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Jewry's plot to displace and demoralize the West's traditions is today hurting its quest for more Western wars for Israel

Jews as a hostile elite–again

(Occidental Observer Blog) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Peter Brimelow ends his recent article (”Redneckophobia”? Why Obama Is Attacking Arizona“) by noting : “Our political class may live in a fantasy world, but the motive for its immigration enthusiasm is all too real: a relentless hatred of the historic American nation.” The immediate object of his ire is one Klejda Gjermani, described by Brimelow as “an Albanian expatriate of Jewish descent” who stepped off the boat and pretty much immediately realized she suffered from redneckophobia. She works for Commentary, so I am sure she feels quite at home there.

Writing in Takimag, Paul Gottfried (The Death of the WASP) also raises the issue of Jews as a hostile elite, claiming that although I am generally an “over-the-top critic of Jewish power” (specifics would be nice), on this particular issue I have “hardly scratched the surface”:
Even that over-the-top critic of Jewish power, Kevin MacDonald, has hardly scratched the surface in delineating the nastiness with which the children and grandchildren of Eastern European Jewish immigrants clawed their way to the top of the academic-media industry, on the backs of those they often despised. And all the while they appealed with brilliant success to a guilty WASP conscience
...We should never forget what happened when Jews were a hostile elite in the USSR. The loathing and conempt for the traditional people and culture of Russia was a major factor in the avid Jewish participation in the greatest crimes of the 20th century:
A very traditional part of Jewish culture was to despise the Russians and their culture. (Even the Jewish literati despised all of traditional Russian culture, apart from Pushkin and a few literary icons.) Indeed, one wonders what would motivate the Jewish commissars to revenge apart from motives related to their Jewish identity. Traditional hostility toward non-Jews and their culture forms a central theme in the writings of Israel Shahak and many mainstream Jewish historians, including Slezkine, andI have presented summaries of this material elsewhere…. hatred toward the peoples and cultures of non-Jews and the image of enslaved ancestors as victims of anti-Semitism have been the Jewish norm throughout history—much commented on, from Tacitus to the present. (review of Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century)
In other words, this is a problem that is endemic to Diaspora Judaism. Hostility and loathing toward the people and culture they live among is a very long and tragic theme of Jewish history and a potent source of historical anti-Semitism...

Gottfried notes that the Jews who deposed the WASP elite “appealed with brilliant success to a guilty WASP conscience.” Why the WASPs are so guilt-prone is an important question, but it’s ironic that Shelby Steele recently appealed to White guilt to explain why the West can’t muster the moral courage to condemm Israel’s enemies (WSJ, “Israel and the surrender of the West“). Leaving aside the monstrosity of what he says about Israel, this is the gist of the argument:
One reason for [Israel being seen as the bad guy] is that the entire Western world has suffered from a deficit of moral authority for decades now. Today we in the West are reluctant to use our full military might in war lest we seem imperialistic; we hesitate to enforce our borders lest we seem racist; we are reluctant to ask for assimilation from new immigrants lest we seem xenophobic; and we are pained to give Western Civilization primacy in our educational curricula lest we seem supremacist. Today the West lives on the defensive, the very legitimacy of our modern societies requiring constant dissociation from the sins of the Western past—racism, economic exploitation, imperialism and so on.

When the Israeli commandos boarded that last boat in the flotilla and, after being attacked with metal rods, killed nine of their attackers, they were acting in a world without the moral authority to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Moore comments:

The WSJ/neocon “kosher conservatives” who try to argue that Jewish supremacist Israel is a proxy or stand-in for the West and Western civilization are full of it. Zionist Israel is no more Western than was Jewish supremacist Bolshevik Russia; it just goes to lesser lengths to hide its Judeocentrism.

It seems ironic that the WSJ would land on the side of the heirs to Bolshevism, but that’s just Big Business for you, which is just as soulless and unprincipled as Big Government — which again is something that both have in common with the Zionists.

Insatiable greed, for money, for power, for “prestige” seems to be a common characteristic of organized Jewry and its “secular” swindling acolytes, which takes them beyond any political or social principle whatsoever. So the money-worshipping, globalization-pimping Wall Street Journal’s claim to be speaking for and to the interests of the West is about as convincing Norman Podhoretz’s.

Nationalist Jewry has hustled both the Left and the Right for so long now, I suppose it thought it could hoodwink each forever. Neoliberalism and the neocon Right seem to be the last refuge of these diaspora Jewish nationalist scoundrels before their final flight to Israel, but the writing is clearly on the wall.

No wonder the president’s own Jewish right hand man Rahm Emanuel likes to spend so much time in Israel. He and the other Israel-centric neocons and neolibs must be preparing their nests, leaving the dumb goys of Left and Right who were foolish enough to collaborate with them holding the bag.


MacDonald: “it’s ironic that Shelby Steele recently appealed to White guilt to explain why the West can’t muster the moral courage to condemn Israel’s enemies”

On the one hand, Steele laments the moral relativism of the Left (which in truth was itself largely ushered in by Jews on behalf of Jewish interests to demoralize White, Western and Christian resistance and hostility); on the other hand, he complains that the modern disillusioned, demoralized West no longer has the will to fight wars for Jews. If he was to be intellectually honest, he would have to admit that Jewry is a large component of the reason the West is decayed and demoralized, and by fighting wars for Israel, we have only added to the malaise, and more wars for Israel would only compound the problem.

This is how it can be demonstrated to a certainty that Israel-first neocons, neoliberals and other partners in the Zionist grift couldn’t care less about the West, despite their professed patriotism. On top of that, we already know that Zionists despise Western Civilization per confessions from their own mouths by guys like Charles Krauthammer:



T.Nordman [in article comments]: “to blame all Jews, is just anti-Semitism and racism.”

I see some people blaming all Jews here; but I see others going to great lengths to distinguish individual Jews from “Jewry,” “organized Jewry,” “Jewish Zionists,” “Jewish neocons,” “Jewish Bolsheviks,” “Jewish racketeering,” etc. (You have to admit that Jewish collectives are more prone to organizing into epic criminal and politically murderous enterprises than non-Jewish ones).

I think Ying XB [in article comments] touches on their dysfunctional collective when he said: “jews are indeed victims; of their own cultural and psychological pathology.”

I would add the caveat that those who participate in politically murderous and criminal Jewish collectivist enterprises aren’t truly victims because they have, with their free will, chosen their paths consciously, and worked towards their fate consciously, as indeed there are non-criminal Jewish paths they could have taken, but chose not to.

That’s why I don’t buy genetic determinist arguments, but a do buy genetic orientation arguments. Ironically, for a supposed people of God, they so often take the easy out and affect to be swept up by this criminal Jewish collective or that as a means of survival and beyond their control, when in reality it was a profit-driven, conscious choice to choose a criminal Jewish gang over a legitimate one, and as such was a conscious rejection of God. But they further compound the crime by then conjuring a compliant golem God, utilized to validate their criminal decisions and lifestyle.

These are in no way “victims.”

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