Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Zionism, an all-encompassing ideology that has infected much of the West, Americans in particular

(By Chris Moore) -- I increasingly view Zionism as an all-encompassing ideology, like fascism and communism, only with an additional “traditional” explicit theological element that provides it “respectable” cover. It is an entire world view comprising all manner of assumptions and corresponding behavior. Jews are chosen, Jews are poor victims, Jews have a history of being persecuted more than others, Jews are smarter, Jews are better...

The upshot is an assumption of Jewish supremacy -- that Jews are a destined people chosen by God (presumed/indoctrinated more on the Right) or a destined people chosen by history (presumed/indoctrinated more on the Left). On the Right, God allegedly chose Jews per the bible; on the Left, history allegedly chose the Jews because of their unique "suffering" and decisive role in the formulation and imposition of Leftism via Communism.

Of course, Jews-as-the-chosen is all hype, spin, P.R. and swindle manufactured by organized Jewry itself, but the people who really believe it seem believe it to their bones. Many of these have an additional financial incentive to believe it, or to go along, which all gets put into the mix and plays upon their psyches.

The sad reality is that in the post-Christian, statist-liberal/State-Capitalist West, the majority of Gentiles are indoctrinated into a system of unprincipled swindle, and become petite Jewish Zionists themselves -- even those mostly ignorant of the Israel-Palestine-Mideast issue. Because organized Jewry is too racist to proselytize, it utilizes the State to perform its indoctrination. And because opposing Zionism might cause them pain in their pocketbook, or in their shallow psyches, it’s simply easier for those indoctrinated to either look the other way, or to go along, join in, make money, gain social acceptance, support warmongering -- and betray God and humanity.

Indoctrinated Gentiles devolve into human species of the lowest moral order, largely indecipherable from the worst of the Jewish Zionists themselves (but of course, other than a select few, they don’t get paid off by the system anywhere near as richly as the Jewish Zionists do). Not only our foreign policy, but increasingly our entire society, reflects the low order of the Zionist ethic.

Today, Zionism is a syphilis that not only physically afflicts Palestine, but afflicts the mind, psyche, ethos and behavior of much of the West too, Americans in particular. There is no significant difference between a Dick Cheney, a Joe Lieberman and a Barney Frank. All of them, and their constituents of a similar mindset, are afflicted “carriers” of the Zionist disease.


"Down You Go...Suffer Long..."

Stone Temple Pilots - No Memory/Sin


Chu said...

Is the Zionist ideology corrupting the gentile bad apples, or are they just swindlers all the like? Some believe in the chosen myth, but people are learning about everything online and they can draw their own conclusions, one hopes. 20 years ago, most wouldn't walk into the library and ask about the protocols; it wouldn’t be there to read. Today you can link an article and say, here’s another example of continued settler violence.I guess the question is when will the mass media and congress stop covering for Israel?

I would likely never have ventured onto these Zionist sites, until I searched about the Iraq war, PNAC, neocons, etc. I knew something was sour and corrupt, but couldn't find the answers by watching MSNBC and PBS. I remember reading about PNAC [a guy I knew suggested it was part of the grand strategy], yet none of these corporate media outlets could do their usual expose on PNAC. But it was the backbone in principle to a war in which people were asking the 'what the hell is going on' and getting no answers. Why all the corporate smoke and mirrors, when I could find this info myself? Why not one book review for Sniegoski?

Some of these searches on neocons etc, led to some eye opening material about Zionism, ties to Israel, etc. While some sites don’t support much of the facts, many sites have changed my entire perspective on the foggy air I was so easily inhaling about the world around me. I believed it or accepted it as fact, as I had other priorities to be thinking about after college; well, maybe…

People are learning about what's happening. I am just not sure about how long it will take. It’s frustrating.
But I’m spreading the word. It may take years to spread to the greater public, while countering ADL propaganda, but the Israel is becoming more aggravating for millions and millions of Americans.
I am not sure the government Zionist crooks will ever go away though. Their economic ideas are what give them a guaranteed seat at the Fed and such. [that article I sent a few weeks back said one the Germans ministers said the country would be set back hundreds of years if they expelled them under Willhelm II] Who would replace them? Their lackey voting block? Seems the country is now stuck in a pay-to-play scheme in Washington. All these Zionists prove that their media campaigns and social causes, can bring them closer to a seat at the State Department and Congress. [although Edmund Wright tells of Zionists moving in to the state dept in the 40's ] Eventually I realize, it all ties into this rotten system of Washington and their corrupt keepers. Israel is just one ugly crooked scheme and a pet project for the Pritzkers, Rothchilds, etc., who collude with other corrupt-minded criminals for your capitol dollars that aid a racist tribal country, based on a phony claim of return. The case of Israel is clearly a detriment to this country today, and it should be so easy for those to see it.

stevieb said...

I thinking about how ironic it is that the ideology of Zionism was born at nearly the same time as the bolscheviks were spreading their self-serving Communist revolution throughout Europe.

Maybe 'ironic' isn't the term for it, though...?