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The fact that Israel and its agents the world over are widely despised due to their own treachery is irrefutable proof of...anti-Semitism!

The Real Rogue State

(Alternative Right) -- by Richard Hoste --

Here’s an insane article from some madman at the American Spectator fantasizing about Israel striking Iran. The conclusion is below.
"We apparently have lost four F-15s and three F-16s, all to unknown causes.

"But that is not the worst. Al-Jazeera is already broadcasting reports from Iran. They are saying we haven't done any significant damage to any of the Iranian nuclear facilities, and only killed innocent civilians in towns and cities across Iran. Hizballah will soon launch everything they have in Lebanon at us. Gaza will erupt in missile launches."

Netanyahu closed his eyes briefly. "Avi, how soon can we expect the UN's condemnation, sanctions, and so forth?"

Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign minister, shrugged. "Probably later today. I have already received a note from Hillary Clinton condemning the attack. The Americans may sponsor a Security Council resolution condemning us. You can expect a call from Obama himself any minute."

"Will anyone stand with us?"

"No, Prime Minister, we are alone."
Poor Israel! All they want to do is burn women and children alive and nobody will stand with them!

The paranoia is what’s frightening. The US has used its veto power at the UN to shield Israel from sanctions 40 times since 1972. And in the fantasies of Zionists America is getting ready to sponsor resolutions against Israel. What would neo-cons advocate the Israelis do if the US actually took a balanced position on the Middle East? Lob a nuke at the East coast? The author of this article actually worked in the Pentagon! Lunatics like this, not "Islamo-fascism," should keep us up at night.

It’s not fair to blame Israelis for the nuttiness of American neo-cons but it matters to us as this Jew worship is what passes for conservatism today and may inflame the world. If the Republicans regain power in 2012, we may or may not see a repeal of Obamacare, tax cuts, lower spending, etc. but we’re guaranteed to see the US do Israel’s bidding (more so than now). It’s not just another foreign country; it is the master of a movement ostensibly dedicated to defending of the West and therefore if not our enemy, at least a nation whose interests diverge from ours.

The comments are almost as frightening.
Yes, guys, Yes, you are quite correct and, since BARAK INSANE OBAMA refused to reveal where the vast bulk of the contributions to his campaign came from, it's my guess that they came from ARAB nations.

Oh yea, all that Arab money in politics. It’s about time the Jews stopped being so passive and made their voices heard.
Of course Iran will use nuclear weapons against the US; at the first opportunity.
But of course! Just remember all those wars Iran’s started in the last thousand years or so...MORE...LINK

Hoste: “The paranoia is what’s frightening. The US has used its veto power at the UN to shield Israel from sanctions 40 times since 1972. And in the fantasies of Zionists America is getting ready to sponsor resolutions against Israel.”

Chris Moore comments:

Israel has probably received more direct and indirect aid from the U.S. for such a sustained period than any other country on earth in history: hundreds of billions in financial aid, military aid, forgiven loans, loan guarantees, UN vetoes, diplomatic cover, forgiveness for the USS Liberty, forgiveness for Jewish-American Zionist spying on the U.S., forgiveness for betrayal of nuclear secrets to the Soviets, Middle Eastern wars fought by the U.S. on Israel’s behalf…it’s truly endless. Yet somehow we are supposed to believe that the Israelis are “victims” and the world is unified against them?

A put-upon, persecuted victim pose is all part of the Zionist scam. Every Gentile on earth could pledge his entire fealty and fortune to Israel and the Jewish people, and they would still claim to be victims. And no matter how much they are given, it will never be enough.

The scam is wearing thin, and the Israelis know it, and WWIII against Islam is their last ditch effort to continue milking it into perpetuity. These ageless con-artists and grifters truly have no decency or shame.

The scary thing is that these murderers and thieves with zero ethics and zero moral decency are today nuclear armed. This ridiculous state of affairs has to come to an end before these lowlifes do the world permanent damage.


Aaron [in article reader comments]: "Well, yes, the world is united against Israel, with the very important exception of the United States. Compare the number of UN resolutions against Israel with the number against, say, North Korea, or the Soviet Union. Typically, the resolutions pass with only a couple dissenting votes. Compare the attention given to tiny little battles in a tiny, low-intensity war between Israel and Arabs, with the attention given to large-scale massacres around the world. Compare the reaction to Israel in Jenin to the reaction to the US in Fallujah. So, yeah, the world is united against Israel.

You're just pumping yourself up with your own hate - which is fine, you're obviously enjoying it - but maybe you could try actually thinking every once in a while too? Just a suggestion, you don't have to do it if it's unpleasant."

"Hate" speech. Now that's original. Isn't that a favorite epithet of the lefties, too? Better call the Dept. of anti-Semitism, comrade.

The main reasons the U.S. sides with Israel are the power of the Jewish lobby and the fact that it's a useful pretext for the military-industrial/war profiteering complex, and corrupt Washington needs all the rationales it can muster to take 40% of the national budget annually for (pseudo) "defense." Zionists deliberately stirring up an Islamic wasps nest help it keep the gravy train flowing.

The Jewish lobby was also instrumental in lying the U.S. into the Iraq war, right on the heels the U.S. getting attacked on 9/11, an attack that was largely because of corrupt Washington's blank check aid and unconditional backing of Israel.

Europe knows this, the Islamic world knows this, and much of the rest of the world knows this. Not so many Americans know this because of Jewish-influenced and politically correct mainstream media, which also largely toes the corrupt Washington line, and which shrinks from routine charges of anti-Semitism hurled at those who criticize Israel.

Israel's authoritarian treatment of the Palestinians resembles Jewish Bolshevism's treatment of Christians in the early Soviet Union (which is a real example of "hate,") but of lesser scale in terms of state-organized murder and oppression. Israel’s treatment of its neighbors is almost equally horrendous. It seems Jewish supremacists (Zionists) have a nasty, statist-authoritarian streak to them.

In short, the world has a lot of anger at Jewish nationalism, both Diaspora-located and Levant-located, and most of it is well-earned.

The geopolitics of UN votes are a completely different story, and actually a red-herring thrown out by Jewish nationalists to again portray themselves as the victims of the big, bad, anti-Semitic world. (How is it that Jewish supremacists never manage to trace the bias' of the big, bad, anti-Semitic world back to their own abhorrent behavior?)


In addition to the Judeo-Christian Zionist useful idiots who believe the Jewish Zionist collective is God’s chosen no matter what it does, let’s not forget the Lefties, who revere the Jewish Bolsheviks as the founding fathers of Communism, and for decades considered the Jews a “repressed nationality.”

It’s no accident that virtually all elected Jewish Zionists reside in the Democratic Party, which relies heavily on Jewish Zionist “donations” (read: bribes) to attain and hold office, and that there is a hugely disproportionate number of Jews in national office in proportion to their numbers in the population and their votership on the Left -- virtually all in the Democratic Party.

Jewish nationalism and Israel-firsters essentially have the two corrupt mainstream parties triangulated at the national level, and are now holding the entire country hostage, trying to extort it into fighting more wars for Israel.

Not surprisingly, the DNC is now declaring those who want to drawdown Middle Eastern wars “cowardly, solider-hating traitors who are betting against the Troops” (as Glenn Greenwald characterizes the DNC attack on Michael Steele’s criticism of Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan).

The only resistance to all of this is going to come through the Ron Paul-libertarian/paleocon block on the Right that is trying to carve out a base with the Tea Partiers. No wonder the corrupt mainstream media, the Dems, and the Bushcon/Neocon Right have such disdain and contempt for the Tea Party movement.

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