Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jewish Zionists at New York Times exploit opportunity presented by Obama's phony Iraq victory speech to lay groundwork for another war

NYT: The Neoconservatives’ Best Friend

(American Conservative blog) -- by Lewis McCrary --

I recently attended a Washington event where a New York Times columnist proposed that the Old Gray Lady gives the Right a fairer shake than the right-leaning WSJ gives Lefties. He is certainly correct, at least when it comes to the Neoconservatives. Witness today’s op-ed page top headlines:

First we have a mishmash of quantitative evidence from David Brooks arguing for why we ought to see Iraq as a success (America fought in part to bring cellular telephones to millions of Iraqis). He argues that $57 billion and over 4,000 American soldiers was worth the result in Iraq, a precarious state where even Brooks admits there is low social trust and little professional human capital. Then Paul Wolfowitz recommends that America follow the Korea model, and keep tens of thousands of troops on the ground for many decades to come.

A few weeks ago, The Weekly Standard ran a piece by Joseph Epstein announcing that he was canceling his subscription to the NYT. While wittier than the average attack on the NYT from the Right, today’s op-ed page indicates that perhaps he and the other Standard folks should reconsider...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

It never takes these Jewish Zionist Israel-first neocons and neolibs long to rewrite history in their favor, using the pages of The New York Times as the first draft.

C'mon. On the day Obama basically declares a fake victory in Iraq in a "stirring, patriotic" phony America feel-good speech, these insatiable opportunists are declaring victory for themselves and their ideology, and already laying the groundwork for another invasion?

The New York Times, which had this all timed out perfectly, is obviously an Israel-first propaganda rag staffed by Zionist apparatchiks just laying in wait for American suckers.


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