Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Samson option: Are Jewish anti-Zionists the new prophets?

(Comment Compilation, By Chris Moore) -- It seems there are more than a few Jews who sincerely believe that Jewry indeed brings nearly all of the s**t storms it regularly inspires straight down upon its own head. They should know, and I would trust an anti-Zionist Jew’s analysis on the subject way before I would trust any Zionist Jew’s, because the anti-Zionist Jew is the one who is usually merely hoping to survive or prevent what he knows will be the inevitable blowback that domineering Jewry and its totalitarian quest will inevitably bring down upon all Jews.

Thus, who are the true Jewish heroes? The Jewish “anti-Semites” (or so called). And the prophets were rejected in their own time by Jewry as well. Supremacist Jewry is apparently allergic to truth.


It’s a bit of conundrum for Jewry. To “survive” through the centuries, it’s had to make itself impervious to criticism by adopting a group sociopathic narcissism. But it’s that same narcissism that is today turning it into an international pariah.

But “survival” for modern Jewry seems to be something very different than how others define the word. For modern Jewry, survival seems to correlate with lording over non-Jews in some way, and finding ways to manipulate, exploit, plunder and even murder them in a way so that everybody knows what they are doing, but isn’t in a position to do anything about.

For example, many knew Jewry was behind the Iraq war scam, but no one could do anything about it because it has the Political Class triangulated; same goes for the various epic financial swindles. And as KM noted, often this means forming a useful alliance with a corrupt elite looking to plunder its own people; Jews make the perfect partners, because they have mastered all the sleight of hand tricks, and won’t show any pity for the Goyim, whom they hate anyway.

The other point about Jewish “survival” is that modern Jewry has always polarized itself from non-Jews deliberately. Its polarizing attitude is written into and inherent in its Talmudic religion. This is how it maintains its hard core. The Jews that get disgusted by this, throw up their hands and walk away are merely viewed as a cost of doing business, and unworthy of being Jews anyway.

There is now a growing army of these, and many of them are out for blood — yet another example in a long litany of how Jewry goes through a constant cycle of digging its own grave. On some level, I think it resents its burden and wants an end.


For what its worth, I think Norman Finkelstein is legitimately anti-Zionist. The man was blacklisted out of his job at DePaul University by Zionists. He’s bitter, and seems to hate them with a vengeance. And there are others. Phil Weiss, for example. And Gilad Atzmon, who is regularly attacked as a full blown “anti-Semite.”

In all these cases, some of their anti-Zionism flows from their left-wing politics, but reading between the lines, it’s clear they know the score. (In the case of Atzmon, one doesn’t even need to read between the lines.) And often their anti-Zionism trumps their left-wing politics. For example, Weiss recently did a blog pointing up that Obama has basically been surrounded by Jewish money and handlers going back to his Chicago days.

It’s not in the interests of Lefties to point this out, but he did it anyway.

I think Jewish anti-Zionists are going to be crucial in the fight to throw off the Zionist yoke, and should be welcomed and encouraged in the cause (but short of accepting their left-wing politics, of course).


What Jewish anti-Zionists demonstrate is that White anti-Zionists aren’t just a bunch of raving anti-Semites and neo-Nazis.

One of modern Jewry’s most effective tricks is to declare of critics, “Oh, they’re just anti-Semites out to get us and have always been.”

When their own children start setting out to “get” them, it becomes clear there’s something profoundly wrong with their culture.


Many Jews hate Whites (consciously or sub-consciously) for the same reason White/Western/Christian-conscious Whites hate Jews: they see them as trying to eliminate their race and culture. Many left-wing Jews who are anti-White are catering to that race-preservation impulse, whether they acknowledge it or not. And it’s not totally irrational.

But the reason I don’t have much sympathy is that hateful, scurrilous and subversive modern Jewish culture and behavior is what inspires White/Western/Christian contempt towards Jewry to begin with. As I said above, on some level, elements of Jewry appear to be trying to do themselves in by relentlessly sticking it to their hosts, decade after decade, century after century, every chance they get; and they can't seem to help themselves.

In a weird aping of this pathology, perhaps Finkelstein and certain other left-wing, anti-White, Jewish anti-Zionists have elected for the Samson option, only for the entire West instead of just Jewry; but that doesn’t make their critiques of Jewry any less valid. Indeed, it demonstrates how Jewish pathologies continue to haunt those who can't quite let a Judeo identity go -- Jew, Gentile, Left-wing or Right-wing alike.

It's no accident that America, under a Judeo-Left and a Judeo-Right synthesised Political Class and cultural identity, is slouching towards an apocalyptic self-destruction. Hopefully the long dormant Christian West can rise again to meet the challenge of this lumbering Frankenstein monstrosity and put an end to its madness before the Judeo Class manages to start World War III.

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