Monday, July 12, 2010

Judeo-Christian Zionists eat up Jewish fables about Palestine


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

The Bible warns Christians to ignore “Jewish fables.” (Titus 1:14) In 1948 Israel violently drove half of the Arab population from Palestine, stealing land on which they had lived and farmed for thousands of years. To distract the world from this outrage, Israel created an elaborate tapestry of fables deluding generations of evangelicals and much of the world.

The most audacious claim of such propaganda is that the Palestinians were not deprived of their land because the Palestinians as a land-owning people never existed! They never inhabited Palestine in significant numbers and only entered in the 20 th century as squatters, benefitting from the hospitality and prosperity of Israel. Zionist mythology also teaches that the number of Jews living in much of Palestine, especially in Jerusalem, always exceeded the Arabs, strengthening Israel’s right to remain the dominant occupant.

The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem explains Israel’s strategy:

“In order to create an alleged justification for the crime of genocide they have committed against the Palestinian Arabs, the Zionists have tried to convince the world that Palestine was practically uninhabited, ‘A Land Without People For a People Without a Land.’ They created and propagated the myths that the Palestinian Arabs were nomads or semi-nomads without a culture and a civilization, that the Palestinians had neither a national identity nor existence, that the Palestinians lacked an economic structure and roots in the land.” [1]

Those accepting these lies include Joseph Farah, owner and editor-in-chief of WorldNetDaily. In his recent article “The Phony Mideast Debate,” he says, “Today, billions of people all over the world actually believe that the ‘Palestinians’ are just in their quest for a homeland they never knew, a homeland that never existed, a homeland that is as fictitious as their rewritten historical narrative.”

Farah claims that Palestine, even after World War II, was “still largely unpopulated, untamed, undeveloped,” with most of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and adjacent regions being Jewish. Most Arabs, he says, became interested in coming to this near-wasteland only after Zionists brought economic and agricultural prosperity. They then flooded in as migrants from Jordan and other Mideast countries "coinciding with Jewish immigration and ingenuity."

Zionist propaganda also claims that when war became imminent between the Israelis and Arabs in 1948, this large indigent population of about 800,000, possessing no loyalty to the land, fled to safer countries. After the war, Israel says they then preposterously claimed they were driven out of their "homeland," a land they never owned! Israel, says Farah, has been falsely “recast in the public’s mind as Goliath,” persecuting the Palestinian outcasts and occupying their ancestral property.

“This is not occupation, as the world suggests." Farah contends, "This is a people defending their one and only homeland against the most vicious and unjustified attacks imaginable.”

From Farah to Facts

In 1882, the Jewish population of Palestine was about 24,000. In 1914, the entire population of Palestine was estimated at 634,133 Muslim and Christian Arabs and 55,413 Jews. In 1920, after the British mandate, the official census showed the Arab population, both Muslim and Christian, at nearly 600,000, still greatly exceeding the Jews, who numbered 66,574. Until 1948 the Arab population continued to exceed the Jewish by roughly 2:1. [2] Farah says Jews for centuries had dominated the region, "the majority of the population of Jerusalem and surrounding areas being Jewish." Yet the last official British census in 1931 found Arabs in Jerusalem outnumbered Jews 2:1 with surrounding areas averaging 98% Arab! The Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question in the United Nations found in 1948 that, except for Haifa, "the Arabs have a clear majority over the Jews." [3]

So much for the Israeli/Farah claim that for centuries Jews in Jerusalem and surrounding areas have outnumbered a tiny Arab population!...MORE...LINK

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