Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"For fear of the Jews": Pseudo-conservative, "Christian" Zionists guilty of treason against America and Christianity alike


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

As Orthodox rabbis Daniel Lapin and Nachum Shifren testify, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is in relentless attack against Christian conservatives. ADL attempts to foment persecution of Christians through their “anti-hate” laws and claims that Bible believers are “anti-Semitic”. (See, The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom and Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under 'Relentless Attack' by 'Secular Judaism') WorldNetDaily owner Joseph Farah is increasingly aware of this assault. He recently wrote that ADL is “busy persecuting people like me” who question the legitimacy of the Obama presidency and stand for traditional American values.

Unfortunately, Farah doesn’t defend himself with the whole truth. Instead of exposing Jewish supremacy’s agenda, he seeks to outdo the zeal of the League itself in defaming those who criticize Israel! His recent article claims in effect, “ADL, I’m no threat. I’m even more against anti-Semites than you!”

Farah says ADL should be focusing on the Democrat party, where “anti-Semitic” words about Jewish donor money recently leaked from Rep. Mike McMahon’s office. McMahon implied—as almost everybody on the Hill knows—that massive donations from wealthy Jews guarantee unconditional support of Israel from members of Congress who receive it. (Jews, 2% of the American population, supply 60% of campaign contributions to the Democrat party; 20 to 35 percent of contributions to the Republican party.) (Jewish Power Campaign Contributions, www.occidentaldissent.com)

ADL immediately demanded an apology from McMahon and, as quickly, received it. Yet Farah is disgusted with ADL’s mercy. He would have preferred even more browbeating, forcing McMahon to grovel. Instead of siding with the whole truth, Farah seeks shelter in the unconditional philo-Semitism with which the religious right is so comfortable.

But there is a death trap in such appeasement. If there is growing “anti-Semitism” among Democrats, it comes from mounting and correct moral outrage at Israel’s misbehavior, especially in Gaza. Today, the Zionist lobby must increasingly rely on Republicans and conservatives who will accept Jewish funds in exchange for blind support of Israel. Zionist “hush money” buys favors, protection and endorsement for a foreign power with a sordid history of human rights violations and war crimes. It has flouted international law for more than 60 years and criminalized the very Christian evangelism so important to the religious right.

It borders on treason for any member of our government to allow their foreign policy decisions to be affected by receipt of money from Zionist interests. Such politicians become de facto agents of Israel, violating the 1937 Foreign Agents Registration Act which requires all lobbyists for a foreign power to declare themselves. Tragically, the honorable choice—refusing to receive such contributions and swear implicit fealty to Israel—may incur the anger of many wealthy Jewish donors and the all-powerful lobby. Ex-House members such as Paul Findlay, Pete McClosky, and John Rarrick are victims of such Jewish vengeance.

Yet Farah and so many conservatives—bound by a false interpretation of God’s blessing on the Jews, and a deep fear of their increasing power and vindictiveness—choose appeasement over truth. Instead of criticizing the evils of the lobby and the Jewish state, they rush to be its most zealous defenders...MORE...LINK

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