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"Self-hating Jews" and "Jewish anti-Semites" of another era

The Occidental Observer now has a link up to Chapter 21 (“During the Soviet-German War”) of Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together, with some commentary by Kevin MacDonald.
KM: Solzhenitsyn expresses amazement at the reaction of one Jew who felt that the war was not really his war: “Of course, Stalin’s regime was not any better than Hitler’s. But for the wartime Jews, these two monsters could not be equal! If that other monster won, what could then have happened to the Soviet Jews? Wasn’t this war the personal Jewish war, wasn’t it their own Patriotic War — to cross arms with the deadliest enemy in all of Jewish history?”…
KM: One wishes that Solzhenitsyn would have been more specific about what he feels were the “fatal miscalculations” of the Jews that led to the Holocaust. I suspect that the well-founded reality behind “Judeo-Bolshevism” mentioned in this chapter and the aggressively hostile Jewish stance toward the Czar leading up to the Revolution (which, as Chapter 5 shows, was largely unwarranted) –would have been high on his list.
The analysis of WWII as a race war orchestrated by Jewry and its Communist stooges on one hand, and by the reactive Nazis on the other, all over the question of whether or not Jews via Communism or Nazis via fascism would rule Western humanity, is bolstered by these passages.

Perhaps the Jew who was ambivalent about fighting the Nazis was that era’s equivalent of what Zionists categorize as “self-hating Jews” today. That is, perhaps he was not on board with the Jewish program to leverage Communism into Jewish totalitarian rule over humanity then, just as certain anti-Zionist Jews aren’t on board with the Zionist program to do the same today.

It seems there are more than a few Jews who sincerely believe that Jewry indeed brings nearly all of the s**t storms it regularly inspires straight down upon its own head. They should know, and I would trust an anti-Zionist Jew’s analysis on the subject way before I would trust any Zionist Jew’s, because the anti-Zionist Jew is the one who is usually merely hoping to survive or prevent what he knows will be the inevitable blowback that domineering Jewry and its totalitarian quest will inevitably bring down upon all Jews.

Thus, who are the true Jewish heroes? The Jewish “anti-Semites” (or so called). And the prophets were rejected in their own time by Jewry as well.

Supremacist Jewry is apparently allergic to truth.


Geiseric [in article comments]:
Solzhenitsyn: “We must not overlook what that war was for the Russians. The war rescued not only their country, not only Soviet Jewry, but also the entire social system of the Western world from Hitler.”

This quote reminds us of the fact that Solzhenitsyn is, above all, a Russian national-imperialist, not an ethnic nationalist in the Western sense. He thus recycles the boring Soviet propaganda phrase about saving the Western world from Hitler. And even though I agree with MacDonald about Jewry’s key role in post-revolutionary Russia, neither Solzhenitsyn nor other patriotic Russians can completely avoid the unpleasant facts about their own complicity in their own history. Victimology is a very Russian exercise, but does not have much credibility outside Russia.
Indeed, the quote ignores the decisive role that Bolshevism and Soviet Jewry played in giving rise to Hitler in the first place.

I’ve sensed about Solzhenitsyn’s writings on these matters a certain ambivalence about following his discoveries and documentaries through to their natural conclusions. Perhaps it had to do with his early Communist indoctrination which in his mind seems to have gotten mixed together with Christianity; perhaps it had to do with his “we can do no wrong” Russian nationalism; perhaps it had to do with a disbelief that he and so many others were so thoroughly duped by the Zionists (not unlike the stubborn Bushcons and Obamunists of today); perhaps it had to do with the fact that he married a Jewess and fathered her children.

Far be it from me to criticize the Great Man who did so much and sacrificed so much to advance the cause of truth and justice, and was sliced, diced and put through the ringer time and again only to drag himself back to his feet and keep fighting, but yes, it seems clear that he is holding back on his conclusions in this work.


Someday [in article comments]: “Solzhenitsyn gives the USSR too much credit for beating Germany and downplays the aggressive Soviet intentions that led to war, I see that as a perfectly natural stance for a Russian patriot.”

Why? I consider myself an American patriot, but feel no loyalty whatsoever to the Bushcons and their war agenda or the Obamunists and their war agenda, recognizing that they are both working for the same corrupt and “satanic” masters, and are hostile, subversive interlopers. Solzhenitsyn was initially taken in by Communism/Bolshevism, but when he realized it was such an evil monstrosity, one would have thought he would have abandoned any nostalgia for it entirely. In fact, he seems to do just that when he writes: “Of course, Stalin’s regime was not any better than Hitler’s.”

But then he also makes the crack about Soviet Russia rescuing “the entire social system of the Western world from Hitler.” And then as KM points out, he infers that Jewry made “fatal miscalculations” that led to the Holocaust, which again suggests he didn’t really believe Hitler was such a monster at all but rather behaving somewhat rationally towards Jewry in a tit-for-tat retaliation of the lives of Jews for the lives of Christians.

The whole thing is a bit incoherent.

It seems for me the rational view is that many Russians were duped by Jewry, Bolshevism, and Communism when their guard was down due to the incredible stupidity of WWI, their Christian elite and millions of their Christian citizens were murdered wholesale for this mistake, and then they lost millions more fighting Hitler and the Nazis who would never have arisen at all but for the aggressive intentions of Bolshevik Jewry and Communism to take over the world.

Maybe Putin is somewhat holding this conclusion back because of his own KGB background, but it seems inevitable that this is ultimately how history will record the whole sorry, satanic episode.

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