directly back to organized crime of the 1920s," according to Jeff Gates.

From a program on Saban by Channel Ten Israeli TV (via Mondoweiss):
Saban: The situation is a disaster [the word used was the Arabic Harta, which has a coarser connotation], if you want me to put it in simple words.

[Correspondent Gil] Tamari: He compares the relations with Obama to the difficult years Israel had with George Bush Sr.

Saban: We had the days with Bush Sr., with Shamir. We got over it and moved on and we had 16 great years with Clinton and then with Bush, and this too shall pass. Look, I don’t think Obama is anti-Israeli, like people think he is. His goal is to achieve peace, just like our goal is to achieve peace. The way he wants to do it may not be the way some people in Israel would like it, and especially the members of the right.

Tamari: Saban, who donated millions to the Clintons as well, is not at all happy with what he sees. Did you have a chance to talk about this with Hillary?

Saban: I had the chance to talk to Hillary about a lot of things including this and I also talked to Rahm Emanuel and Rahm Emanuel for instance told me ‘I am more hawkish than 50 percent of the people in Israel.’ I don’t know where he got that survey but that is what he said. They are not anti-Israelis. Look, they are from the left. The left, left of which there is not much space to the wall, I agree, and this is their ideology.
So on the one hand, arch-Zionist Saban is claiming Israeli-American relations are "a disaster" right now, on the other he seeks to mend the supposed rift by claiming that Israel and the Obama administration both want to "achieve peace." What Saban is seeking to accomplish here is the preservation of the Zio-Bolshevik complex, which heretofore has been so successful in fomenting Israel-first U.S. foreign policy, and even instigating wars on Israel's behalf with useful idiots like the "conservative" Bushcons as front men who could take the fall if things went awry (as was ultimately the case).

Here are a few facts from Saban's biography on Wikipedia for those unfamiliar with how big a component within Zionism, American left-liberalism and neoliberalism Saban really is:

--Haim Saban (Hebrew: חיים סבן, born 15 October 1944 in Alexandria, Egypt[1]) is an Israeli-American television and media proprietor. With an estimated current[update] net worth of $2.8 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 102nd richest person in America.

--On July 23, 2001, it was announced that he and [production partner Rupert Murdoch's] News Corporation would sell [their partnership] Fox Family Worldwide Inc for $5.3 billion to The Walt Disney Company. and on October 24, 2001, the sale was completed[7] and the network was renamed ABC Family. Saban, as an individual, profited about $1.6 billion from this sale. This is the largest transaction between a company and a private citizen ever.

--Saban, in a 2004 New York Times interview, ascribed his interest in politics to his concern for Israel: "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel."

--In pursuit of his concerns, Saban was described in 2004 as "throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli."

--Saban has donated to Israel's left-of-center Labor Party.

--Saban has been a large and consistent donor to the United States Democratic Party according to his mandatory Federal Election Commission filings.
For those unfamiliar with what Zio-Bolshevism is, think of it this way: the Zionists are comprised of Jewish supremacists of the Right, and the Bolsheviks are comprised of Jewish supremacists of the Left (as epitomized by "Stalin's willing executioners"). Zio-Bolshevism, then, is the axis of left-wing and right-wing Jewish supremacism that comprises so much of the neoliberal and neocon pro-Israel Jewish-American community, including virtually all of the Jewish Democrats in Congress and huge numbers of (mostly wealthy) Jews up and down the corrupt left-liberal establishment. There are also plenty of corrupt non-Jewish supporters/partners of Zio-Bolshevism, as epitomized by "I am a Zionist" Joe Biden and the Clintons.

Some might claim there is a contradiction between blatantly Jewish supremacist Zionism and supposedly universalistic-egalitarian Bolshevism, but this simply isn't the case. Tacit Jewish Bolshevik theory is that Jewry has achieved a unique and "enlightened" status by virtue of its supposed inordinate historical suffering, and is thus uniquely qualified and ordained by historical fiat to lead the unwashed masses to utopia.

Of course, this is all part of the Jewish supremacist scam and swindle, and part of a vast rationalization for subordinating huge sectors of the economy to Statist-Corporatist Zio-Bolshevik control via massive taxation and centralization, the fruits of which are then utilized to reinforce Jewish supremacism.

Useful idiot Goy lefties are thus incorporated into the Jewish supremacist juggernaut by way of Jewish Bolshevik swindlers like socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (who recently sabotaged Ron Paul's efforts at reining in the corrupt Fed by watering down his Audit the Fed bill to the point of impotence) and Noam Chomsky, yet another left-wing crypto-Jewish supremacist.

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