Monday, August 16, 2010

Jewish Bund shifts Right: More Zionists join far-right British party, quickly seek to co-opt it for Jewish supremacy and wars for Israel

The Jewish Division

(MWC News) -- by Gilad Atzmon --

I guess it shouldn’t take us by surprise that the Israeli flag has become a common feature at the ultra nationalist English Defence League's (EDL) demonstrations and gatherings.

The EDL calls for taking action against the "Islamization of Britain" and “Muslim fundamentalists”. It is a magnet for extremist right-wing activists and is driven by xenophobia and ethno centrism. Recently the organisation gained an ‘important’ addition to its coalition of hatred. It is called the "The EDL Jewish division." According to the Jewish Chronicle “hundreds of (Jewish) followers” joined immediately. Supporters include an ex-Community Security Trust volunteer who claims "a lot of Jewish guys want to get stuck in". Another follower wrote on Facebook "we are all Shayetet 13", the barbarian Israeli Navy commando unit that was directly responsible for the massacre and executions on the Mavi Marmara. It is also notable that this Jewish bloodthirsty ‘patriot’ didn’t say ‘we are all SAS, British Navy or RAF’. He for some reason preferred to affiliate himself with a foreign Navy, a Navy unit that fights Jewish wars rather than so-called British ones.

I guess that the English Defence League's leaders are not aware of the fact that their ‘Jewish Division’ is there to exploit the new organization.

Roberta Moore, a prominent persona within the Jewish Division admitted this week to the Israeli Haaretz that it is “actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”...

Moore told Haaretz “We believe that if we call the enemy by his name, we will be able to fight him. We single out organizations that discriminate against Jews and Zionist organizations, and try to explain there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism...

Moore is obviously a shallow human being and I won’t spend any energy debating her. However, the fact that she is proudly and openly preaching hate in Britain under the Jewish banner and carrying the Israeli flag is very significant. I guess that we should encourage her never to stop. Not only does she expose the true face of Jewish tribal politics, she also brings to light the true ideological impetus behind Islamophobia in Britain.

But there is another interesting aspects in Moore’s political attitude. Considering that Moore is an immigrant in this country, I find it slightly puzzling to hear her calling to Muslims to “get out of our land… go back to your home”. I guess that by ‘our land ’ she is referring to Britain. I wonder when did Britain become ‘her land’? And if it is her land, why is it her land more than other millions of Muslim immigrants who settled in this country like Moore and myself?...

It is actually Moore and her Jewish followers who fail to respect the British value system. She reverts to the most repulsive Zionist rhetoric “Let them go back home. They have enough places (to go to).” I wonder how would Moore react if someone suggests to her to consider going back to where she comes from, or where she belongs.

Interestingly enough, Moore has many lands. England is her land. She doesn’t want Muslims here. But she also considers Israel to be her land. "I don't understand why the Israeli flag doesn't fly over Al-Aqsa [Mosque in Jerusalem]," Moore remarks. "That mosque is on our land." Seemingly, Moore like many other Diaspora Jews ‘owns’ very many lands.

I guess it will not be long before the English Defence League gathers the true motivation behind the newly emerging Jewish phony patriotism. The EDL claims to show support for the British armed forces. The EDL may want to find out what is the current representation of the Jewish community within the armed forces. The EDL better also check out how many Jews have given their life for Britain in Iraq, a criminal war that was enthusiastically cheered by Jewish Chronicle writers such as David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen...MORE...LINK

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