Thursday, June 24, 2010

Musings: 6/24/10

Re McChrystal Bashes Obama & His Zionist Shills:

The U.S. Military has been put in an impossible position by corrupt, Zionist-occupied Washington.

They are expected to re-engineer an entire civilization to accept the unacceptable: Jewish supremacism.

This imposition was attempted on Western Civilization as well, and look at us now: a demoralized, confused, disillusioned money-worshipping and government-worshipping polyglot that is drowning in its own corruption and toxic filth.

Judaism was never meant to be for the masses, yet the Judeos (and I include the bastardized Judeo-Christian Zionists in this Satanic amalgamation) are hell-bent on making it the golden calf of the world, to be worshipped (by force, if necessary) by all.

Of course, the Muslims have their own opinions about all of this, and unlike the post-Christian West, have the will to resist.

All of which means either the post-Christian West will have to regain its Christian will, or it will continue to drown in Judeo-toxins until final collapse, at which point anything goes.

And all because the post-Christian West didn’t want to confront the Judeofascist problem, and instead celebrate it.

What pathetic animals…nay, even animals don’t pollute their own nests.

Re Kevin MacDonald: Chimpanzees don’t believe in open borders:
The left loves their “back to nature,” and “nature inspired harmony” theses, but the truth of nature is that it’s a ruthless, survival of the fittest meat grinder.

On the other hand, is that how humans really want to live? Pax Christiana, for example, taught us that that’s not how we necessarily have to live if we do things right.

One of the best arguments against organized Jewry is that it’s reducing us all to an animal state — which is one reason Western Christendom has historically been so ruthless against organized Jewry and its ilk. I vote we get ruthless with them again, starting with the Israel lobby, BP and the entire corrupt Big Government-Big Business Washington complex, because they are all literally now drowning us in their toxins.

Re Ted Sallis: Another Jewish Genetics Paper:

“[...] long term preservation of Jewish EGI requires Jews to drop their historical grudges against the West and to move away from fears of “white goy persecutors” and instead attempt to make a deal with Europeans that would safeguard the existence of both peoples”

To a certain extent, I think that’s what the neocons are all about, but like the proverbial scorpion who can’t help but sting the proverbial frog providing him safe passage across the river, criminal Jewry can’t help but to attack their benefactors. Hence the neocons support open borders; hence they agitate for sacrificial wars for Zionist Jews in Israel; hence they facilitate Statist-Corporatist Goldman Sachs style rip-offs of Americans; hence they facilitate the military-industrial war profiteering complex scam; hence they facilitate authoritarian, Christian-suppressing, White harassing, and State’s rights eroding centralized Big Government.

I view the White nationalists who want the West to identify with the plight of Zionist Jewry as no less a threat than the idiot Christian Zionists and Bushcons who want America to identify with Zionist Jewry — and no less treacherous.

Like the Buschcons, they may believe their Faustian bargain is some kind of means to salvation, but in the end, they will be no less corrupting, idiotic and destructive to America than were George W. and his ilk. After all, they want to get into bed with scorpions.


Organized Jewry is about as respectable as the Sicilian mafia. Only it robes itself in self-righteousness and false morality, declares itself “the Chosen,” and low IQ idiots of Left and Right fall all over themselves kissing its rings. Meanwhile, its fellow gangsters join it in robbing the country blind, all under the veneer of respectability.

When God wants to test a civilization, he must send it Jewry to see if it rejects them or not. If it doesn’t, it’s finished.

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