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For Jewish nationalists occupying Congress, Turkey suddenly goes from staunch U.S. ally to enemy #1 -- all because it crossed Israel [updated]

The Jews turn on Turkey

(Occidental Observer Blog) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Well, that didn’t take long. Turkey’s involvement in the flotilla and its support for the Palestinians has now made it an enemy of the Israel Lobby with all that that entails. All in all, it’s a good example of Jewish power and moral particularism. After long opposing any resolution on the Turkey’s genocide of Armenians, Rep. Howard Berman, a major force for Israel in the US Congress, suddenly supports a Congressional resolution, stating, “nothing justifies Turkey’s turning a blind eye to the reality of the Armenian genocide.” He and “a host of other members of the House’s unofficial Jewish caucus have signed on as co-sponsors.”

Berman suddenly found his moral bearings, along with the organized Jewish community. The neocons are naturally leading the charge, summarized byJim Lobe who quotes from a report by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs:
“If Turkey finds its best friends to be Iran, Hamas, Syria and Brazil (look for Venezuela in the future) the security of that information (and Western technology in weapons in Turkey’s arsenal) is suspect. The United States should seriously consider suspending military cooperation with Turkey as a prelude to removing it from [NATO],” suggested the group.

Its board of advisers includes many prominent champions of the 2003 Iraq invasion, including former Defence Policy Board chairman Richard Perle, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director James Woolsey, and former U.N. Amb. John Bolton.
What’s interesting here is the proposal to eject Turkey from NATO. It wasn’t long ago that Turkey was being assured that it could become a member of the EU. Turkey’s exclusion from Europe is widely seen as a big factor in its change of foreign policy. Thomas Friedman: “After a decade of telling the Turks that if they wanted E.U. membership they had to reform their laws, economy, minority rights and civilian-military relations — which the Erdogan government systematically did — the E.U. leadership has now said to Turkey: ‘Oh, you mean nobody told you? We’re a Christian club. No Muslims allowed.’ The E.U.’s rejection of Turkey, a hugely bad move, has been a key factor prompting Turkey to move closer to Iran and the Arab world.”

And that’s the good news. The neocons and the organized Jewish community were big supporters of Turkey’s bid to join the EU–which would have meant 71 million Turks would have the right to move anywhere in Europe. This would mean the end of Europe as having any defining culture or biological coherence — obviously not a concern to activists like Friedman.

It’s worth remembering that Jewish activist organizations regarded the admission of Turkey to the EU as a way of civilizing Europe and ensuring cultural and religious, and ethnic pluralism — precisely the policy proposals that the Jewish community has advanced in all Western societies. In 2002, at the height of the push for Turkey’s admission to the EU, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) had this to say in response to former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s argument that Muslim Turkey has no place in the European Union:
Ironically, in the fifteenth century, when European monarchs expelled the Jews, it was Moslem Turkey that provided them a welcome…. During the Holocaust, when Europe was slaughtering its Jews, it was Turkish consuls who extended protection to fugitives from Vichy France and other Nazi allies…. Today’s European neo-Nazis and skinheads focus upon Turkish victims while, Mr. President [d'Estaing], you are reported to be considering the Pope’s plea that your Convention emphasize Europe’s Christian heritage. [The Center suggested that Giscard’s new Constitution] underline the pluralism of a multi-faith and multi-ethnic Europe, in which the participation of Moslem Turkey might bolster the continent’s Moslem communities—and, indeed, Turkey itself—against the menaces of extremism, hate and fundamentalism. A European Turkey can only be beneficial for stability in Europe and the Middle East. (see here)
I rather doubt that we’ll be seeing this sort of thing anymore. The chances of Turkey being admitted to the EU now are less than zero...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

‘After long opposing any resolution on the Turkey’s genocide of Armenians, Rep. Howard Berman, a major force for Israel in the US Congress, suddenly supports a Congressional resolution, stating, “nothing justifies Turkey’s turning a blind eye to the reality of the Armenian genocide.’

So why did the Jewish nationalist occupation in Congress, including Berman, turn a blind eye for decades? These Jewish nationalists are so shamelessly and transparently self-serving and opportunistic, its a wonder that they have any friends whatsoever. That so many politicians and Americans dance to their tune with a grin on their faces just goes to show how corrupt and decayed our society has become.

“Those that bless the Jews are blessed by God,” so the saying goes. Like so many other phenomenon revolving around organized Jewry, it appears up is down and black is white in this case, too — meaning it's more likely that those that bless the Jews are touched by Satan.

I’m not a superstitious person, but it seems to me America has been under a darkening shadow since Jewry’s ascension to the helm.

For opportunistic Zionists, recognition of other holocausts comes down to one question: Is it good for the Jews?

...Additionally, let's not forget the reports that many of the Young Turks who engineered the Aremenian holocaust were themselves crypto-Jews. In fact, there are a couple of books about the Dönme -- Sephardic Jews who converted to Islam but maintained their secret Jewish identity and associations. Here's a passage from a magazine article that encapsulates the history and the books called The Other Secret Jews from the Jewish magazine Tablet.

"Most important, several Dönme were leading members of the Committee for Union and Progress, the revolutionary party known as the Young Turks, who in 1908 forced the Sultan to grant a constitution. The Dönme, like Jews and Freemasons, sympathized with the CUP’s scientific, reformist program, though Baer emphasizes that the CUP was not a Dönme party—any more than the Russian Bolsheviks, though they included many Jews, were a Jewish party. Even so, some prominent Young Turks were Dönme, including the editor of the Party’s newspaper and the finance minister in the new CUP government."

Funny how Jewish conspirators love to brag about prominent roles played by Jews who organized as Jews in plots for revolutionary upheaval that end in mass murder, but deny that Judeofascism plays any role whatsoever in their murderous outcomes.

It's also interesting that these diaspora Jewish revolutionary groups demand constitutions supposedly guaranteeing equal rights for all, but then implement governments that end up securing special rights and privileges for Jewish cliques that go on to carry out mass murder of non-Jews (and Jewry then professes to believe that history has been so rough on the Jewish people simply because they are different.) And in the case of Israel, the Jews refuse to write and implement a constitution at all because the articles of the state already grant special favoritism to Jews, hence a constitution of rights for all citizens would water down Jewish privilege.

Given all these facts, it becomes clear that not only are Gentile supporters of Judeofascism helping to set up Jewish-supremacist societies the world over, but they are also helping to cut the throats of their own progeny by doing so. I guess certain kinds of trash will do anything for money, power and temporal luxuries. --Chris Moore


@ me says [in article comments]: “One curious aspect of this – the monarchs they consider ‘good for jews’ were often the most corrupt and hostile to commoners – and the monarchs they considered ‘bad’ for Jews – like Isabel of Spain – were good for commoners, the people and the country and usually anti-corruption…”

Hence it follows that today’s organized Jewry in America love the elitist, Statist-Corporatist neocon Right and the limousine liberal Left, and fear and loathe the middle American “rubes.”

This is why Jewish nationalism/elitist Jewry doesn’t fit or belong in America or any other democracy: they hate and fear the People and their traditions and customs, thus they hate the concept of People’s rights, free speech and equal representation. Deep down, they believe if the People take power, the first thing they will do is persecute the Jews (which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy/cycle manifesting from Jewry’s own attitudes and behavior.)

Thus, the way they have subverted democracy in America is to seize and buy off the elites and their institutions, using the mainstream media to create a false consciousness in the masses that they are still indeed living in a democracy, even as it is closer to a plutocracy/kleptocracy largely run by organized Jewry, ideological Zionists, Judeophile lefties and Judeo-supremacist neocons/Bushcons (my shorthand for all: “the Judeos”) for Jewry’s benefit and the benefit of its corrupt partners.

Today, and throughout history, what’s good for the Judeos is bad for the People, and what’s good for the People is bad for the Judeos.

This is why to my mind it is inevitable that sooner or later, the Judeos will lose. The only question is how much suffering and loss we will have to endure before they are taken down and put on trial for treason, or packed off to Israel.


Neither organized Jewry nor the Left really wants a classically liberal, race-neutral future in the West that doesn’t single out this group or that for special treatment by government in an effort to stick it to both Whitey and Christendom, and to provide itself an unfair, government guaranteed advantage. The Left may today indeed be turning on organized Jewry, which despite all its camouflage is innately an extreme right-wing enterprise and has always been. But because Jewry largely invented Leftism as its “cover,” the Left too possesses Judaism’s self-contradiction of posing as “progressive” but secretly subscribing to extremely selfish and self-serving authoritarianism.

In other words, both organized Judaism and the Left are frauds and swindlers running the most scurrilous rackets, and employing self-righteousness and false moral authority to portray themselves as beyond reproach.

The West can never participate in any meaningful or healthy partnership with swindlers and ever hope to regain an iota of moral and social integrity.

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